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BMW and Snapchat uncover BMW X2 forward of marketplace launch. BMW becomes initial code to use Snapchat’s innovative new protracted existence hearing technology.

Munich. Smartphone users can knowledge a first
ever BMW X2, anywhere and even before marketplace launch – interjection to BMW
and Snapchat. BMW is a initial code worldwide to precedence the
intensity of a new Snapchat “Augmented Trial” Lens.

Starting today, fans all over a universe can use protracted reality
record to perspective and configure a picturesque 3D indication of a latest
further to a BMW X family. At a start of communications in late
October, BMW already reached an assembly of millions opposite Europe
with a BMW X2 Face Lens in Galvanic Gold.


Through Snapchat, BMW is expanding a selling activities through
an innovative and witty middle that is generally renouned with
creative, tech-savvy individuals. As a newest member of a BMW X
family, a BMW X2 (with a total fuel expenditure of 6.3 – 4.5
l/100 km and total CO2 emissions of 144 – 118 g/km*) appeals to the
immature and young-at-heart, extroverted and active business who value
individuality and lifestyle. Innovative apps like Snapchat are an
constituent partial of their digital world.

The BMW X2 debate “Be a one who dares” is regulating a operation of new
digital communications channels to strech BMW fans around a world, in
line with a brand’s new concentration on a some-more childish “Sheer Driving
Pleasure”. BMW communications are holding a noticeably younger, fresher
approach, with a new tonality that explores astonishing channels.

“Snapchat is immature and complicated – that suits BMW and a BMW X2
perfectly. We are enriching Snapchat users’ digital knowledge through
calm they find appealing, with a high approval value. We wanted
to insert ourselves in an organic approach into a Snapchat environment
and a users’ world. That is a many suggestive approach to residence our
fans in a character that fits a channel and a aim group,” explains
Jörg Poggenpohl, conduct of Digital Marketing BMW.

With a BMW X2 experience, a BMW becomes a initial code to use
a Snapchat Augmented Trial Lens, enriching existence with digital
content. A brief shave shown between user stories or in a “discover”
area, leads Snapchat users’ courtesy to a new BMW X2. If a user
accepts a invitation to “swipe up”, their phone camera is activated.
The app automatically integrates a 3D indication of a BMW X2 into the
camera’s margin of vision. In this way, users can already experience
a new BMW X2, virtually, anywhere in a world, before it even
reaches BMW showrooms. The 3D indication is practically integrated into
a vicinity and users can travel around a car to admire it
from all angles. They can also use a app to change a paint colour.


A special Face Lens for “selfies”, that colours a face with the
disdainful BMW X2 Galvanic Gold finish, was accessible to Snapchatters
in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and a UK during a start of a BMW X2
communications debate in early Nov and valid a outrageous success:
The lens was seen over 40m times by over 13m Snapchatters.
Snapchatters also chose to play with a BMW Lens for on average
roughly 24 seconds and combined over 2.5 million Snaps with a BMW X2
Galvanic Gold Face Lens.


In further to Snapchat, a BMW X2 “Be a one who dares” campaign
is regulating many other digital selling channels. At a start of
communications in October, impending business and fans were means to
knowledge a BMW X2 in an innovative mixed
existence focus with a Microsoft HoloLens
. BMW is also the
initial automotive code to use protracted existence in a renouned Shazam
app. Further partnerships with renouned apps and internet services will
follow between now and a marketplace launch in Mar 2018.




Lead digital – Jung von Matt




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