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BMW Group enhances highway reserve by pity anonymised trade data.

Eindhoven / Munich. At a ITS Congress in Eindhoven,
a BMW Group, together with partners from politics and a automotive
industry, as good as use providers, launched a initial commander of a
neutral server height for a sell of safety-relevant traffic
data. The aim is to boost trade safety: To grasp this, data
collected around car sensors is total with serve applicable data
to yield trade users with accurate warnings. As of 1 July, a BMW
Group will also be a initial car manufacturer to make its
safety-relevant trade information accessible to anyone underneath a Creative
Commons licence1.
“The Neutral Server plan is
a initial of a kind and we are unapproachable to fire this route with our
partners. When it comes to highway safety, there are no competitors, only
partners. Sharing trade information and car networking via
C-V2X2 can immediately and extensively urge reserve for
all highway users,” explains Christoph Grote, Senior Vice-President
Electronics, BMW Group.


Innovative European commander plan to urge highway safety

In partnership with a EU Data Task Force set adult by a European
Commission, a BMW Group, Daimler, Ford, Volvo, HERE Technologies,
TomTom and state governments have launched a initial commander of a
neutral server to sell and mix data. This innovative road
reserve alleviation beginning collects real-time and other
safety-relevant information generated by car sensors, that can be
supposing by a stereotyped interface, formed on a element of
reciprocity: Those who share safety-relevant information in lapse receive
services to urge highway safety.


BMW Group will also yield trade information to anyone without
looseness fees.

From 1 July, a BMW Group will be a initial car manufacturer
to make safety-relevant trade information accessible underneath a Creative
Commons chartering model. In this way, a association seeks to foster an
open ecosystem that will urge highway reserve in Europe. The data
supposing will embody real-time information collected by a BMW
Group’s car swift – for instance, on hazards such as soppy or icy
roads, bad prominence or stalled vehicles. BMW Group customers
already advantage from their possess Local Hazard Warning service, which
transmits applicable warnings to a car in genuine time around the
integrated mobile network interface. Going forward, each BMW and MINI
motorist who provides anonymised information will be assisting urge overall
highway safety. From 1 Jul safety-relevant trade information will be made
accessible around a HERE Open Location Platform. In this way, interested
third parties, from institutions to start-ups, will be means to use
this information but carrying to compensate looseness fees. The BMW Group regards
highway reserve as an critical aspect of amicable responsibility.


1CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

2C-V2X: Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything


The Data Task Force includes a following organisations:

EU Member States: The Netherlands, Ministry of Infrastructure and
Water Management; Spain, Ministry of Home Affairs La Subdirección
General de Gestión de la Movilidad DGT; Finland, Transport and
Communications Agency TRAFICOM; Germany, Federal Ministry of Transport
and Digital Infrastructure and Luxembourg, Ministry of a Economy.

Service Providers: HERE Europe B.V. and TomTom Traffic B.V.

Vehicle Manufacturers: BMW AG; Ford Smart Mobility Ltd; Mercedes
Benz; Volvo Cars