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Bernhard Langer: The almighty career.

Langer has always been strong-willed, a relentless counter who maintains concentration during tournaments until a final moment. His stream diversion has mislaid nothing of this consistency. His good clarity of humour and ability to giggle openly is not easy to see on a course. This other Bernhard is a chairman who especially his family recognise. Once, when his hermit Erwin’s wife, Sigi, was celebrating her birthday in Anhausen, he happened to be home. Bernhard arrived during a celebration wearing flip-flops; he was home, after all. He assimilated a organisation of people in his parents’ home singing a birthday lady a song. The two-time Masters leader was one guest among many and enjoyed each moment.

Thinking he was someone special and awaiting favoured diagnosis was never an emanate for Langer. Back in a 90s when he used to go skiing frequently in Zürs am Arlberg, he would get in line to take a ski-lift only like everybody else. Once he got to a top, however, there was no holding him back. Hans Rauchensteiner, a photographer formed in Munich and a seasoned skier himself, flew after a golfer, his anorak whipping behind and a camera around his neck. In a end, he managed to get his photos since Langer stopped to wait for him.