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Audi R18 e-tron quattro with formidable electronic architecture

The age of electronic information delivery from a competition automobile on line began for Audi in 1989. At that time, an Audi 90 quattro in a IMSA GTO array radioed 8 parameters to a garage where engine speeds and a few pressures and temperatures were plotted on printouts – a little step from today’s perspective, though one that supposing vicious insights during a time.  

Today, an Audi R18 e-tron quattro on some-more than a thousand channels, in cycles that in some cases usually volume to milliseconds, generates information of essential significance to a staff of engineers during Audi Sport. At Le Mans, a engineers constantly guard their competition cars for 24 hours. Whether it concerns a functionality of a systems, correspondence with a regulations or information that is vicious for vital reasons, a competition automobile – identical to a medical EKG complement – ceaselessly diagnoses a condition and reports it to a group garage.

For this purpose, a LMP1 sports automobile is versed with an array of CAN Bus systems that interlink a far-reaching operation of electronic control units (ECUs). Sophisticated sensors magnitude several parameters, such as cessation and acceleration data, temperatures and pressures, or information in a area of appetite management, to beget a database for a ECUs. The R18 e-tron quattro has a master complement control section that is essentially obliged for engine and hybrid control and additionally communicates with a other control units in a competition automobile – such as a ECUs for a transmission, purchase actuators, windshield wipers and a laser lamp headlights.

The competition automobile has a approach online tie to a computers in a group garage. It is used for high-speed information delivery in genuine time for handling conditions, such as temperatures, that do not need a high send rate. This creates it probable to effectively send singular information volumes for a ubiquitous comment of a car’s condition. In contrast, a sports automobile gathers minute information on any competition path and transmits it around a detonate vigilance when a automobile drives past a array lane. Data volumes of some-more than 20 megabytes are generated per lap, depending on a dimensions pattern – equating to some-more than 10,000 A4 distance pages.  

Bi-directional information delivery is prohibited. Data might be transmitted from a automobile to a pits, though not clamp versa. Radio communications with a competition motorist in a automobile are a usually probability that a group has to change a car. If there is a need for movement formed on a engineers’ information research this information – such as stop balance, engine control or hybrid complement settings – is communicated to a motorist by radio. If necessary, choice module versions stored in a automobile might be used.

In addition, there is a telemetry complement for a officials of a FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile), that together with a ACO (Automobile Club de l’Ouest) monitors correspondence with a regulations: Is a hybrid complement within a prescribed amounts of energy? Is a appetite expenditure of a competition automobile within a prescribed range? Are a boost vigour parameters correct? Does a cockpit heat sojourn within a slight limits?

In addition, a FIA uses a GPS system. This year, a FIA has begun to use this complement for measuring either or not a competition motorist complies with a speed extent in vicious situations, such as counsel durations during a stage of an accident. Activities of a marshals (in marshaling areas to secure collision scenes, for example) are also displayed in a cockpit. This provides a motorist with assistance that enhances a reserve of all a participants. Furthermore, a position of a competition automobile can be tracked on a map of a circuit in genuine time. Consequently, a complicated LMP1 competition automobile is constantly and comprehensively connected with a group and with competition control.

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Note to editors: Every Monday until a Le Mans competition on Jun 14/15, we will be providing we with new credentials information on a R18 plan and Audi’s joining in a world’s many famous continuation race. Next week’s topic: a aerodynamics for Le Mans.