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BMW Group, BASF SE, Samsung SDI and Samsung Electronics launch cross-industry plan to raise tolerable cobalt mining.

Munich, 29 Nov 2018: As partial of a cross-industry
initiative, a companies BMW Group, BASF SE, Samsung SDI and Samsung
Electronics have launched a corner cobalt commander plan in the
Democratic Republic of a Congo. A agreement to this outcome between
a companies, together with a Deutsche Gesellschaft für
Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, will aim to improve
artisanal mining operative conditions, as good as vital conditions for
surrounding communities. The range of a plan will camber over one
commander cave within a subsequent 3 years, and a partners will not
work a mine.

This entirely secretly financed plan seeks to commander an proceed to
residence hurdles in artisanal mining. As it is singular to one pilot
cave site and a surrounding community, it seeks to minister to
identifying applicable solutions that lead to improved operative conditions
during a cave site. If proven effective, these measures could afterwards be
scaled adult to other authorised artisanal cave sites and raise systemic
hurdles in a longer run.

Cobalt is a pivotal member in a prolongation of batteries for the
automotive and wiring industries. The world’s largest known
pot of this tender element are found in a Democratic Republic of
a Congo. Industrial mining accounts for approximately 80-85% of
Congolese cobalt production, with artisanal mining operations
producing a remaining 15-20%. Currently, companies are facing
hurdles in a areas of environment, health and safety, and human
rights when cobalt is extracted by artisanal mining.

This is a initial time partners from automotive, chemical and
consumer wiring industries have come together in a plan on the
belligerent to residence a hurdles of artisanal cobalt mining in the
Democratic Republic of a Congo. This commander plan builds on a
feasibility investigate jointly conducted by GIZ and BMW Group. Insights
gained from visits to several artisanal mines, stakeholder interviews
and surveys of miners and village members were instrumental in
moulding this plan approach.

This plan also contributes to a goals of tellurian initiatives,
such as a Global Battery Alliance (GBA), to encourage sustainable
supply chains.