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Audi shows toolmaking innovations during a “formnext” trade fair

Audi Toolmaking yesterday, currently and tomorrow: The code with a Four Rings is presenting countless exhibits during a “formnext” trade satisfactory for toolmaking and mold creation in Frankfurt am Main. From Nov 17 to 20, visitors can find out about toolmaking developments and benefit an discernment into a prolongation methods of a future.

“The paradigms of a intelligent bureau are changing a work in a Toolmaking division. In a future, we will bond equipment, machine and people even some-more closely with any other, and will make use of new methods to rise even some-more stretchable and accurate tools,” settled Michael Breme, Head of Toolmaking during AUDI AG. Audi is creation this destiny discernible during a “formnext” trade fair, for instance with self‑learning collection and 3D steel printers.

On a trade-fair mount with 500 block meters of building space, Audi is display that aspects of toolmaking in a intelligent bureau are already being practical currently for a growth and prolongation of models in vast and disdainful series. They embody intelligent collection for moulding steel and aluminum plates that commend process‑related fluctuations and optimize a element upsurge in a apparatus accordingly. It is also probable to see that addition prolongation technologies such as 3D copy are already practical in toolmaking today.

Audi is providing an discernment into a story of toolmaking with a print exhibition. It illustrates a technical milestones given a nineteen‑sixties and a changes in a pursuit form of a toolmaker: from a craftsman to a mechanism consultant on a human-machine interface.

Audi Toolmaking employs some-more than 2,000 people during 5 locations in Ingolstadt, Neckarsulm, Barcelona (Spain), Győr (Hungary) and Beijing (China). The multiplication designs, develops constructs and tests collection from a disdainful array to a vast series. They embody sheet‑metal tools, apparatus and apparatus, as good as mold‑making for aluminum die-casting and combination fiber components in extraneous and constructional applications.