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BENTLEY Awarded Top Employer For Fourth Consecutive Year


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• Recognised as one of a best among UK organisations
• “Exceptional worker conditions and nurtures and develops talent throughout
  all levels of a organisation”
• Multi-million bruise site enlargement creates 300 new jobs for Bentley

BENTLEY Awarded Top Employer For Fourth Consecutive YearFor a fourth uninterrupted year, Bentley Motors has been named as one of Britain’s tip employers by a Top Employers Institute.

Bentley has been awarded for a joining and loyalty to a personal expansion of a 3,800 colleagues operative during a Crewe headquarters, and was quite praised for a concentration on a career and period formulation of a workforce.

Marlies Rogait, Member of a Board for Human Resources, said: “We are operative on a subsequent era of Bentleys, starting with a SUV, a Bentayga, and this approval reinforces that a business and colleagues share a joining to performance, peculiarity and engineering value a cars are eminent for. We are unapproachable to be awarded with Top Employer standing once again and to be recognized for a continual efforts in expansion and training.”

Strengthening a company’s concentration on development, Bentley has recently implemented an upskilling programme. The programme broadens and enhances a skills of Bentley colleagues, focusing on core competencies within a business. Tools embody a introduction of training islands, holding advantage of master trainers, and adopting a twin preparation proceed for trainees.

Bentley also announced in Dec that it was expanding a footprint during a company’s domicile and formulating new jobs. In a £40 million investment, a new investigate and expansion centre will beget 300 new positions.

To support a company’s destiny investment in a employees and a community, Bentley is personification a pivotal purpose in bringing a University Technical College to Crewe. Focused on Engineering and Design, a college will offer an moving preparation for 14-18 year olds seeking a pathway to destiny employment.

The latest ‘Top Employer’ endowment closely follows a company’s record violation year. Delivering 11,020 cars in 2014 and with expansion in each region, Bentley strengthened a position as a world’s many sought after oppulance automobile brand.