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Audi Sport patron teams in tip spots of standings in 4 series

Audi R8 LMS GT4

Victory for Rearden Racing: Team Rearden Racing scored a second feat this deteriorate in a GT4 America West racing series. After Jeff Burton/Vesko Kozarov in an Audi R8 LMS GT4 had formerly been winning in a opening eventuality during Austin they were successful again during Sonoma. On a third competition weekend, a motorist twin won a initial turn with an advantage of 0.457 seconds. In turn two, a dual Americans crossed a finish line in third position of a GT4 America West. 

Audi Sport Seyffarth R8 LMS Cup

Plenty of accumulation in a Audi Sport Seyffarth R8 LMS Cup: The second weekend of a one-make crater saw dual new faces on a tip step during a lectern ceremony. The initial competition during Misano was dominated by Leonard Hoogenboom. The Dutchman in an Audi R8 LMS GT4 had started from stick position and went on to bind a widespread feat with a 19-second advantage. Second place went to Robin Rogalski, third to Rudolf Rhyn. The second competition belonged to Stefano Comini. After a Swiss had formerly battled for a tip spots in turn one, yet afterwards had to lay a drive-through penalty, he ideally converted his stick position in turn two. He was heading a competition and was quickly put underneath vigour by Hoogenboom, who, due to a pushing mistake, though, slipped off a tarmac and so had to give adult his attack. At a finish, Rudolf Rhyn again followed Comini and Hoogenboom in third position. Robin Rogalski, with an eight-point advantage, stays personality of a standings after 3 of 7 events. 

Audi RS 3 LMS (TCR)

Leader of a standings interjection to best opening this season: Antti Buri on a third competition weekend of a ADAC TCR Germany in Austria achieved his personal best opening this season. The Finn from Team LMS Racing softened from seventh on a grid to third position in a initial race. In a second race, he stormed to a tip mark from fourth on a grid in an Audi RS 3 LMS. His third feat this deteriorate means that a 30-year-old highwayman has now taken a lead of a standings as well. Buri now ranks 13 points forward of final year’s champion Harald Proczyk. René Kircher available his best outcome this deteriorate as well. The up-and-coming motorist from Team Hella Pagid Racing One in an Audi RS 3 LMS scored third position on Sunday as his initial lectern finish this year. In a juniors’ classification, he is now in a third spot, only 3 points off a personality of a standings. 

First feat this deteriorate in a TCR Europe: Gilles Magnus distinguished his initial competition feat in an Audi RS 3 LMS. The Belgian from Team Comtoyou Racing had entered competition one from stick position in his home turn during Spa. Following a good conflict with Santiago Urrutia in an Audi RS 3 LMS of Team WRT, Magnus claimed feat with a one-and-a-half-second advantage forward of his associate Audi motorist from Uruguay. In a standings, Magnus is ranked as a runner-up with a 13-point necessity after 3 of 7 events. 

Guest entrance in a FIA WTCR: Antti Buri will enlarge a margin in a WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup during a Nürburgring. The Finn has been frequently contesting a ADAC TCR Germany with a LMS Racing patron group given 2016. Since 2017, he has been relying on a Audi RS 3 LMS in that he has won 5 races to date, 3 of them this season. He is now a personality of a standings in a German racing series. Buri is closely informed with a Nordschleife of a Nürburgring. He has contested a 24-hour competition there twice, carrying won a TCR category final year. Further TCR category wins in 12- and 24-hour races finish his lane record. The 30-year-old competition motorist from Turku is a initial Finn in a FIA WTCR and continues a family tradition underneath a ensign of a 4 rings: his father was active in convene racing with Audi as distant behind as in a eighties. 

First lectern in Australia: The Audi RS 3 LMS posted a initial lectern outcome in a TCR Australia on a second competition weekend. Newcomer Hamish Ribarits in a margin of 18 entrants finished turn dual during Phillip Island in third place for a Melbourne Performance Centre. 

Coming adult subsequent week

14–15/06 Nürburgring (D), rounds 7 and 8, DMV GTC

14–15/06 Skellefteå (S), rounds 5 and 6, TCR Scandinavia

14–15/06 Skellefteå (S), rounds 5 and 6, GT4 Scandinavia

15/06 Tarumã (BR), turn 3, Endurance Brasil

15–16/06 Jarama (E), rounds 3 and 4, GT4 South European Series

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