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Audi supports THW with 20,000 euros

All in blue: That’s how a Audi Piazza looked today, Tuesday. The reason for this was a quarrel of puncture vehicles and many volunteers from 4 informal internal associations of a German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW). They were guest during a Audi Forum in Ingolstadt to surprise Audi employees and meddlesome visitors about their work, to denote a several apparatus they use, and finally to accept a sum of 20,000 euros in donations from Audi.

Whether contributing towards a squeeze of, for example, a organisation ride car or a rescue tent, a car manufacturer is ancillary a THW internal associations in Ingolstadt, Neuburg/Schrobenhausen, Eichstätt and Pfaffenhofen with donations of 5,000 euros each. Wendelin Göbel, Audi Board of Management Member for Human Resources, and Peter Mosch, Chairman of Audi’s General Works Council, presented a mystic concession check to a 4 THW internal member in a Audi Piazza on Tuesday. Alexander Müller, internal deputy of THW Pfaffenhofen, thanked both of them on interest of all THW internal associations: “It’s good to see that people and companies in a segment like Audi conclude a titular joining of my colleagues. We are investing a donations in new assist materials to be even improved versed in dangerous situations.” Following a display of a donation, Audi employees and meddlesome adults were means to obtain information during a THW mount and to perspective a muster with 3 trucks, an puncture vehicle, a master tent and a siphon with a ability of 25,000 liter.