BMW Canada

BMW expands record partnership with a German Bobsleigh, Luge, and Skeleton Federation (BSD) and develops two-man bobsled antecedent for a BSD.

  • BMW takes record partnership with a
    German Bobsleigh, Luge, and Skeleton Federation
    to a new level.
  • BMW develops two-man bobsled antecedent for new Olympic cycle.
  • First tests on a ice lane designed for a finish of a year.


Munich. BMW and a German Bobsleigh, Luge, and Skeleton
Federation (BSD) have been intent in an complete collaboration
given a 1980s, during that time they have worked closely together
to optimise equipment, competition overalls and helmets. Since 2010, BMW
has been Premium and Technology Partner, a purpose that has seen the
Munich-based association use a automotive imagination to assistance the
association win countless medals and titles. The technological support
gained from a BMW engineers is now being stretched and a two-man
bobsled antecedent grown for Germany. The initial tests on a ice
lane are designed for a finish of 2018.

In a past, a BSD has been means to build on BMW engineering
imagination in a fields of aerodynamics, ergonomics and structural
investigate when building a equipment. BMW is now going one step
serve for a 2022 Olympic debate and is operative with a BSD to
rise a two-man incline prototype.

BMW has always been famous for a pioneering suggestion and creation –
dual attributes that have always guaranteed that BMW automotive
imagination could be successfully unsentimental to high-tech racing sports,
such as a America’s Cup (competitive sailing). Working together with
a technical experts and BSD drivers, this send will now benefit
a bobsleigh sport. The initial step is a growth of a so-called
“innovation driver”, with that several technical concepts are tried
out. A mutated dimensions complement during BMW Motorsport is used to
analyse a opening of a technical innovations.

“This year, we enjoyed a dream volume of success during a Olympic
Games. However, a tighten formula showed that we can't means to rest
on a laurels and that a competitors are essay with all their
strength to locate and pass us,” says Thomas Schwab, Secretary General
and Sport Director of a BSD. “In BMW, we have a record partner
that knows full good that each success is merely a proclivity for
some-more ideas and concepts. As such, we are gay to be means to take
another innovative proceed with a BMW prototype.”

“The certain knowledge of a 2018 Olympic debate showed how
successful it is to use competing sledding concepts,” says head
bobsleigh manager René Spies. “We are unequivocally most looking brazen to
perplexing out a new viewpoint in incline growth with a partner BMW.
We are in a advantageous position with a technical development, in that
we are means to advantage from their endless imagination in automobile
manufacturing, as good as a singular infrastructure.”

Thomas Hahn, who is obliged for a record send during BMW,
explains: “Aerodynamics, framework growth and CO fabrication
are areas in that BMW is operative during a top turn – and that are
also intensely critical for a racing sled. Together with the
unsentimental knowledge of a BSD technical experts and drivers, we have
an creation height with that we can exam innovative systems and
components. We are vehement to see how a incline performs in a first
exam runs and are unequivocally looking brazen to a sparkling further
growth over a entrance years.”

The clothing of a BMW incline also underlines a genes from automobile
investigate and development. In a normal BSD colours of yellow and
black, a settlement is suggestive of a “Dazzle” pattern, that adorns
camouflaged antecedent BMW vehicles.

The new BSD two-man bobsled is not a initial of a kind to be
grown regulating BMW technological expertise. BMW of North America and
a USA Bobsled and Skeleton Federation worked closely together to
rise a two-man incline that, in 2014, won a initial Olympic incline medal
in 62 years for a United States.