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BMW announces BMW Connected formation with Alexa in a U.K. and Germany. Managing your mobility bulletin and car functions from home.

Munich/London. The BMW Connected personal digital
mobility partner will be accessible around an Alexa ability on all
Alexa-enabled inclination when a use is accessible in a U.K and
Germany. BMW is a initial automobile builder to announce formation with Alexa
in a U.K. and Germany, enabling car functions to be operated
from users’ homes by voice. BMW Connected will therefore be integrated
into users’ digital lives by another new touchpoint alongside the
iPhone, Apple Watch, and Android smartphones and smartwatches. As
formerly announced, a mobility partner ability from BMW will be
accessible in a U.S. on Alexa-enabled inclination after this September.


Alexa brings BMW Connected into your vital room.  

The initial chronicle of BMW Connected, accessible in a U.S. given March
2016 and in Europe given August, focuses essentially on journey
government and remote services. In late September, BMW Connected will
literally be entrance home. Through a formation with Alexa, it will
be probable to use voice commands to check a vehicle’s battery
assign and fuel level, for example, as good as close a vehicle
remotely. Further, a Alexa formation will concede users to learn
about their subsequent scheduled trip, find out what time to leave, and send
a finish to their BMW.

The activation word “Alexa,” followed by a bid name “BMW,”
will concede users to entrance a applicable functions, e.g. “Alexa, ask
BMW when we should leave for my subsequent appointment.” The prophesy of BMW
Connected integrated with Alexa was suggested during a 2016 Consumer
Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. At a finish of Sep the
prophesy will turn a reality, when users in a U.S. will be means to
entrance BMW Connected by this renouned service. Customers in the
U.K can entrance a BMW ability in a entrance weeks and business in
Germany that are partial of a initial invitation-only proviso will follow
subsequent month.


About BMW Connected.

With BMW Connected, mobility starts before we take a wheel. The
BMW Connected use is a digital messenger offering in a form of an
app for iPhone and Android smartphones, and combines a various
functions that support with bland mobility requirements. BMW
Connected scans for any mobility-related information, such as the
addresses and attainment times contained in calendar entries, and
notifies a motorist of a ideal depart time for nearing during their
finish punctually on a basement of real-time trade information.
BMW Connected is accessible for transferring places and points of interest
from other apps, storing them as a finish together with the
preferred attainment time, and afterwards facilely importing them to BMW
in-car navigation systems with only a few clicks. Additionally, remote
services such as locking or unlocking a doors and branch on the
movement complement are accessible during a driver’s fingertips, as well
as a ability to forewarn contacts of their estimated attainment time from
a in-car screen.

BMW Connected is accessible in a U.S., Germany, Austria, a United
Kingdom, Italy, France, Switzerland, a Netherlands, Belgium, Spain,
Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Poland, a Czech
Republic, and Luxembourg.

Germany and a U.K. will be a initial European markets to offer BMW
Connected formation with Alexa, with other markets to follow.


Link BMW Connected for USA

Link BMW Connected for UK