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Beijing Motor Show 2016: Speeches Peter Schwarzenbauer, Ian Robertson

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Beijing! I’m gay to be here again!


I consider you’ll agree: The film showed that BMW Motorrad is certainly the
purest form of “Sheer Driving Pleasure” and fun on dual wheels – both
in a city and on circuitous nation roads. That creates China a ideal
place for BMW Motorrad. Because this nation has all a biker’s
heart desires: deserts, mountains, unconstrained highways and pulsating
cities. we resolutely trust that BMW Motorrad has outrageous intensity in
China. More on that in a moment…


2015 was a fifth uninterrupted record year for BMW Motorrad
worldwide. More than 136,000 business chose a BMW motorcycle last
year – an boost of roughly 11 per cent year-on-year.


This certain trend continued in a initial entertain of 2016, with more
than 33,500 motorcycles sole in a initial 3 months of a year –
an boost of over 7% from a prior year.


We intend to continue this success – and have set ourselves ambitious
goals to do so:


  1. We aim to boost sales to 200,000 units by 2020.
  2. We will continue to grow a operation of models, and
  3. Expand a fasten in existent markets and rise new markets
    –focusing on Asia and South America. This includes China, where we
    will extend a activities.

The G 310 R plays an critical partial in a plans. It will extend our
indication portfolio in a shred for bikes subsequent 500cc. As an ambassador
of a brand, it will paint a values of BMW Motorrad in this
segment. Over a subsequent 12 months, we will also be charity a 300
Series here in China.


And it doesn’t stop there. We devise to offer a whole family in the
center cc shred to take advantage of clever enlargement in this market.


China will play a vital partial in a enlargement strategy. BMW Motorrad has
had extensive success in expanding a business here in a past few
years. In 2015, we roughly doubled a sales and we are looking to
build on this in 2016.

The signs are intensely positive: In a initial entertain of 2016, our
motorcycle sales in China were roughly 75% aloft than a previous
year. And we will use this momentum. We will be introducing a sum of
9 new models here in China in 2016 alone.


The year got off to a good start for MINI, as good as BMW Motorrad.
Globally, both BMW Motorrad and MINI achieved unusually good in
a initial entertain of a centenary year.

We have never sole as many motorcycles and MINIs as in a first
3 months of this year.

Naturally, MINI is also here during a uncover and will be introducing the
youngest members of a family: a new MINI Convertible and a new
MINI Clubman.


Later, during Rolls Royce, you’ll see a highlights we have in store for
a Chinese business in a super-luxury segment.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have been moulding particular mobility worldwide for a past 100
years. Passion, engineering excellence, prophesy and bravery are what
have done a BMW Group a tellurian personality it is today. With BMW, MINI,
Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad, we will continue to figure a destiny of
particular mobility. In only a moment, BMW will give we a glance of
what that looks like. Thank you


Speech Dr. Ian Robertson

Ni group hao ladies and gentlemen!


This is a unequivocally sparkling year for a BMW Group and it’s good to be
behind in China – a largest singular market.


On a 7th Mar we launched a centenary activities in Munich, with
a concentration resolutely on a “Next 100 Years.


I’m gay to announce that we’ll move a NEXT 100 YEARS
celebrations to Beijing subsequent week. We’re looking brazen to sharing
a fun of this poignant miracle with people in China.


The BMW Group has started a year on a certain note and maintained
a successful march in 2016. In a initial 3 months of a year,
sales increasing by 5.9%, to strech a new all-time high of good over
557,000 vehicles.


We continue to aim enlargement in worldwide sales and in China in 2016.
Market enlargement in China is normalising and we trust that the
trend will continue in a identical conform to 2015. We entirely trust in
a long-term enlargement intensity of this marketplace and are strongly
committed to China and a needs of a business in this market.


Just a few months ago, we was here in Beijing to benefaction a new BMW 7
Series. Our flagship sets new benchmarks in a oppulance shred and has
had a successful start.


For a initial time, we are now expanding a 7 Series lineup under
a labels of BMW M and BMW i.


BMW i underscores a fasten to be a personality in creation and
new technologies. We will be transferring a imagination from BMW i to
“core brand” models and as of Jul 2016, all electrified BMW models
will be labelled BMW iPerformance. This includes a BMW 740e
iPerformance, that will be accessible after this year.


On a other palm – M Performance stands for a quite dynamic
pushing experience. Customers have mostly asked us because there isn’t an M
chronicle of a flagship – and now we have a answer: we will put the
initial M Performance various of a BMW 7 Series – a BMW M760Li
xDrive – on a highway after this year.


Expanding a operation of a BMW 7 Series so that it covers everything
from high opening to low glimmer vehicles, demonstrates how the
BMW Group constantly evolves to surpass a customers’ wishes.


The BMW Group has always looked ahead, constantly severe itself.

Because we are assured that: The best approach to envision a destiny is
to emanate it.


Last month, a BMW Group presented a new roadmap for a future:
Strategy Number ONENEXT. It includes a really transparent plan for BMW
M and a enlargement of a BMW M product portfolio.


All BMW M vehicles share one thing in common – their impressive
pushing dynamics. Demonstrating that this fasten is alive and
well, greatfully suffer a brief film with a BMW M4 GTS…

The BMW M4 GTS is an disdainful technological showpiece, which
elevates a intensity of a BMW M4 Coupe to an considerable new level.
It comes in a singular book of 700 units to applaud a 30th
anniversary of a BMW M3 – and there’s already been an overwhelming
patron response to this car.


For over 40 years, BMW M has been going from strength to strength.
Its success on general racetracks has been matched by a demand
from business who value individuality, exclusivity and of course, high-performance.


The pivotal to a destiny success of BMW M is vital enlargement – we
are formulation to tighten any gaps in a M portfolio. We also see growth
intensity in M Performance. In a future, M Performance will have a
significantly wider share in a indication portfolio.


This means we will emanate some-more fascinating M models like a M2 Coupé
and M Performance models like a X4 M40i, that we see here during a stand.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Ten years ago – right here in Beijing – we launched a really first
BMW designed and built privately for a needs of a Chinese
business – a BMW 5 Series prolonged wheelbase. Built in China, for China.


Since then, we’ve also introduced a BMW 3 Series prolonged wheelbase.


We are driven to pleasure all of a business and surpass their
expectations. And of march we do this by bargain a different
mandate and desires in each marketplace we serve.


Today, I’m gay to benefaction to we a universe premiere of a new
BMW car tailored privately for a Chinese market:


The all-new BMW X1 prolonged wheelbase chronicle is another ideal example
of a concentration on a Chinese customer, as good as a fasten to the
Chinese market.


And with an additional 11 centimetres combined to a wheelbase, a BMW X1
offers a many room for passengers in a segment.


It is:

  • The biggest and roomiest,
  • The many innovative, (Note: HUD as USP)
  • And of course, a sportiest.


Quite simply, it sets a benchmark.


With customary comfort suspension, servotronic steering and
opening control, it provides forlorn pushing pleasure.


This car’s opening has been expertly offset with an all-new
design, with authentic “X” DNA.

The extraneous pattern denunciation is striking: sporty and self-confident
with a genuine presence. Note a LED headlights, that are singular in
this segment.


The lush interior creates use of high peculiarity materials put
together with pointing craftsmanship – and a additional legroom provides
for a really gentle journey.


The new BMW X1 will be constructed during a Tiexi plant and will be
accessible for Chinese business as of May 20th.


Thank we once again for fasten us.

Please suffer a rest of a day.

Xie Xie.