BMW Canada

BMW Group awarded for general informative initiatives. Corporate Art Award® 2018 goes to BMW Group Cultural Engagement in a rite hosted within a European Parliament.

Brussels. On Wednesday, Nov 28, 2018, a BMW
Group Cultural Engagement was awarded with a prestigious Corporate
Art Award® for their “long-term rendezvous in hundreds of
informative initiatives worldwide

The 2018 book of a “Art Patrons of a XXI Century”
module took place during a European Parliament in Brussels within the
celebrations of a European Year of Cultural Heritage. The “Art
Patrons of a XXI Century” awards recognizes institutions,
companies and private investors who actively minister to the
growth of a humanities and a society.

Maximilian Schöberl, Executive Vice President, BMW
Group: “We are all respected and gay to accept a Corporate
Art Award 2018. The endowment acknowledges a tolerable and long-term
informative engagement. Together with a arts, we will try new
cooperations in a fields of record and digitalization. Our
informative joining is not about small budgetary exchange as seen
in normal sponsorship, though rather about collaborative
interactions formed on curiosity, a common seductiveness and mutual appreciation.”

Thomas Girst, conduct of informative engagement, BMW Group:
“Corporate Citizenship is a running element of a company’s
value system. What can we lapse to a multitude that enables our
business success? The Corporate Art Award also honors a expertise and
network that we are speedy to move to a list each time we
are enchanting in a discourse with artists or informative institutions for
a past 50 years.”