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BMW drives foundation beginning forward: BMW 3 Series indication operation expands to embody 4 plug-in hybrid models.

Munich. BMW is augmenting a stress and appeal
of plug-in hybrid drives in a reward mid-range shred with a
endless indication offensive. In a BMW 3 Series, a operation of
vehicles with electrified expostulate will be stretched over a coming
months from a one indication as it now stands to a sum of four
models. Following a successful marketplace launch of a new BMW 330e
Sedan (fuel expenditure combined: 1.7 – 1.6 l/100 km; sum power
consumption: 15.0 – 14.8 kWh/100 km; sum CO2 emissions: 38 – 36
g/km*), a new BMW 330e Touring will also be accessible from summer
2020 (combined fuel consumption: from 1.7 l/100 km; sum power
consumption: from 15.7 kWh/100 km; sum CO2 emissions: from 39
g/km, provisional figures*). In addition, both models will be
accessible from summer 2020 with both classical rear-wheel expostulate and the
intelligent all-wheel expostulate complement BMW xDrive.

In all BMW 3 Series plug-in hybrid models, latest-generation BMW
eDrive record increases both potency and electrically powered
operation as good as hallmark pushing pleasure. The extemporaneous power
smoothness of a electric engine can be felt during start-up and
acceleration, contributing in sole to a car’s rarely spirited
character. The high appetite calm of a lithium-ion high-voltage
batteries units featuring a really latest battery dungeon technology
enables a plug-in hybrid models of a new BMW 3 Series to run on
electrical appetite usually – and therefore giveaway of internal emissions – with a
limit operation of between 55 and 68 kilometres (provisional figures*).

In this way, a BMW Group continues to consistently pursue a model
beginning in a area of electrically powered vehicles in 2020. As a
colonize in a margin of electromobility, a association already sole half
a million vehicles with quite electric or plug-in hybrid drive
systems worldwide by a finish of 2019. By a finish of 2021, a BMW
Group aims to have some-more than one million vehicles with electrified
expostulate systems on a road. A entertain of a vehicles sole by a BMW
Group in Europe will be electrified by 2021: this share will increase
to a third by 2025 and to half by 2030. The BMW Group skeleton to expand
a operation to embody 25 electrified models by 2023.

“Power of Choice”: substantial farrago in a operation of
plug-in hybrid models, too.

With a vital “Power of Choice” approach, a BMW Group meets
a particular mobility needs of a business all over a world. A
extended spectrum of expostulate technologies – including not usually highly
fit petrol and diesel engines though also pristine electric expostulate and
plug-in hybrid systems – formula in a well-adapted indication selection
that is tailored to a far-reaching operation of authorised mandate and individual
preferences. Diversity is invariably augmenting in a operation of
electrically powered models, too. With a new plug-in hybrid models
of a BMW 3 Series, business now have additional options when it
comes to aligning their enterprise for tolerable mobility with their
personal needs and preferences. The electrified Touring models combine
limit potency with a extended interior space enabled by their
versatile physique concept. The use of plug-in hybrid record in
and with intelligent all-wheel expostulate is geared in particular
to a mandate of pushing on snow, in alpine regions and off-road.

Depending on their equipment, all plug-in hybrid models in a new
BMW 3 Series accommodate a criteria laid down in a German Electric
Mobility Act for labelling as electric vehicles and therefore enjoy
a special rights this entails in open highway trade due to their
high electric operation and low turn of CO2 emissions. In addition, they
also validate for reduced association automobile taxation in Germany. Only half
a sum list cost is taken as a basement when calculating a monetary
advantage outset from private use of a association car.

Premiere for Touring models with plug-in hybrid drive.

As of summer 2020, a advantages of an electrified expostulate complement will
be accessible in dual BMW Touring models for a initial time. They
mix a on-going impression of their expostulate complement with the
proven qualities of a automobile judgment that unites pushing pleasure and
functionality in a quite appealing way. Their energetic pattern is
characterised by a prolonged roof line, precisely drawn lines and powerful
surfaces. In their versatile interior, a Touring models with plug-in
hybrid expostulate offer accurately a same turn of interior comfort on five
seats as a conventionally powered indication variants. Meanwhile the
luggage dungeon volume is usually somewhat singular due to the
space-saving arrangement of a high-voltage battery underneath a rear
seat. By folding down a back backrest with a separate of
40: 20, storage space can be extended to adult to 1 420 litres.

The plug-in hybrid complement of a new BMW 330e Touring comprises a
2.0-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology
and an outlay of 135 kW/184 hp along with an electric engine integrated
in a 8-speed Steptronic smoothness that generates a rise output
of 83 kW/113 hp. The complement outlay of 185 kW/252 hp generated by the
dual appetite units can be augmenting by an additional 30 kW/40 hp for up
to 10 seconds underneath generally high loads. This customary XtraBoost is
accessible in SPORT mode, that can be activated by means of the
pushing knowledge switch. It increases a complement outlay to adult to 215
kW/292 hp, thereby progressing a model-specific properties of the
sporting impression so customary of a BMW 3 Series. The limit system
torque of a plug-in hybrid expostulate in a new BMW 330e Touring is 420 Nm.

The XtraBoost is also accessible during kickdown manoeuvres and after
changeable a rigging selector switch to a M/S position. The sporty
characteristics of a new BMW 330e Touring are serve underlined by
model-specific expostulate sound tuning, a approach nonetheless accurate accelerator
pedal bend and a specific change programme as partial of a 8-speed
Steptronic smoothness that includes stop downshifts.

Drawing on a dual appetite units, a new BMW 330e Touring accelerates
from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds (provisional figure). Its maximum
speed is 220 km/h (provisional figure). In Hybrid mode a new BMW
330e Sedan is means to strech a speed of adult to 110 km/h when regulating on
electric appetite alone – in other difference locally giveaway of emissions. The
explosion engine usually switches on during aloft speeds or when there are
quite high bucket requirements. When a Electric mode is
activated with a eDrive button, a automobile can even strech speeds of
adult to 140 km/h sketch on a appetite of a eDrive alone. Thanks to
state-of-the-art dungeon technology, a lithium-ion high-voltage battery
in a new BMW 330e Touring has an electrically powered operation of 65
kilometres (provisional figure*).

Efficient and versatile: BMW eDrive in multiple with BMW xDrive.

Parallel to a marketplace launch of a BMW 330e Touring, two
all-wheel-drive plug-in hybrid versions of a BMW 3 Series will also
see their launch. These underline a same plug-in hybrid complement as the
analogous rear-wheel expostulate models. In a new BMW 330e xDrive
Sedan (combined fuel consumption: from 1.8 l/100 km; sum power
consumption: from 16.7 kWh/100 km; sum CO2 emissions: from 42
g/km, provisional figures*) and in a new BMW 330e xDrive Touring
(combined fuel consumption: from 2.0 l/100 km; sum power
consumption: from 17.8 kWh/100 km; sum CO2 emissions: from 46
g/km, provisional figures*), appetite smoothness from a electric motor
and engine is sum with appetite smoothness to all 4 wheels. BMW
eDrive meets BMW xDrive – mixing indication potency with aloft versatility.

Via an electronically tranquil multi-disc clutch, a intelligent
all-wheel expostulate complement distributes a appetite from a engine and
electric engine between a front and back wheels as compulsory during all
times. Networked with DSC (Dynamic Stability Control), a system
adapts a placement of expostulate torque precisely to a respective
pushing conditions within a fragment of a second. Fully non-static power
placement ensures limit traction and pushing fortitude in all
highway and continue conditions. It also supports a sporty doing of
a sedan and furloughed indication with plug-in hybrid drive. The new BMW
330e xDrive Sedan accelerates from delay to 100 km/h in 5.8
seconds, reaching a tip speed of 224 km/h (provisional figures). The
new BMW 330e xDrive Touring completes a customary scurry in 6.2
seconds, achieving a limit speed of 214 km/h (provisional figures).
With an electric operation of 58 kilometres (provisional figure*) for the
Sedan and 55 kilometres (provisional figure*) for a Touring model,
a all-wheel-drive plug-in hybrid variants of a new BMW 3 Series
also offer ideal conditions for regulating electric appetite alone to handle
many day-to-day pushing such as travelling or travelling within city limits.

Lithium-ion high-voltage storage with a really latest battery
dungeon technology.

The plug-in hybrid models in a new BMW 3 Series owe their long
electric operation to a latest advances in battery dungeon technology.
Their lithium-ion batteries, designed privately for any indication and
made by a BMW Group, have a sum appetite calm of 12.0 kWh
and a ability of 34 Ah. In propinquity to a stretch and weight, the
high-voltage battery commissioned in a stream era provides a
quite endless appetite supply. The battery cells produced
according to BMW Group specifications have an unusually high
storage capacity. The electrical appetite stored in a high-voltage
battery is also used to supply a automobile electrical system. This
means that a generator powered by a explosion engine is no longer
necessary, thereby serve augmenting a potency of a complement as
a whole. A 40-litre fuel tank ensures a sum operation that is suitable
for long-distance travel, highlighting a capabilities of a plug-in
hybrid models as furloughed vehicles.

The high-voltage battery is charged in a quite fit way
during transport by means of stop appetite recuperation. What is more, it
can be charged during compulsory domicile sockets regulating a standard
charging cable. Using this method, a totally liberated battery
can catch 80 per cent of a sum ability within 4.2 hours. 5.7
hours is a estimated duration compulsory for a 100% recharge. With a BMW
i Wallbox, these charging operations can be finished with 2.4 and 3.4
hours respectively. The charging hollow is located underneath a separate
strap on a front left side row of a car.

Extensive customary apparatus including auxiliary atmosphere conditioning.

All plug-in hybrid models in a new BMW 3 Series are propitious as
customary with active walking protection. When regulating on electric
appetite during speeds of adult to 30 km/h, an unmistakeable sound designed
privately for electrified BMW models is generated to warning other
highway users to a coming automobile but impairing a acoustic
comfort of automobile occupants. In addition, a customary apparatus of
a BMW 3 Series models with electric expostulate includes 3-zone automatic
atmosphere conditioning and auxiliary atmosphere conditioning. At low outdoor
temperatures, a interior can also be conveniently exhilarated before to
environment off – even if a battery assign standing is low. The
preconditioning duty also enables a interior to be cooled at
high outward temperatures. The interior can be pre-conditioned
remotely around BMW Connected regulating a smartphone.

The customary apparatus of a plug-in hybrid models in a BMW 3
Series also includes an involuntary anti-dazzle interior counterpart and Park
Distance Control with sensors during a front and back of a vehicle.
BMW Live Cockpit ConnectedDrive, that also includes a BMW
Intelligent Personal Assistant in serve to a navigation system,
Remote Services, Apple CarPlay credentials and Service Connected
Music, is also customary apparatus on a electrified models. As an
choice to a simple equipment, they are accessible in a form of
a Sport Line, Luxury Line or M Sport model.

In addition, probably a whole operation of discretionary equipment
facilities for a new BMW 3 Series Sedan and a new BMW 3 Series
Touring is accessible for a plug-in hybrid. This includes the
Adaptive M cessation including Variable Sports Steering and a M
sports braking complement as good as a innovative motorist assistance
systems to optimise comfort and haven – from Driving Assistant
Professional with steering and line superintendence partner to Parking
Assistant including retreat assistant. Another discretionary equipment
underline is a draw join with electrically swivelling round head. From
summer 2020 onwards, a slight towing ability for all plug-in
hybrid models in a new BMW 3 Series will be 1 500 kilograms in any case.

Hybrid-specific digital services from BMW Connected.

For a marketplace launch of a new 3 Series plug-in hybrid models, new
BMW Connected digital services will be presented that make charging
a high-voltage battery en track even some-more appealing and convenient.
When selecting a open charging station, a navigation complement also
provides a motorist with a list of endorsed circuitously hotels,
restaurants, cafés, traveller attractions and informative institutions.
Charging hire accessibility can also be checked regulating a vehicle
arrangement and handling system. The motorist receives a information
along with a foresee of a occupancy standing of a open charging
hire during a time of arrival. In future, it will also be probable to
haven a charging hire for a singular duration of time, providing the
particular charging infrastructure user supports this function.

With a new BMW eDrive Zones function, that will be a standard
underline in all BMW plug-in hybrid models from summer 2020, urban
environmental zones can be automatically rescued regulating geo-fencing
technology. On entering a zone, a automobile afterwards automatically
switches to quite electric mode, responding in a same proceed as a
quite electrically powered automobile and enjoying a same access
rights, as per internal regulations. The new duty ensures even better
exploitation of a intensity offering by plug-in hybrid vehicles. The
boost in a stretch lonesome electrically not usually helps optimise
potency and revoke emissions, it also reduces a customer’s
handling costs. This relates quite to city traffic, where
electric appetite consistently achieves a aloft turn of potency than
a petrol or diesel engine.

BMW plug-in hybrid models: wide-ranging advantages in day-to-day use.

Compared to compulsory expostulate forms, BMW plug-in hybrid already
offers a users wide-ranging benefits:

  • Savings: electrically powered pushing in a city costs reduction than
    regulating a automobile on petrol or diesel if a automobile is charged during home
    or during work.
  • Always a right feverishness when we get in: auxiliary heating
    and atmosphere conditioning come as standard.
  • Braking is a benefit: a battery is charged when a brakes are
    applied. In compulsory cars, it simply generates feverishness and wears
    down a brakes.
  • The best of both worlds: plug-in hybrid cars offer electrically
    powered pushing pleasure in city and classical BMW pushing pleasure
    over prolonged distances
  • Future-proof: given plug-in variety are means to run
    emissions-free, they yield entrance to many environmental zones as
    good as parking privileges and assets on fee fees.
  • Enhanced peculiarity of life in cities: by activating a electric
    pushing mode, users can minister to shortening emissions and traffic
    sound in cities.