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Audi Toolmaking prints “Auto Union Typ C”

“We are pulling brazen with new prolongation technologies during Audi Toolmaking and during a Volkswagen Group,” settled Prof. Dr. Hubert Waltl, Audi’s Board of Management Member for Production and Head of Toolmaking during a Volkswagen Group. “Together with partners in a area of research, we are constantly exploring a bounds of new processes. One of a goals is to request steel printers in array production.”

The Volkswagen Group has a sum of 14 toolmaking units in nine countries. Under a care of Prof. Dr. Waltl, mild ventures have been organised for investigate and development. The initial concentration of a team-work is a doing of lead 3D printing and 3D printing in a sand‑printing method. Audi Toolmaking has now used steel copy to furnish all a lead tools of a Silver Arrow indication “Auto Union Typ C” on a scale of 1:2.

For this purpose, a selective-sintering laser melted layers of lead powder with a pellet distance of 15 to 40 thousandths of a millimeter, roughly half of a hole of a tellurian hair. The routine therefore allows a prolongation of components with formidable geometries, that with required methods could possibly not be constructed or usually with good difficulties. Audi Toolmaking is now regulating 3D printing to furnish components out of aluminum and steel. At present, this routine can be used to furnish shapes and objects with a length of 240 millimeters and a tallness of adult to 200 millimeters. These printed components achieved a aloft firmness than components done by die casting or prohibited forming.

Audi Toolmaking is regarded as a colonize in a growth of new technologies, also within a Volkswagen Group. The company’s innovations embody a intelligent tool, that is used to assistance make some-more crook contours in a piece steel of automobile bodies. Lasers commissioned in a apparatus magnitude a position of a piece steel while activators take visual action.