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BMW Group Classic wins a “German Design Award” 2020 for the debate “Our Brands. Our Stories.”.

Munich. A few weeks after a success during the
“Automotive Brand Contest”, BMW Group Classic has now also won the
“German Design Award” 2020 for a communications debate “Our
Brands. Our Stories.”. In particular, a renowned award
celebrates a multimedia proceed of a general campaign,
that includes a “classic#heart” blog, billboard and advertising
images, and an online newsletter, alongside video clips constructed to a
really high quality. “Our Brands. Our Stories.” focuses on owners and
fans of a brands BMW, BMW Motorrad, MINI and Rolls-Royce, who share
a passion for ancestral automobiles and motorcycles opposite a world.

“Our Brands. Our Stories.” was grown in a partnership between
BMW Group Classic and a longstanding partner, Munich artistic agency
shot one code communication. The pivotal charge of a debate is the
multiple of authentic storytelling with community-generated
content. This means that senders and a aim organisation for a messages
mix into an interactive, ceaselessly flourishing community. In an
interesting way, their stories prominence how different countenance of
unrestrained for classical cars and motorcycles can be. The portraits of
a protagonists’ particular practice are infused with the
romantic significance their vehicles have for them – irrespective of
a vehicles’ age, form and condition.

Intensely romantic YouTube film array with some-more than 10
million views.

Classic fans from all over a universe tell a story of their links
with a ancestral vehicles in a films posted on a YouTube channel
of BMW Group Classic. US vehicle publisher Jason Cammisa tells the
story of how his unrestrained for a BMW 3 Series with an inline
six-cylinder engine grown from early childhood. The array also
facilities Dimitris “Dee” Fragkos from Greece, who was roughly innate in
his grandfather’s classical Mini, and Spanish motorcycle consultant Beatriz
Eguiraun, who over her dream of formulating a café racer styled
privately by her with a tradition bike formed on a BMW R 80 from a 1980s.

The episodes of a array “Our Brands. Our Stories.” posted so far
have already been noticed some-more than 10 million times on YouTube. The
array is being continued over a entrance weeks. The second theatre is
starting on 21 Nov with a mural of a Turkish fan of classic
BMW M models.

The array “Our Passion. Our Adventures.” captures a unrestrained for
a brands of a BMW Group during critical general classic-car
events like a Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este and a Goodwood
Festival of Speed.

The array “Work in Progress” accompanies personalities and records
their surprising vehicle projects on camera. It shows a development
including some surprises over a duration of several months.

Other elements are a billboard and announcement debate in which
employees of BMW Group Classic and owners of surprising ancestral vehicles
are portrayed. They also speak about their really personal links with
classical cars and motorcycles. The classic#heart blog dedicates a
singular territory to these stories.

The newsletter “Our Brands. Our Stories.” is published once a week
and it reports highlights from vehicle history, activities and offers
from BMW Group Classic, along with well-developed events and news from
a gourmet and fan scene.

All elements of a debate are communicated in amicable media through
a dedicated channels of BMW Group Classic, that creates them
accessible to another aim group.

To applaud a 60th anniversary of a MINI brand, fans of the
strange British tiny vehicle had a event to turn partial of an
“Incredible Mini Tour” and share their personal practice with the
classical Mini on several amicable media channels.

Two shining awards for superb communications design.

The debate “Our Brands. Our Stories.” also succeeded in impressing
a jury of a “German Design Award” 2020 with their high turn of
effective communication, a 360° proceed and a farrago of the
formats used. The endowment is conferred each year by a German Design
Council and aims to salute innovative products and projects, along
with their originators and prolongation teams. The German Design Council
was determined as a substructure in 1953 on a beginning of the
German Federal Parliament. Its activities support companies in the
areas of communication and code graduation with a special concentration on
pattern development.

Only a few weeks ago, BMW Group Classic won another endowment for its
debate “Our Brands. Our Stories.” in a “Automotive Brand Contest”
2019. The general pattern competition for vehicle brands was
launched in sequence to prominence superb product and communication
design. Awards are bestowed on projects and initiatives that benefaction a
code holistically and consistently over a series of media and
products. The jury believed that a debate by BMW Group Classic
achieved this design with eminence