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Audi Sport in South Africa with dual “fast zebras”

“The time before a culmination during Kyalami is noted by special suspense,” says Chris Reinke, Head of Audi Sport patron racing. “On a one hand, it’s good that South Africa is now partial of a calendar and that a Kyalami 9 Hours is reviving a good sports automobile tradition after a 37-year mangle and on a other, Frédéric Vervisch has a possibility of being in row in a competition for a drivers’ title. Last though not least, we have a motorist from South Africa – Kelvin outpost der Linde – on house who will no doubt be stirring his home crowd.” Frédéric Vervisch is now a best Audi Sport motorist in a standings. He is sitting in third position, only 6 points off a top. Neither of a dual rivals in front of him has so distant won an IGTC competition this season. If a Belgian were to confirm a competition in an Audi R8 LMS in his favor, he would be certain to win a championship title. However, from a quite mathematical perspective, many other constellations are also fathomable in a tip organisation of drivers. Plus, there are several pursuers respirating down Vervisch’s neck, so torment is guaranteed. Since 2016, Audi has won a IGTC manufacturers’ pretension 3 times and a drivers’ championship twice. 

Audi final won a vital pretension in Africa in 1996, in a Super Touring Car epoch with a A4 quattro. There were also stand-alone events during a time, such as a Kyalami International race, in that Vincent Vosse, now WRT’s group principal, was one of a participants. Kyalami was a country’s internationally best-known competition lane even behind then. The circuit inaugurated in 1961 has seen mixed modifications in a story and, after 2014, was many recently updated to a stream state due to a new owner. Today, a competition cars are driven counter-clockwise on a 4.5 kilometers of a circuit. The 6 right-hand and 9 left-hand turns underline a good farrago of radii and conspicuous betterment differences make for copiousness of variety, too. 30 GT sports cars from 9 brands, driven by a best GT3 pros, as good as by Pro-Am and pledge drivers, will be competing in South Africa’s many critical general automobile competition in new story that will start on Nov 23 during 1 PM internal time. 

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