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Audi Twin Cup: world-class service

“Even with all of a technical advancements, use is and stays a business that thrives since of a people. Behind any superb seminar opening mount dedicated employees who reason their possess work to high standards,” pronounced Bernd Hoffmann, Executive Director Service/Genuine Parts during AUDI AG. Hoffmann pre-sented a prize on Saturday dusk to a winners of a Audi Twin Cup universe finals: “With a use universe championship, we are compelling a critical teamwork between technical and advisory services during a dealership. We are doing this with success, as patron compensation with a use continued to boost worldwide in a past year.”

In a Audi Twin Cup, a technical and use teams commence several fanciful and dilettante tests that weigh both their opening in personal communication with a patron and in a area of diagnostics and repair. The wilful cause here is that a best formula can usually be achieved in tighten teamwork between a technicians and a use advisors. Only those who consistently broach considerable opening in group work, can attain in a Audi Twin Cup competitions.

This year, 73 teams trafficked to a Catalan capital to explain a pretension in a universe finals of a Audi Twin Cup. The teams competed directly opposite any other in a two-day competition. Prior to that, they had already competent in inhabitant competitions involving around 2,800 teams.

In a end, a leader of a universe championship for use was a group from South Korea. Second place was taken by a technicians and use advisors from Romania, followed by a group from a USA.

The general finals of a Audi Twin Cup are carried out once any year. For a initial time, also teams from Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Lithuania and a Dominican Republic competed for a Audi Service climax this year.

All partner businesses that have a current use agreement with AUDI AG are competent to contest in a Audi Twin Cup.