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Audi to launch tellurian code debate and partner with 72andSunny Amsterdam

The debate will be formed on Audi’s new code strategy. One of a many critical objectives is to redefine a Vorsprung durch Technik aphorism and infusing it with new life. In a future, it will no longer be only about what is technically possible, though on focusing even some-more on what business want. “Vorsprung is globally apropos some-more and some-more a doubt of perspective, of an middle attitude,” says Sven Schuwirth, Head of Brand Audi, Digital Business and Customer Experience. “That’s because we’re violation new belligerent also in marketing, to recharge a Audi code emotionally. Since a inception, we have been pushing this plan brazen in an flexible network with colleagues from all over a world. 72andSunny is a ideal group for us to make these goals discernible in a vital code campaign.”

Carlo Cavallone, Executive Creative Director, Partner during 72andSunny Amsterdam, says: “We’re respected and anxious that a initial automobile code we’re partnering with in Amsterdam is one of a world’s many innovative, artistic and exciting. We’re anxious to be operative with them on their subsequent section – it’s a large plea and we’re all adult for it.” The Audi attribute will be led by 72andSunny’s Amsterdam office, with suitable support from a network. With offices in New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Singapore and Amsterdam, 72andSunny is a tellurian promotion group formulating tellurian work for clients such as Google, adidas and Unilever.

Strengthening a code will play a pivotal purpose in Audi’s designed vital communications offensive. Audi intends to evenly reinvigorate a code and in sold to residence on-going aim groups. The reward judgment is also to be regenerated in a definition of a contemporary form of luxury. The settled idea is to sustainably raise both code picture and code awareness.

The new code debate will flog off in a initial entertain of 2020.