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Audi profit-sharing reward increases to €4,770

Audi’s General Works Council Chairman Peter Mosch: “The boost in Audi’s profit-sharing prerogative is a deserved prerogative for a year of tough work, in that a workforce kept Audi on a successful path. These superb efforts contingency additionally compensate off for a Audi employees. The Works Council was committed to this increase.”

“Our employees give their all each day for a company,” settled Wendelin Göbel, Member of a Board of Management of AUDI AG for Human Resources. “They broach an superb opening also in severe times and actively figure a mutation of a brand. With this profit-sharing bonus, we wish to appreciate them for their commitment, their faithfulness and their bravery to rethink things. Those who make a wilful grant to Audi’s success should also have a share in it.”

Audi’s profit-sharing prerogative for a learned workman during a plant in Germany amounts to €4,770 (2016: €3,150). All authorised employees paid according to wage-bargaining agreements will accept a suitable volume with their salary for May. In addition, a association is once again contributing towards a grant account that a employees can use to secure their future.

Audi’s profit-sharing prerogative has existed in a stream form given 2011. Its calculation is regulated by a works agreement with Audi’s General Works Council, that is formed on a common agreement with a IG Metall trade union. At a finish of December, AUDI AG had approximately 60,000 employees during a dual German sites in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm.