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BMW Group during a 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

1. BMW Group during a 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in
Las Vegas.

2. Bringing a destiny to life: initial practical expostulate in a BMW
Vision iNEXT.

3. The destiny of pushing pleasure: a BMW Vision iNEXT.

4. The personal messenger and new digital services from BMW.

4.1 The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant – currently and in a future.

4.2. Digital services for electric-vehicle charging.


BMW Group during a 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las
At a 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in
Las Vegas from Jan 8 – 11, 2019, a BMW Group will benefaction its
prophesy of intelligent connectivity to a public, highlighting the
intensity for destiny particular mobility. The focal indicate of the
company’s CES showcase will be a BMW Vision iNEXT, that looks ahead
to a destiny of pushing pleasure, and a BMW Intelligent Personal
Assistant, which, as an on-board consultant and a essence of a BMW,
constitutes a executive component for communication between a driver,
their vehicle, and their digital world. The BMW Vision iNEXT forms the
visual prominence of a muster stand, that also showcases the
interior pattern element “My Favorite Space” with harmonious, natural
surfaces and record that is kept discreetly out of sight.
A sophisticated mixed-reality designation also provides a virtual
clarity of a destiny pushing knowledge betrothed by a BMW Vision iNEXT.

The BMW Vision iNEXT combines ground-breaking pattern with a future
areas of activity tangible in a company’s Strategy NUMBER ONE
NEXT – Autonomous Driving, Connectivity, Electrification, and Services
(D+ACES) – and answers a question: “What will cars demeanour like when
they no longer have to be driven by a person, though still can be?” The
interior can be a place for relaxation, interaction, entertainment, or
concentration, as preferred. It is some-more like a gentle and
fashionably furnished “living space” on wheels – a new “Favorite
Space”. A new pattern principle, referred to as “Shy Tech”, plays an
generally critical partial in this. To safety a high-end, nonetheless cozy
impression of a back compartment, and place a occupants
center-stage, a intelligent record behind a doing controls
is integrated out of sight. It usually becomes manifest and operable when
compulsory by a motorist or passengers. Two additional exhibits clearly
denote a “Shy Tech” element and record commissioned in the
BMW Vision iNEXT to CES visitors. The BMW Vision iNEXT is also partial of
a customer’s digital universe and seamlessly integrated into the
network that connects intelligent devices, intelligent home, and digital services.

Transforming a BMW Group muster mount into a “Favorite Space”.

The BMW Group is also holding a idealist proceed to a design
of a muster mount for a 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
As in a BMW Vision iNEXT itself, technological innovations are not
prominently manifest within a arrangement area; a concentration instead is
on formulating a loose altogether knowledge that conveys a thought of
extended peculiarity of life. Visitors’ needs and wants are over by
near-invisible record and a BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant
to emanate an particular shelter or “Favorite Space”. The BMW
Intelligent Personal Assistant greets visitors as shortly as they arrive
during a mount and guides them by a gardenlike opening area into
a heart of a exhibition. The entrance, with a Arcadian landscape
of paths, with sound showers and light projections to attract
attention, is a singular knowledge in itself.

There are several opportunities to correlate with a personal
partner on a trail by a muster area. These embody an
interactive wall providing information on a newest BMW Connected and
BMW ConnectedDrive digital services, with a concentration on “Making a most
of my vehicle” and “Making a many of my pushing time.”

Innovative experiences: BMW R 1200 GS as self-riding
motorcycle; BMW X7 tackles off-road course.
In the
muster center’s outward areas, BMW and BMW Motorrad will be
charity dual totally different, though singly fascinating
experiences. To showcase a BMW Group’s high spin of imagination in
programmed driving, BMW Motorrad will benefaction a fantastic exam and
investigate automobile during a CES 2019. The self-riding BMW R 1200 GS is
means to start, accelerate, perform cornering maneuvers, delayed down, and
come to a stop – all by itself. Development of this exam automobile will
yield profitable insights into roving dynamics, that can afterwards be used
to assistance a supplement commend dangerous situations and master difficult
pushing maneuvers. In this way, a self-riding motorcycle, with its
endless bargain of ideal lines and ideal cornering,
scold braking point, and traction-optimized acceleration, can help
a motorist constantly urge their skills.

Just a few weeks after a universe premiere of a BMW X7 in Los
Angeles, CES 2019 visitors will have their really initial possibility to ride
in a youngest member of a BMW X family. Visitors will be means to
knowledge a exclusivity and expanse of this oppulance indication with
an sparkling float on a perfectionist off-road course. This is a good
event for a BMW X7 to denote a stretchable and versatile
doing of a Sports Activity Vehicles (SAVs).


Bringing a destiny to life: first virtual
expostulate in a BMW Vision iNEXT.
The series-production
indication formed on a BMW Vision iNEXT – a brand’s new technology
flagship – will enter prolongation in 2021. At a CES 2019, interjection to a
worldly mixed-reality simulation, it will be probable for the
initial time to take a chair in a BMW Vision iNEXT and embark on a
virtual, entirely connected unconstrained pushing experience.

The apportionment of a day gifted in churned existence illustrates many
aspects of a BMW Vision iNEXT and provides an sparkling glance of
a mobility of a future. The aim of a destiny scenario,
gifted with all a senses, is to uncover visitors what it feels like to be on a highway in the
BMW Vision iNEXT: The day is designed to soundness and pushing time is
used well – possibly for work, errands, relaxation, or for
interacting with friends. The concentration here is on seamless formation of
a automobile into a customer’s digital life. The possibilities
offering by a automobile and a BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant
capacitate a smooth-running mobility experience, totally stress-free
and proactively blending to any situation.

The make-believe imagines a day in a year 2025, with a futuristic
megacity as a backdrop. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant
guides and accompanies a caller around a experience.
To begin, an protracted existence mobility window displays a scenario
of a arriving tour, including tasks, appointments, and charging
standing for a all-electric BMW Vision iNEXT. The personal assistant
uses this to devise out a ideal report for a day, holding into
comment options for bidirectional appetite management.

The visitor afterwards puts on a VR eyeglasses and shortly becomes enthralled in
a practical world. After roving a elevator, they step out into the
transport of a practical city, where a BMW Vision iNEXT awaits with a
personalized acquire and lighting effects.

As a motorist takes a seat, their digital universe seamlessly connects
to a automobile and a tour begins. Initially, a tellurian driver
takes control of a automobile (in “Boost” mode). The windshield
becomes an augmented-reality shade with information about a drive
and surroundings. As shortly as a automobile reaches a highway, a BMW
Intelligent Personal Assistant suggests that a automobile take over
pushing from here and a tour continues autonomously. The steering
circle and pedals disappear, formulating an open and atmospheric feeling. A
video discussion is scheduled for shortly after and to set adult the
interior, a BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant suggests switching to
“Executive” mode, that transforms a cockpit into a mobile
office. The windshield becomes a shade arrangement a people
participating in a videoconference, while common papers can be
noticed during a same time on a Control Display.

Once a videoconference is finished, another charge that can be taken
caring of on a go is displayed. For this, a driver’s preferred,
entirely integrated selling focus is opened. Within a app, the
personal partner guides a motorist and assists them around the
shopping process. The purchased object will be delivered punctually by
worker directly to a vehicle’s destination: home. A brief time later,
a automobile receives a real-time vigilance from a front doorway of the
driver’s intelligent home. Friends have stage a doorbell and are watchful to
be let in. The video camera mounted on a front doorway relays a image
directly into a vehicle, and, around an integrated remote function, the
motorist is means to open a door. On a final leg of a journey, the
motorist is told that a friends during home have already tuned in to the
pre-game coverage of a football diversion they organised to watch on TV.
The motorist starts streaming a uncover on a vehicle’s windshield,
arrives home in time for kick-off, and they are all means to suffer the
diversion together.


3. The destiny of pushing pleasure:
the BMW Vision iNEXT.
The BMW Vision iNEXT
symbolizes a emergence of a new age of pushing pleasure. Highly
automated, emission-free, and entirely connected, it brings together all
a BMW Group’s vital creation areas. With new developments
in unconstrained pushing and augmenting connectivity, the BMW Vision
iNEXT creates totally new practice and possibilities for creation the
many of pushing time. All these possibilities core some-more than ever on
tellurian wants and emotions. The interior of a BMW Vision iNEXT creates
a mobile sourroundings designed to raise peculiarity of life: a new
“Favorite Space” where motorist and passengers comparison can relax
and select what they wish to do. The BMW Intelligent Personal
Assistant is a consistent messenger and expert. With a customary BMW
character, it is always entirely connected and serves as an intuitive
interface to a digital sourroundings regulating healthy denunciation interaction.

 With a distance and proportions of a complicated BMW Sports
Activity Vehicle (SAV), a BMW Vision iNEXT cuts an authoritative
figure. The automobile now conveys a trailblazing character
by clearly sculpted forms and surfaces. Two vast hostile doors,
with no B-pillar between them, make it easy to stand inside. A further
evil is a scarcely graphic subdivision between cockpit
and a rear. A atmospheric continual chair area gives a back a
laid-back loll character.

“Boost” and “Ease” mode change a driver’s
BMW Vision iNEXT drivers can select to
possibly expostulate themselves (in “Boost” mode) or be driven (in “Ease”
mode). “Boost” mode uses a electric expostulate steer to broach a highly
energetic and probably wordless pushing knowledge with 0 emissions.
In “Ease” mode, a automobile creates space for a motorist and
passengers to rivet in a far-reaching operation of activities.

Inside a generously-sized cockpit, a driver’s area is tangible by
usually dual manifest digital arrangement panels and a steering wheel. The
prosaic dashboard with beige fabric covering teams with timber accents and
a clearly patterned wooden building to emanate an mouth-watering atmosphere. In
“Boost” mode, a steering circle and displays are pointed clearly
towards a driver. When switched to “Ease” mode, a driver’s
evident sourroundings changes: The steering circle retracts and the
pedals dump down to emanate a some-more open clarity of space. The display
panels switch from driving-related calm to “Exploration” mode,
that provides a motorist and passengers with suggestions for places
and events in a surrounding area that could be of seductiveness to them.

“Shy Tech”: Innovative record integrated out of sight, but
always available.
Apart from a steering circle and
displays in a driver’s area, there are no other screens or controls
to be seen in a BMW Vision iNEXT. To safety a cozy, inviting
impression of a back compartment, all record is kept out of sight
and usually becomes manifest and operable when needed. For example, in the
destiny it might be probable to work several functions around surfaces
done out of timber or fabric. Dynamic projections can spin any surface
into an interactive display. The BMW Vision iNEXT highlights three
opposite idealist applications of this “Shy Tech”: a BMW
Intelligent Personal Assistant, Intelligent Materials, and Intelligent Beam.

The Intelligent Personal Assistant switches on in response to the
prompt “Hey BMW” or any away selected arise word. This
intelligent personal partner ensures that a BMW Vision iNEXT is an
constituent partial of a driver’s digital universe and is seamlessly
interlinked with BMW Connected, intelligent devices, and a intelligent home
network, enabling drivers to make purchases or tighten a windows of
their house, for example, by voice authority from their vehicle.

Intelligent Materials capacitate doing controls to be integrated
discreetly into interior surfaces. When pushing in “Boost” mode, the
Control Display can be operated regulating required touch
functionality. However, in “Ease” mode, a core console’s wooden
aspect assumes this control duty instead. Arm and palm viewpoint is
usually as loose as when regulating a iDrive Controller: The palm simply
lies on a seperated wooden aspect and, whenever inputs are made,
points of light follow a finger. The Jacquard cloth in a back also
possesses constituent control functionality. For example, song playback
can be tranquil regulating several gestures that are visually emphasized
by LEDs that light adult underneath a material.

In a use of media, as with automobile operation, a digital and
analogue worlds will combine some-more and more. It is increasingly possible
to daydream information in projected form, that means displays may
no longer be indispensable in a prolonged term. The Intelligent Beam technology
showcased in a BMW Vision iNEXT is already a step in this direction,
given it can offer as both a energetic reading light and an interactive
projection screen. This enables a calm in a printed book, for
instance, to be supplemented by images, relocating content, and
interactive graphics – all of that can be tranquil by touch.


The personal companion. 

4.1 The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant – currently and in the
The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant already
plays a pivotal purpose in a automobile and will continue to do so in the
future. At a CES 2019, visitors confront it in opposite places and
learn not usually a tasks it can already perform in stream BMW
models, though also additional functions that will enhance a operation of
capabilities in a nearby future. In a new BMW X5 visitors will be
means to check out functions and options offering by a BMW Intelligent
Personal Assistant from Mar 2019. The practical expostulate in a BMW
Vision iNEXT also highlights a support a personal partner will
offer in a future.

BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant today: digital BMW expert
and ideal passenger.
The BMW Intelligent Personal
Assistant digital impression is anticipating a approach into stream BMW
models. This outlines a commencement of a new era, in that vehicle
operation and entrance to functions and information will increasingly be
achieved simply by voice control. The BMW Intelligent Personal
Assistant can be activated by voice authority (“Hey BMW”). Unlike other
digital assistants, it can also be given an particular name (such as
“Charlie” or “Joy”). With a BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant,
there is always a genuine BMW consultant on board, who is informed with
and means to explain automobile functions. It also serves as a digital
passenger, who helps a motorist find a parking space or use office
functions in a car. With a applicable options, a BMW Intelligent
Personal Assistant also pays courtesy to a driver’s wellbeing. In
response to a oral command, for instance, it can activate an
interior experience, such as a Vitalize or Relax program, with a
multiple of interior lighting, atmosphere conditioning, fragrance, seat
massage, shading, and chair heating or ventilation.

BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant of a future: the
intelligent messenger inside and outward the
The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant learns
routines and habits, so it can request them in a suitable context
in a future. It assists a driver, learns their preferences, and
becomes informed with their elite settings – such as chair heating
or destinations they frequently navigate to. It advantages from
continual technical upgrades and learns some-more preferences and
elite settings as time goes by. Updates achieved over a air
with a Remote Software Upgrade trickery constantly supplement new functions
and capabilities.

In a destiny form, a digital messenger will be even more
intelligent, forward-looking, and improved connected: It will overpass the
opening between a vehicle, a endless functions, and people’s digital
lives. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant manages mobility needs,
organizes a day, and performs formidable tasks that extend over the
vehicle. As an intelligent digital beam for mobile life, it skeleton the
daily schedule, manages personal calendars and to-do lists, makes
suggestions, and handles a accumulation of digital services.

Digital services for electric-vehicle charging.

BMW Digital Charging Service and BMW ChargeForward:
intelligent charging – to support a appetite transition and lower
With BMW ConnectedDrive networking record as
customary and a BMW Connected app, BMW, MINI, and BMW i electric and
plug-in hybrid models are ideally matched for digital services that
cleverly conduct charging of their high-voltage batteries. The BMW
Digital Charging Service offers business a choice of charging their
automobile during a many auspicious hours, depending on individual
electricity tariffs and their designed depart times.

BMW ChargeForward takes things a step further. Over 300 drivers of
BMW i cars in a San Francisco Bay Area in a state of California
are participating in this commander project. BMW receives a projection of
hourly renewable appetite era from a internal application (Pacific Gas
and Electric) and uses this information to align charging with times
when renewable appetite is many accessible on a grid. Participants
accept a financial inducement for doing so, reflecting a fact that
charging during times of high renewable era will be most
cost-efficient to a grid in a long-term. Not usually do participants
expostulate really low and locally emission-free – they are also
means to use CO2-neutral electricity for a most aloft commission of
their travel. In addition, with a digitally managed, stretchable charging
strategy, BMW can send signals to miscarry a charging process
whenever ubiquitous direct for electricity is quite high, thereby
relieving a weight on a open electric grid while still meeting
drivers charging needs. Going forward, high-voltage batteries from
electrified BMW and MINI automobiles will not usually use renewable
electricity to a limit extent, they will also feed appetite back
into a grid whenever there is a necessity of appetite from renewable
sources. As a aegis for “green” electricity, these vehicles
not usually support a purify appetite transition, though also turn partial of
an intelligent network that is instrumental in stabilizing the
electricity grid.