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“Be a one who dares”: a BMW X2 Holo Experience

Munich. BMW and Microsoft are transforming partial of
a “Be a one who dares” debate for a new BMW X2 into a fun
high-tech experience. In a singular churned existence application, a two
partners are weaving earthy existence and digital calm into an
knowledge exclusively accessible on Microsoft HoloLens.


The BMW X2 Holo Experience and Microsoft HoloLens douse users in
a universe of a BMW X2, where they can get to know a new indication in
an interactive way. Fun hurdles swap with artistic elements.
For example, a BMW X2 contingency be guided out of a obstruction or can be given a
new colour in a paint tank. The BMW X2 Holo Experience revisits
elements of a debate to safeguard high approval value and ends
with a holographic selfie for a user’s possess amicable media channels.
Prospective business can afterwards take a BMW X2 for a exam drive.


“The X2 will interest to a comparatively new, immature and digitally-savvy
aim organisation that is also looking for singular and contemporary
practice from communications”, according to Uwe Dreher, conduct of
Brand Communication BMW. “The Holo Experience delivers a desired
technical wow-effect, that we wish will maximize a interest to this
aim organisation in a fun and interesting way, regulating innovative technology.”


“Mixed existence enables companies to take a subsequent step in a process
of digitalisation”, explains Michael Zawrel, Senior Product Manager
Mixed Reality HoloLens Germany. “The BMW X2 Holo Experience
shows how companies can move their products to life by consistent the
earthy and a digital universe in a totally new way.”


The BMW X2 Holo Experience, formed on Microsoft HoloLens and Windows
Mixed Reality, will be accessible internationally during comparison BMW
dealers, in disdainful “closed rooms” and formats such as a Brand
Experience Centre.


Visitors can already knowledge a BMW X2 in digital form during a BMW
bend in Berlin, a BMW bend in Munich and a Automag München or
a Brand Experience Centre in Zurich.

The BMW X2 Holo Experience fits seamlessly into a “Be a one who
dares” debate for a new BMW X2, that will accompany a newest
and many extroverted member of a X family from a start of
communications in late Oct 2017 to a marketplace launch in Mar 2018.

The BMW X2 (with a total fuel expenditure of 6.3 – 4.5 l/100 km
and total CO2 emissions of 144 – 118 g/km*) is some-more than just
another BMW X model. With a particular pattern and sporty urban
genes, it creates a confidant matter in a category and within a BMW X
indication family. Its singular impression generally appeals to a immature and
young-at-heart, extroverted and active people who value individuality,
genuine pushing pleasure and lifestyle, but carrying to give up
functionality. They live in civic settings, lead an active life and
are rarely connected to a digital world.


Based on in-depth information analysis, BMW is reaching out to a fans,
business and prospects in their particular digital lives – with
rarely applicable customised content. An affinity for film and music, as
good as gaming and new technologies, are an essential aspect of the
urban, worldly aim organisation that a BMW X2 Holo Experience
appeals to in an optimal approach with rarely applicable content.


Further components of a debate will be suggested over a coming
months as “Be a one who dares” reaches out to new digital target
groups on different amicable media platforms in an surprising way.


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