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Big Data research for a beehive: Audi Environmental Foundation sponsors “we4bee”

From mid-April to September, we4bee will henceforth loan a sum of 100 beehives versed with high-tech sensors to participating schools or other training institutions as good as to beekeepers. The online information delivery will emanate a network of beehives. An app enables continual entrance to a dimensions formula and live information from all bee colonies. The sensors also broadcast information on temperature, humidity, atmosphere pressure, weight, sound/vibration and excellent dirt pollution. These information sets will be collected during a University of Würzburg by a operative organisation of Informatics Professor Andreas Hotho and will be analyzed regulating information scholarship methods. As a result, we4bee is enabling a networked, long-term investigate of bees during several locations and so a approach comparison of particular bee colonies. The announced idea is to brand patterns in sequence to get caring instructions for beekeepers (e.g. time of feeding, time of swarming, integrity of tact status) and, in a prolonged term, to use a function of a bees as a basement for generating forecasts for arriving environmental events such as storms or droughts. “We wish to uncover only how tighten a interdependency between humans, animals and a sourroundings is and what purpose a bee plays in that,” pronounced Rüdiger Recknagel, Managing Director of a Audi Environmental Foundation.

we4bee was founded by Professor of Biology Emeritus Jürgen Tautz. The Audi Environmental Foundation has already implemented a HOBOS (HOney Bee Online Studies) plan with this bee expert, that will be continued in we4bee. More information can be found during