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Audi Sport racing academy – compelling talent

“After a successful epoch of patron racing programs, we are gay to be holding a subsequent step,” says Klaus Demel, Head of Audi pushing experience. “Promoting immature talent is now during a heart of a motorsport activities. Sepp Haider and his group of instructors will coach a immature drivers to ready them for a veteran career.” In further to a 16-year-old Hungarian Vivien Keszthelyi, who has been promoted given 2016, 24-year-old Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky from Sweden, 16-year-old Ricardo Feller from Switzerland and Austrian 19-year-old Chris Höher are also really gratified with a promotion. 28-year-old German racing motorist Elia Erhart completes a squad, bringing his believe that will positively be of advantage to a immature drivers.

More than 1,000 business have got to know a Audi R8 LMS given 2010 in a former Audi competition believe – by particular training events and experiences, as good as by patron motorsport during a Nürburgring. In 2017, a new section begins, that will be tangible by a graduation of immature talent: a Audi Sport racing academy, launched final year, will name general aspirants with a aim of introducing them to veteran motorsport. The module intends to rise a participants’ pushing skills and optimize their earthy and mental fitness. In addition, it will yield an introduction to racing record and reconnoitre them with traffic with sponsors and a media. The training courses will take place on a premises of Audi Neuburg. They can eventually put their schooled believe into use by racing in a Audi TT crater and a Audi R8 LMS. Marc Klöppel and Gerd Lambert’s TKL Motorsport team, that has formerly prepared and used a Audi competition believe GT3 cars, will now enter dual Audi R8 LMS cars from a Audi Sport racing academy in a ADAC GT Masters as well.