Audi Canada

AudiStream: Virtual tour by a universe of prolongation during Audi in Ingolstadt

AudiStream provides minute insights into comparison prolongation stages during Audi in Ingolstadt. Additionally, a new online underline presents a technical highlights of a brand. The debate guides share their believe from countless bureau tours and assuage a practical tours live from a studio. They explain prolongation processes, answer particular questions as partial of a dialog, and tailor a march of a approximately 20-minute live tide to a wishes and interests of a participants.

AudiStream starts with a online underline “Audi live during a Ingolstadt factory.” Participants learn how an Audi is made, from a initial prolongation stairs in a press emporium adult to a final primer operations during a final assembly. Streams about serve topics concerning a Audi code are to follow.

Users name a preferred live tide and a suitable time container online during The charity is giveaway of charge; fees might be charged for internet access, however, depending on a comparison provider.

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