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Audi to furnish in Brazil as of 2015

Rupert Stadler, Chairman of a Board of Management of AUDI AG, and Dr. Bernd Martens, Member of a Board of Management for Procurement, met members of a Brazilian supervision currently on a arise of announcing a new Audi prolongation site. At that meeting, Stadler named a categorical reason for a decision: “By producing in Brazil, we will emanate a basement for serve expansion in a region.” Stadler also announced that a Sales Department would some-more than double a distance of a play network by a finish of a decade: “Also in Brazil, a idea is to lead a reward segment.”

Audi is already starting to make preparations to safeguard that prolongation starts uniformly in 2015. With prolongation in Brazil, internal sourcing should also have a certain impact on a carmaker’s business, explained Audi’s Board of Management Member for Procurement, Dr. Bernd Martens: “For a prolongation of a A3 Sedan, we wish to squeeze a lot of components locally; we therefore devise to settle tighten relations with Brazilian suppliers during an early stage.

By 2015, a association intends to deposit around € 150 Mio. to ready for prolongation during a site in São José dos Pinhais in a sovereign state of Paraná. As a initial step, Audi will furnish a new A3 Sedan here starting in 2015. A few months later, a Audi Q3 will also expostulate off a public line in Brazil.

As of 2020, Audi skeleton to broach dual million cars to a business worldwide any year. To grasp that target, a association is creation vast investments during a vast prolongation sites in Germany and Hungary. At a same time, Audi is significantly expanding a prolongation network outward Europe. “With today’s preference in preference of Brazil, we are ideally positioned in all BRIC countries,” epitomised Audi CEO Stadler. In late 2013, a association will open a second plant in China in Foshan. And by 2016, Audi will also put a new vehicle plant into operation in Mexico. With a new plants in Brazil and Mexico, Audi is consistently scheming for serve expansion worldwide and in sold on a South American continent.