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BMW Group aims for vital boost in sales in China

BMW Group aims for vital boost in sales in China

Deliveries of around 120,000 vehicles targeted in 2010
BMW Active E will launch as exam car in China in 2011
Reithofer: Megacity Vehicle will be on a marketplace in 2013

Munich/Beijing. The BMW Group is aiming for a incomparable boost in sales volumes in China this year than creatively planned. China is, and will remain, one of a many appealing car markets in a world. We design to see poignant sales expansion to around 120,000 vehicles in China in 2010, pronounced Chairman of a Board of Management of BMW AG, Norbert Reithofer, during a Auto 2010 engine uncover in Beijing on Friday. The association had formerly been targeting a sales volume of some-more than 100,000 automobiles.

China is now a BMW Groups fourth largest marketplace worldwide. Last year a association sole some-more than 90,000 vehicles in mainland China. In a initial entertain of 2010, deliveries augmenting by 106% to strech a sum of 34,179 vehicles. The BMW Group is also on march for expansion worldwide in 2010: We intend to sojourn a worlds heading reward manufacturer in 2010 and grasp healthy sales expansion in a single-digit commission operation to strech some-more than 1.3 million vehicles, endorsed Reithofer.

At a engine uncover in Beijing, alongside a long-wheelbase chronicle of a new BMW 5 Series, a BMW Group also showcased, among others vehicles, a X6 Active Hybrid, 7 Series Active Hybrid and a BMW Active E. This entirely electric car formed on a 1 Series Coup a four-seater with a atmospheric luggage cell is ideal for bland driving. A hearing swift will be done accessible to Chinese business subsequent year. Already this year, about 50 MINI E cars will be delivered to business in China as a margin trial.

Customers practice with this car yield submit for a expansion of a companys Megacity Vehicle, that will be offering as a sub-brand of BMW. The Megacity Vehicle will be a BMW Groups initial series-produced electric car on a marketplace in 2013, pronounced Reithofer. It will be a initial time poignant quantities of CO twine reinforced plastics have been used in a series-produced vehicle, almost shortening a weight. The weight of electric vehicles will be a essential cause in final their operation in a future.

Furthermore, a BMW Group will rise and build a New Energy Vehicle for a Chinese marketplace in partnership with a corner try partner, Brilliance, and enhance a investigate and expansion activities during a Shenyang site.

In serve to a BMW 3 Series and a BMW 5 Series, a BMW Group also skeleton to furnish serve models in China in a future. The BMW X1 could be one of a initial products for a new plant in Tiexi in a Shenyang region. We are now exploring this probability together with a authorities here in China, Reithofer continued. The X1 is done exclusively in Leipzig during present.

Following a launch of a new 5 Series, a inheritor to a 5 Series Long Wheelbase chronicle done a universe entrance during a Beijing show. It will be constructed and sole usually in China. Production of a new car will start in autumn of this year. The prolonged wheelbase chronicle of a 5 Series has valid intensely successfully in China, with some-more than 70,000 vehicles sole given 2006.

In light of a clever marketplace expansion expected in China, a BMW Group will continue to enhance a participation and a purchasing activities in a nation over a entrance years. With a new plant in Tiexi, we will be augmenting a prolongation ability in China to 100,000 vehicles a year from 2012 on. Over a prolonged term, we expect a dual plants carrying sum intensity for as many as 300,000 vehicles a year depending on marketplace trends. We might practically need this intensity over a prolonged term, Reithofer added.

The association endorsed that it would build a second prolongation plant in China in Nov 2009. The investment volume for a new plant amounts to a sum of 560 million euros; a BMW Group and a partner, Brilliance, will any defray half of this amount. Construction work is scheduled to start in early Jun 2010, with a start of prolongation slated for 2012. The stretched ability in Shenyang will emanate a sum of around 1,000 new jobs. 600 new employees have already been hired and are now being prepared for their roles.

According to a German Association of a Automotive Industry (VDA), a sum of around 478,000 reward automobiles were sole in China final year. The Association estimates that a marketplace for reward vehicles in China will grow to some-more than 1.5 million units a year by 2020.

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The BMW Group

With a 3 brands — BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce a BMW Group is one of a worlds many successful reward manufacturers of cars and motorcycles. It operates internationally with 24 prolongation sites in 13 countries and a tellurian sales network with illustration in some-more than 140 countries.

During a financial year 2009, a BMW Group sole approximately 1.29 million cars and some-more than 87,000 motorcycles worldwide. The distinction before taxation for 2009 was euro 413 million, revenues totalled euro 50.68 billion. At 31 Dec 2009, a BMW Group had a workforce of approximately 96,000 employees.

Long-term meditative and obliged movement have prolonged been a substructure of a BMW Groups success. Striving for ecological and amicable sustainability along a whole value-added chain, holding full shortcoming for a products and giving an undeniable joining to preserving resources are primary objectives resolutely embedded in a corporate strategies. For these reasons, a BMW Group has been zone personality in a Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for a final 5 years.

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