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Audi promotes discourse on dementia

“Without mind” – that’s a verbatim interpretation of a Latin tenure “dementia”. Around 1.7 million people in Germany are influenced by insanity and some-more than 300,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. Many people who work are also caring for a relations in further to their jobs. These people mostly feel deserted and impressed by a challenges. Open communication with employees who yield caring for kin depending on such caring is apropos increasingly important.

Audi is holding adult a emanate of insanity to symbol World Alzheimer’s Day on Sep 21 as good as a initial Bavarian Dementia Week of a Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care (September 13 to 22). “Our aim is to trigger an open discourse on insanity and caring for relatives, and to reduce barriers,” pronounced Ute Röding, Head of Corporate Citizenship during AUDI AG.

Dementia journey

A insanity tour lets visitors knowledge how it feels to no longer be in control of oneself. In several exercises, visitors can put themselves into a conditions of a insanity patient. People who are not influenced can also improved know what it means to caring for a relative. The tour will be open to a open on Sep 17 and 18 in a Audi “Markt und Kunde” (Market and Customer) building during a Audi Forum, and on Sep 19 in a co:Lab by District Five.

Invitation to a harangue “Der vertraute Fremde” (The informed stranger)

The altered celebrity of a insanity case mostly leads to doubt in their personal environment. The lives of their kin is tangible by a dementia. The harangue “The informed stranger: insanity patients in a family” by clergy and psycho-gerontologist Sabine Tschainer from “Institut aufschwungalt” offers guidance: She wants to yield credentials information to those who are influenced as good as their relatives, and to brand coping strategies. Following this, a Alzheimer Association of Ingolstadt will benefaction programs in a region. The harangue will take place on Sep 17 during 5:30 p.m. in a Audi building “Markt und Kunde” (Market and customer) during a Audi Forum. Registration is open to all during

Caregiving discourse for Audi employees

Audi supports employees who are caring for kin with dementia. During a caregiving dialogue, following a brief keynote speech, Audi employees can plead caregiving with experts and with colleagues who are also affected. Consultants are accessible to answer personal questions from a participants. In addition, a company, together with Audi BKK, frequently offers a employees unprejudiced recommendation on caregiving, in team-work with famPLUS.

Overview of a dates:

Dementia journey
September 17 to 19, 2019, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
September 17 18:Audi “Markt und Kunde” (Audi Forum), Ettinger Straße, Audi Room
September 19: co:Lab by District Five, Hindemithstr. 70, Ingolstadt, Room “Kinderzimmer”

Lecture: “Der vertraute Fremde – Demenzerkrankte in der Familie”
September 17, 2019; 5:30 p.m.
Location: Audi “Markt und Kunde” (Audi Forum), Ettinger Straße, Room  “Auto Union”