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Audi puts prejudiced matting into volume production

Partial matting was grown by a group in a Technology Development multiplication during Audi’s Ingolstadt site. The record is duration patented. In a initial step, an worker sticks a template finished of skinny cosmetic film onto a embellished member – in this box a sideblade of a Audi Q2. A specifically grown complement sprays a member underneath opening – identical to silt blustering – with a excellent powder of dejected glass. This removes a few thousandths of a millimeter from a tip covering of transparent lacquer and during a same time roughens it slightly. This disproportion in aspect structure allows a design to mount out clearly after a template is removed. The #2 special book of a Audi Q2 facilities a vast settlement of crosses. Customers in Germany have been means to sequence this special book given mid-October and other markets will follow successively.

Each embellished aspect in a interior or extraneous of a automobile can be individualized in this way. “With this process, we have gained a good advantage over a competitors,” says Dr. Erhard Brandl, Head of Sheet Metal/Painting Technology Development. With prejudiced matting, each micrometer counts: The mist force contingency not be too high, differently a underlying covering of paint would be damaged. “Now, for a initial time, we have succeeded in mixing this impassioned pointing with a robustness of volume production,” explains Marco Karig, plan manager during Audi Planung GmbH.

As early as a summer of 2016, Audi put a initial cars with prejudiced matting onto a highway – in a really tiny array of usually 24: The “selection 24h” book of a Audi R8 Coupe V10 plus, a reverence to a motorsport successes of a Audi R8 LMS racing car, captivated courtesy with a tangled “R8” lettering on a CFRP sideblades. The prejudiced matting was mostly finished by palm during that time. Since then, a five-man group has improved, programmed and severely accelerated a process: Matting a sideblade for a Audi Q2 now usually takes about a minute. The employees in a Ingolstadt paint emporium can also facilely routine incomparable components: With a “TT 20 Years” special indication on a 20th anniversary of a TT array for example, a Audi rings on a side skirts are partially matted.

The employees regulating a newly commissioned apparatus do not have to work according to a timing commanded by a public line. It allows them to work stretchable hours, so assisting a association to accommodate a hurdles of demographic change. The routine has also grown significantly from an ecological indicate of view. Thanks to inventive opening technology, a excellent disintegrating matter is immediately sucked in and reused.

This form of individualization is accessible for a Audi R8 in a “Audi exclusive” program. Customers have a choice there of a design to be matted.