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Bentley Motors Launches 2016 Apprentice Rectuitment Drive

Bentley Motors currently launches a 2016 neophyte recruitment debate with 42 positions accessible on a latest intake, starting with a association in Sep this year. Applications open from 12th Mar during for 6 weeks, with an open day to be hold on a same day during Bentley’s domicile in Crewe, where impending apprentices can find out more. Bentley has combined over 100 neophyte opportunities in a past dual years, progressing a company’s destiny talent focus. Commenting on a latest recruitment drive, Marlies Rogait, Member of a Board for Human Resources, said:

“Bentley’s tutelage intrigue offers a plain substructure on that to build a skills and believe compulsory to turn learned experts and professionals in their selected field. As a business continues to grow, we continue to deposit – in a people, a products, and a network. We wish to attract unusual possibilities – a Bentley experts of tomorrow – who aren’t fearful to plea and can supplement to a highly-skilled and ardent workforce.”
Bentley’s neophyte intrigue has been using for some-more than 40 years and offers an useful approach of gaining nationally recognized educational and vocational qualifications, while endeavour tailored growth during Bentley.

Nearly half of a new apprentices (20) will be starting a recently grown prolongation tutelage programme. The curriculum is designed and delivered by Bentley Master Trainers, during that apprentices will rise skills in areas such as leather, wood, paint, mechatronics and prolongation maintenance.

A serve 22 apprentices will be formed in business areas during Bentley’s domicile in Crewe, including Engineering, Sales and Marketing, Purchasing and Human Resources. Bentley’s Apprentice of Year in 2015 was Matthew Farrell, a former Production Apprentice, and now Production Engineer during Bentley Motors. Matthew summed adult because he found a Bentley tutelage intrigue so valuable:

The Apprenticeship was a good event to unequivocally pursue my technical, educational and personal growth goals in a structured way. From training about primer engineering operations to building a subsequent era of designs for physique and trim, any partial of a programme helped me to raise my veteran and personal skills. we have been means to possess my growth goals and advantage from structured submit and feedback from peers and managers along a way.”

Bentley Motors was recently named one of Britain’s tip employers by a Top Employers Institute for a fifth uninterrupted year. Bentley – awarded for a joining and loyalty to a 4,000 colleagues operative during a Crewe domicile – was quite praised for a concentration on a talent and personal growth of a workforce.

Bentley is also personification a pivotal purpose in bringing a University Technical College to Crewe after this year. Focused on Engineering and Design, a college will offer an moving preparation for 14-18 year olds seeking a pathway to destiny employment.

To request for an tutelage during Bentley, revisit Applications open on 12th Mar for 6 weeks.