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BMW Group extends car-sharing programme and launches extended mobility services in Seattle underneath a new code name “ReachNow”

Car-sharing 2.0 offers new and innovative services

BMW Group stays a pushing force for particular mobility of
a future

Consistent doing of a plan NUMBER ONE  NEXT


Seattle. Under a new code name “ReachNow”, BMW Group is launching
an extended automobile pity use in Seattle (USA) today. The programme
is formed on a successful business indication now handling in
Europe underneath a name “DriveNow”. Customers in a USA will shortly be
means to select serve future-oriented services for bespoke individual
mobility. ReachNow is starting in Seattle with an initial swift of 370
BMW and MINI vehicles. 20 percent of a whole swift is done adult of
BMW i3 electric vehicles. In serve to Seattle, ReachNow will be
stretched into serve cities in a USA.


This pierce is in line with a company’s strategy
NUMBER ONE  NEXT, as summarized by BMW AG Management Board Chairman
Harald Krüger 3 weeks ago. The plan states that the
growth of customer-oriented mobility services will be one of the
company’s executive business fields in a years ahead.


Peter Schwarzenbauer, member of a Board of Management of BMW AG and
obliged for MINI, BMW Motorrad, Rolls-Royce, After Sales and
Mobility Services pronounced during a ReachNow launch in Seattle: “We are
now witnessing an intensely sparkling duration in a development
of a automotive industry. Our business righteously design uncomplicated
and quick solutions to their particular mobility needs, generally in
civil regions. This is because we are supplementing a classic
business indication with additional services that make life on a road
easier for people in large cities. we am gratified that with the
investiture of a ReachNow brand, we are means to offer our
business in Seattle on-demand mobility” – mobility when
it’s needed, from one singular source. With this service, we are
building adult on Drive Now, a intensely successful European business
model, and bringing it adult to a new turn in a USA. Seattle is an
innovative, internationally-oriented city that creates it a perfect
plcae to launch these services.”


ReachNow business in a USA will be means to book a initial new
services in 2016:

  • Delivery service

    The preferred automobile is delivered to the
    customer. This use is quite engaging to those who wish
    to ride luggage or live in areas with a singular series of
    parking spaces. Customers who wish to equivocate walking to a car, will
    also find this use attractive. Furthermore, engagement a service
    can safeguard that a automobile is straightforwardly accessible during a preferred time.

  • Using a automobile for a longer period

    ReachNow is merging car-sharing and
    compulsory automobile let services: During a journey, business can
    casually confirm to keep their ReachNow automobile for several
    days, but carrying to change a automobile or going to a rental
    station. The many enlightened rate will always be charged.


  • Car pity for sealed user groups

    A pool of ReachNow vehicles is done available
    exclusively to companies or residential complexes for example, and
    kept on their particular premises. Thanks to a probability of
    long-term allege booking, accessibility is guaranteed.


  • Renting out your possess automobile around ReachNow

    Customers might lease out their possess automobile via
    ReachNow, for instance if a owners is on vacation. This can reduce
    a cost of owning a car. Customers will have a choice to restrict
    a accessibility of a automobile to their amicable media contacts. The
    use is theme to certain specific technical prerequisites
    compulsory of a vehicle.


  • Chauffeur Service – Car engagement with a driver

    For those who do not wish to get behind a steering wheel
    ReachNow will after on also offer an choice to book a automobile with a
    chauffeur. This allows to strech a end even some-more relaxed.


Easy registration around smartphone

New members can register with ReachNow in a matter of
mins regulating their smartphone camera, including pushing looseness check
and credit label deposit. There is no need to go to a bend bureau for
identification. ReachNow business can expostulate divided immediately. The
customer’s smartphone, or a patron label sent by post, serves as
a automobile key.


as a complement partner of ReachNow

ReachNow’s partner in a USA is RideCell. The San
Francisco-based record start-up craving has been related to BMW
i given 2014, around a minority share hold by BMW i Ventures. RideCell is
now a complement partner of ReachNow and obliged for a IT platform
and all patron interfaces trade with reservations and invoicing.


DriveNow from Europe serves as a purpose model
DriveNow in Europe, ReachNow uses what’s famous as a free-floating
principle, with vehicles openly distributed over a civic area
instead of during bound pick-up and lapse stations. Using a smartphone
app, members can perspective a locations of accessible vehicles, make a
reservation, be guided to a comparison vehicle, open it but a key
and simply expostulate off. Use of a automobile is charged by a minute.
When a automobile is no longer needed, it can be left in a permitted
parking space anywhere within a civic area.


Payment Programme

All models are charged during a rate of 0.49 USD for each
notation a automobile is used and a mangle of tour (parking) 0.30 USD
per minute. The automobile swift comprises a BMW i3 electric car, the
BMW 328i and a MINI Cooper. The one-off registration price is 29 USD.
ReachNow is rising with an rudimentary offer of only 0.41 USD for
any notation a automobile is used and registration is giveaway of charge.
All prices are thorough of insurance, petrol, electricity, parking
costs, taxes and fees.



DriveNow, a corner automobile pity try between a BMW Group
and Sixt SE, offers top-quality reward BMW and MINI-brand vehicles
for let in European cities according to a free-floating
principle. The vehicles can be rented and returned anywhere within a
tangible area of a city. Well over half a million registered
business can locate and haven a vehicles around a DriveNow app or
website and can use a use in any DriveNow city. DriveNow
operates a swift of some-more than 4,000 vehicles during locations in Munich,
Berlin, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg, Vienna, London, Copenhagen and
Stockholm. 20 percent of these are electric BMW i3s. Several
systematic studies uncover that a DriveNow automobile is transformation for at
slightest 3 secretly owned cars, definition DriveNow is creation a
grant towards shortening trade overload in civic areas.



In box of queries greatfully contact:


Almut Stollberg, Business and Finance Communications

Telephone: + 49 89 382-38770, Fax: + 49 89 382-24418

[email protected]


Wieland Brúch, Spokesperson BMW i

Telephone: +49-89-382-72652

[email protected]




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The BMW Group


With a 3 brands BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce, a BMW Group is the
world’s heading reward manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles
and also provides reward financial and mobility services. As a global
company, a BMW Group operates 30 prolongation and public facilities
in 14 countries and has a tellurian sales network in some-more than 140 countries.


In 2015, a BMW Group sole approximately 2.247 million cars and
scarcely 137,000 motorcycles worldwide. The distinction before taxation for the
financial year 2015 was approximately € 9.22 billion on revenues
amounting to € 92.18 billion. As of 31 Dec 2015, a BMW Group
had a workforce of 122,244 employees.


The success of a BMW Group has always been formed on long-term
meditative and obliged action. The association has therefore established
ecological and amicable sustainability via a value chain,
extensive product shortcoming and a transparent joining to
conserving resources as an constituent partial of a strategy.