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Automobili Lamborghini is ‘‘Top Employer Italy 2015’’

Automobili Lamborghini is „Top Employer Italy 2015For a second year in a row, Automobili Lamborghini has performed a prestigious Top Employer Italy 2015 Certification, an honour bestowed any year by a Top Employers Institute on companies with glorious workplace environments and modernized policies in Human Resource management.

The Top Employer acceptance module is a routine durability about a year, during that companies with during slightest 250 employees during inhabitant turn or 2500 employees during general turn are vetted. Certification is postulated usually after a structured review and corroboration procession in that 9 criteria are considered, including income policies, operative conditions and benefits, training and veteran growth, career opportunities and corporate culture. Only companies that achieve a really high scores compulsory by acceptance are famous as Top Employers.

Automobili Lamborghini President and CEO Stephan Winkelmann commented, ‘‘Our success is a outcome of a tough work and loyalty of a women and group who work for us. With their professionalism and passion, they minister any day to achieving a many desirous business objectives. Continuous investment in a people and their veteran expansion are pivotal elements in apropos an increasingly appealing employer and achieving high standards of peculiarity and excellence.’’

Umberto Tossini, Human Resources and Organization Manager during Automobili Lamborghini, added, ‘‘Our prophesy of Corporate Responsibility is formed on a tolerable expansion of a economy, multitude and a environment, and it guides us in advancing a process of government centered on people. In this courtesy we have grown a series of critical projects, such as a DESI program, that aims to mix scholarly preparation with in-house vocational training, though also a extensive People Care module centered around training, individuals, contentment and a environment.’’

At present, Lamborghini has 1175 employees during a ancestral Sant’Agata Bolognese headquarters. 2014 was an unusual year, with a employing of 192 rarely competent technicians and specialists. Over a final 4 years, scarcely 500 new permanent employees have been hired.

DESI Project
Through a ‘‘Dual Education System Italy’’ (DESI) project, Automobili Lamborghini has introduced, along with Ducati, an innovative educational module in Italy. The design is to yield immature people with new prospects for veteran and personal growth, generally in a areas many impacted by stagnation due to a miss of effective technical and educational collection for work placement.

Drawing on a twin model, propagandize preparation is sum with unsentimental inhouse training. From 2014 to 2016, a sum of 48 students during a Aldini Valeriani and Belluzzi Fioravanti schools in Bologna and during Lamborghini and Ducati are following a twin training march to rise a skills indispensable to obtain a delegate propagandize diploma and education for entering a pursuit market.

Under this project, carried out in partnership with a Volkswagen Employees’ Foundation, a Audi Group, a Scholastic Department of a Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, and a Emilia-Romagna Region’s Department of Education, Vocational Training, University, Research and Employment, a students will start their in-house training activities on Mar 16th. The module is also directed for socially disadvantaged immature group and women.

Innovative People Care policies
The concentration on people is manifested in a graduation of a corporate enlightenment formed on shortcoming and respect, on skills and on a course towards a future, with a aim of formulating value by noticing a veteran temperament of any individual.

The consistent courtesy to employees and their families is reflected in countless activities and initiatives directed during constantly improving contentment both in and outward a workplace, that interpret into genuine advantages for those who work during Lamborghini. These embody health insurance; giveaway check-ups and vaccinations; mobility facilities; a MaternityPaternity Kit for employees awaiting a child; giveaway entrance to sports facilities; special terms during internal hothouse schools, aptness centers, businesses and informative activities; and a association grill featuring healthy options and locally constructed foods.

Workplace reserve is essential during Lamborghini, that invests poignant resources in study and improving a sourroundings in that all employees work. This was also a matter for a partnership determined with a Occupational Medicine Department of a University of Bologna and Sant’Orsola Malpighi Hospital in Bologna.

Lamborghini also places a pinnacle significance on training as a essential lynchpin in a expansion of skills and veteran competency. In this perspective, a partnership with a Bologna Business School Foundation represents an critical component with that Lamborghini promotes a energetic and innovative government culture, prepared to confront a hurdles of a destiny responsibly and sustainably.

With courtesy to family with labor unions, Lamborghini is a indication association desirous by ongoing dialogue, clarity and partnership between government and kinship officials.