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BMW 1 Series Sedan: sporty, rarely romantic indication exclusively for a Chinese market.

Munich/Beijing. Today’s marketplace launch of a BMW 1
Series sedan extends a operation of a German reward code to include
a indication tailored privately to accommodate a needs of Chinese customers.
The BMW 1 Series Sedan with a hallmark sporty aptitude and
market-specific altogether judgment is a rarely romantic new entrance to the
compress reward automobile shred that is saying such high intensity in
China. The new indication is charity exclusively for a Chinese automotive
marketplace by a BMW Group and BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd.

Speaking during a model’s launch eventuality in Shanghai, Dr Ian Robertson,
BMW AG Management Board member obliged for Sales and Marketing BMW
commented, “We sole over half a million cars in China final year and
this, a biggest market, continues to offer good potential. Our
business in China have been seeking for a smaller indication to accommodate their
specific needs and we’ve worked tough with a colleagues here to make
certain this automobile not usually meets though exceeds those desires.”

The BMW 1 Series Sedan was grown during BMW domicile in Munich
with a support of Chinese engineers. The automobile concept, and
apparatus are geared towards a specific mandate of modern
aim groups in China as good as a highway and trade conditions
there. During growth for volume production, a new model
underwent heated contrast and harmonisation both globally like on the
Nürburgring as good as in a wide-ranging climatic and road
conditions to be found in China so as to safeguard a turn of everyday
bearing and pushing pleasure that is oriented towards a real
sourroundings in that it will be used.

The BMW 1 Series Sedan is made as partial of a corner venture
between a BMW Group and BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. during a Tiexi
plant non-stop in 2012 that forms partial of a Shenyang prolongation site
in a north easterly of China. Other models of a code designed
privately for a Chinese automotive marketplace are also constructed in
Shenyang. Vehicle prolongation in Shenyang is theme to a same
severe peculiarity standards that request around a whole worldwide
BMW Group prolongation network.

Compact sedan with a sporty aptitude evil of BMW.

The automobile judgment of a BMW 1 Series Sedan is precisely tailored
to a preferences of Chinese customers. With a notchback physique in
evil three-box design, a new indication reflects a style
elite by such business in countless automobile categories. A special
module of BMW products has been fabricated in response to the
recognition of sedans in China. BMW 3 Series and BMW 5 Series Sedans
are also accessible in a prolonged chronicle grown exclusively for the
Chinese marketplace and made during a Shenyang prolongation site.

As a further to a 5-door hatchback BMW 1 Series models produced
in Germany, a code now adds a sedan to a operation in a premium
compress shred that was recognised generally for China and solely
constructed there. The BMW 1 Series Sedan represents a brand’s hallmark
multiple of sporty aptitude and magnificence while also charity best in
shred float comfort, lush apparatus and on-going connectivity
record that is well-developed for a compress segment. With these
qualities, it is a quite appealing indication for immature target
groups seeking entrance to a universe of BMW reward automobiles.

Hallmark pattern with sold lines.

The sporty magnificence of a BMW 1 Series Sedan, singular in a premium
compress segment, is reflected in both a proportions and a lines of
a body. An observable coming is generally total by applying
a evil pattern facilities of BMW sedans to a new model’s
compress extraneous measure with a length of 4 456 millimetres, a
breadth of 1 803 millimetres and a tallness of 1 446 millimetres. Short
overhangs, a prolonged engine dungeon lid, a newcomer dungeon that is set
behind and a prolonged wheelbase of 2 670 millimetres give a BMW 1 Series
Sedan an elongated, sporty look. The sold physique line rises
constantly from a front circle arch around a doorway openers to a rear
lights, additionally emphasising a energetic course of a car’s silhouette.

The contours of a doors are also harmoniously integrated in the
proportions of a compress model. The back openings strech distant back
into a tail section, permitting gentle entrance and exit for rear
passengers. What is more, a side perspective of a 4-door indication exhibits
a distinguished aspect pattern that is customary of a BMW 1 Series. The
heated modelling of a aspect areas creates an appealing interplay
of light and shade, conveying a colourful clarity of jaunty flair.

The hallmark code facilities of a front territory embody a wide
radiator grille, vast atmosphere inlets and twin round headlights with
state-of-the-art LED technology. The back of a BMW 1 Series Sedan
sports a model-specific pattern dominated by plane lines which
underscore a vehicle’s breadth and autarchic highway holding. The rear
lights extending distant into a side territory to form a evil L
figure further emphasize a car’s absolute appearance.

Driver-oriented cockpit, inexhaustible space and reward ambience.

The interior of a BMW 1 Series Sedan offers a ideal basement for
heated pushing pleasure and beguiling travel. The cockpit is
driver-oriented in pattern as is customary of BMW automobiles. Both the
seating position and a arrangement of a arrangement and control
elements enhances thoroughness on a road. The iDrive operating
complement featuring a vast on-board mechanism in flatscreen pattern and
a controller in a centre console is a customary underline of a BMW
1 Series Sedan. The plane lines of a instrument cluster
continue on into a doorway trim panels, thereby formulating an impression
of well-spoken harmony, while also contributing to a inexhaustible clarity of space.

Precisely finished surfaces and high-quality materials are pivotal to the
reward interior ambience of a compress 4-door model. Rear comfort is
optimised not usually by means of inexhaustible leg space and headroom but
also with a model-specific chronicle of a back seat. The contours of
a back backrests and a upholstery of a chair surfaces ensure
passengers suffer a high turn of comfort even over lengthier distances.

New engine generation: revving energy and potency in BMW

The complicated and sporty impression of a BMW 1 Series Sedan is
reflected in a engine portfolio accessible during a model’s market
launch. There is a choice of 3 energy units of a BMW Group’s
latest generation. Their weight-optimised aluminium construction and
a tide chronicle of BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology ensure
well-developed revving energy and torque in further to exemplary
efficiency. The record package consists of turbocharging, petrol
instruction injection with mainly positioned injectors, and variable
valve control in a form of VALVETRONIC as law by a BMW Group,
and non-static camshaft control on a intake and empty side (double VANOS).

This multiple formula in quite sporty performance
characteristics in a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine of the
BMW 125i Sedan. It mobilises a rise outlay of 170 kW/231 hp and a
limit torque of 350 Newton metres that goes on tide during 1 250 rpm.
Fitted as customary with an 8-speed Steptronic transmission, the
BMW 125i Sedan sprints from station to 100 km/h in 6.8 seconds,
achieving a cut-off tip speed of 250 km/h. These opening figures
are total with an normal fuel expenditure of 6.4 litres per 100
kilometres and a total CO2 figure of 152 grams per kilometre.

Another 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine is propitious in a BMW 120i Sedan.
With a rise outlay of 141 kW/192 hp and a limit torque of 280 Newton
metres of 1 250 rpm, it also ensures sporty opening figures. In
multiple with a 8-speed Steptronic delivery – further a
customary underline – it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds
and reaches a tip speed of 235 km/h. The total fuel expenditure of
a BMW 120i Sedan is 6.2 litres per 100 kilometres, while a figure
for total CO2 emissions is 148 grams per kilometre.

The engine operation is dull off with a 3-cylinder energy section for the
BMW 118i Sedan. From a ability of 1.5 litres it generates a peak
outlay of 100 kW/136 hp, while a limit torque of 220 Newton metres
is accessible during 1 250 rpm. Fitted with a 6-speed Steptronic
transmission, a BMW 118i Sedan takes 9.4 seconds to accelerate from
0 to 100 km/h and a tip speed is 212 km/h. The potency of the
engine is reflected in a total fuel expenditure of 5.5 litres per
100 kilometres and a total CO2 figure of 132 grams per kilometre.

Model-specific cessation set-up, seamless safety.

The pushing properties of a new BMW 1 Series Sedan are
characterised by jaunty flair, float comfort and safety. A perfect
basement is supposing for this by means of energy delivery to a front
wheels, an roughly equally offset spindle bucket placement and the
weight-optimised pattern of a physique and suspension. The suspension
set-up is not usually geared towards a sporty impression of a model
though also meets high final in terms of comfort. The cessation and
damping are designed to safeguard occupants knowledge as loose a ride
as probable on all highway surfaces. Optimised acoustic comfort is taken
caring of by such facilities as a wholly panelled underbody and tyres with
reduced rolling resistance.

Powerful front brakes and an electromechanical energy steering
including Servotronic speed-related support assistance grasp a precisely
controllable pushing response. Dynamic Stability Control DSC offers a
extended operation of functions that minister to secure doing during all
times. Light amalgamate wheels in a distance of 17 inches for a BMW 118iSedan
(16 inches for BMW 118i Lifestyle) and 18 inches for a dual other
indication variants come as standard.

The torsionally unbending physique structure of a BMW 1 Series Sedan
advantages both lively and passenger protection. The reserve judgment also
includes precisely tangible bucket paths and inexhaustible deformation zones
that offer to obstruct and catch impact army in a eventuality of a
collision. The interior provides a extensive operation of safety
facilities including not usually front and side airbags though also side
head/curtain airbags and three-point involuntary reserve belts on all
seats. All indication variants come off a prolongation line as standard
propitious with tyres featuring puncture using properties.

Driving knowledge switch as standard, resourceful customisation
with Sport Line and Luxury Line.

The customary pushing knowledge switch in a centre console enables
a vehicle-set-up that is possibly considerably sporty, comfort-oriented or
potency optimised in impression – wholly according to preference.
The modes COMFORT, SPORT and ECO PRO are accessible during a press of a
button. In addition, a customary facilities of a BMW 1 Series Sedan
also embody involuntary atmosphere conditioning with optimised acoustic
properties. This forms partial of a model-specific heating and
movement complement that is also blending to a specific climatic
conditions in China, charity not usually high opening though also a
rarely effective atmosphere filtering function. In further to countless other
comfort functions, a module of discretionary equipment includes a broad
operation of extraneous paint finishes, light amalgamate wheels, interior
colours, chair surfaces and interior trim finishers that allow
business to particularise a pattern of a BMW 1 Series Sedan to
fit their personal preference. The Sport Line and Luxury Line models
are accessible as an choice to a simple version. Their design
facilities for a extraneous and interior concede resourceful customisation
that lends sold importance possibly to a BMW 1 Series Sedan’s
stretchable sporty aptitude or a disdainful appearance.

Unique connectivity: Driver assistance, services, apps.

The discretionary motorist assistance systems yield an additional reward in
terms of comfort and safety. The operation of systems includes a Driving
Assistant including collision warning with city stop duty and the
Parking Assistant.

Intelligent connectivity gives a BMW 1 Series Sedan a operation of
online-based functions that is singular even over a compress segment.
Apps concede seamless formation of countless infotainment, navigation
and communication services in a vehicle’s handling system. What is
more, BMW Connected gives a motorist a personal mobility assistant
that provides wide-ranging support in nearing during a destination
conveniently and stress-free. The stretchable height Open Mobility
Cloud allows several patron finish inclination such as smartphones, tablets
and intelligent watches to be connected to a vehicle. This means that
personal report entries can be used to devise a outing before getting
into a car, for example. Based on real-time trade data, BWM
Connected not usually calculates a ideal track though also a perfect
depart time, providing a motorist with a presentation on their end
device in good time.