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BMW Group and Toyota Motor Corporation Deepen Collaboration by Signing Binding Agreements

BMW Group and Toyota Motor Corporation Deepen Collaboration by Signing Binding Agreements

Fuel Cell System, Sports Vehicle, Lightweight Technology and Lithium-air Battery Collaboration to Commence

Munich. BMW Group and Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) are posterior their successful vital long-term team-work in a margin of tolerable mobility currently by signing contracting agreements directed during long-term partnership between a dual companies for a corner growth of a fuel dungeon system, corner growth of design and components for a sports vehicle, and corner investigate and growth of lightweight technologies. These agreements follow a chit of bargain sealed in Jun 2012.

Furthermore, BMW Group and TMC also currently sealed a contracting agreement to embark collaborative investigate on lithium-air batteries, a post-lithium-battery solution. This agreement outlines a second proviso of collaborative investigate into next-generation lithium-ion battery cells that commenced in Mar 2012.

The categorical points of a agreements are:

1. Fuel dungeon system
– The companies are assured that fuel dungeon record is one of a solutions required to grasp 0 emissions. BMW Group and TMC are to share their technologies and to jointly rise a elemental fuel-cell car system, including not usually a fuel dungeon smoke-stack and system, though also a hydrogen tank, engine and battery, aiming for execution in 2020.
– The companies are to mix in jointly building codes and standards for a hydrogen infrastructure that are required for a popularization of fuel dungeon vehicles.

2. Sports vehicle
– The companies concluded to set-up a feasibility investigate to conclude a corner height judgment for a mid-size sports car that is to be finished by a finish of 2013. The dual companies aim to mix any other’s record and believe during a high turn to maximize patron satisfaction. Both companies are to share a prophesy to serve mix in a margin of sports car development.

3. Lightweight technology
The companies are to jointly rise lightweight technologies for car bodies regulating cutting-edge materials such as reinforced composites, with an eye to implement these technologies in team-work on a corner growth of a sports-vehicle height as good as other BMW and TMC vehicles.

4. Post-lithium-battery technology
The companies are to start corner investigate with a idea to rise a lithium-air battery with appetite firmness severely surpassing that of stream lithium-ion batteries.

Norbert Reithofer, Chairman of a Board of Management of BMW AG said: “TMC and a BMW Group share a same vital prophesy of destiny tolerable mobility. In light of a technological changes ahead, a whole automotive attention faces extensive challenges, that we also courtesy as an opportunity. This partnership is an critical building retard in gripping both companies on a successful march in a future.”

Akio Toyoda, President of TMC said: “It is only over a year given we sealed a collaborative MoU, and with any day as a attribute strengthens, we feel acutely that we are creation indifferent progress. Now, we are entering a proviso that promises a fruit. While fixation significance on what we learn from a corner development, we will work tough together in reaching a common idea of creation ever-better cars.”

BMW Group and TMC initial concluded to form a medium-to-long-term collaborative attribute for building next-generation environment-friendly vehicles and technologies in Dec 2011, during that time a dual companies also sealed a agreement underneath that BMW Group is to supply rarely fit diesel engines to Toyota Motor Europe. BMW Group and TMC ― as long-term vital partners ― have given continued their corner efforts to comprehend tolerable mobility for a future.

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