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Audi prolongation digitalizes upkeep with an app

Whenever prolongation apparatus is due for upkeep or reports a defect, a upkeep experts are needed. The aim is to remove as small time as probable and get a apparatus adult and regulating again fast so that vehicle prolongation can continue smoothly. To do so, upkeep staff need a lot of information that was not formerly permitted to them in full and during a glance.

The “Audi Mobile Maintenance” app changes all this. It informs a upkeep staff instantly and entirely automatically about defects in a system. By approach of pull notifications, a app provides them with all of a applicable information for their work in genuine time: Which apparatus in that gymnasium is affected? In that room is a deputy available? And is another worker maybe traffic with it already? – All this information can be noticed in a app in only a few clicks. This formula in larger transparency, shorter paths, faster processes, and high information quality, as a defects and a work stairs achieved are available digitally on site by a upkeep staff. This also saves on paper for essay reports. In a future, all information will always be permitted to a whole group in fact regulating mobile technology.

The “Audi Mobile Maintenance” app was grown by a cross‑site group from Assembly and IT. Maintenance staff have already been operative with a app spasmodic on a hearing basement for several months in public during a Ingolstadt plant as good as in a paint emporium during a Neckarsulm plant. The app is to be rolled out there as good in a entrance months. It is also designed to be used during other Audi plants.