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BMW Group invests 200 million euros in Battery Cell Competence Centre


The BMW Group continues to concentration on a doing of its
electro-mobility strategy, with a association concentrating all its
technological imagination relating to battery cells during a new
cunning centre.
Klaus Fröhlich, member of a BMW AG
Board of Management, obliged for Research and Development, and
Oliver Zipse, member of a BMW AG Board of Management, responsible
for Production, were assimilated by Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs
Ilse Aigner for a mystic ground-breaking of a BMW Group
Battery Cell Competence Centre in Munich today. This
interdisciplinary cunning centre aims to allege battery cell
record and deliver it into prolongation processes. The company
will deposit a sum of 200 million euros in a plcae over the
subsequent 4 years, formulating 200 jobs. The centre will open in early 2019.

Speaking during a ground-breaking ceremony, Klaus Fröhlich said:
“We will be concentrating all a in-house imagination along the
battery-cell value sequence during a new high-tech cunning centre.
International experts operative in a new expansion labs and
comforts will control vicious investigate to labour dungeon chemistry
and dungeon design. We will concentration on serve improvements in battery
performance, lifespan, safety, charging and also costs. We will set
a benchmark for a industry.”

Oliver Zipse added: “By producing battery-cell prototypes, we
can analyse and entirely know a cell’s value-creation
processes. With this build-to-print expertise, we can enable
intensity suppliers to furnish cells to a specifications. The
believe we benefit is really vicious to us, regardless of either we
furnish a battery cells ourselves, or not.”

Ilse Aigner said: “With a cunning centre for battery cell
technology, BMW is origination another vital investment in Bavaria. This
shows a transparent joining to a state as an industrial, high-tech
prolongation location. Battery cells are a pivotal record on the
highway to emission-free mobility. Bavaria is during a forefront of
electromobility – a position we will continue to enhance to secure
long-term growth, wealth and jobs.”

The BMW Group’s Strategy NUMBER ONE NEXT
creates electromobility, digitalisation and unconstrained pushing clear
technological concentration points, strengthening Germany’s position as an
origination motorist for mobility and a destiny technologies. As the
heading retailer of reward mobility, a BMW Group concentrates on
patron needs and wishes, personification a wilful purpose in advancing the
ACES topics (Autonomous, Connected, Electrified and Services).


Competence Centre for Battery Cells provides important
rival corner

The battery dungeon is a heart of a battery. It determines
performance, appetite content, charging capabilities and lifespan,
thereby origination a poignant grant to a opening of an
electrified vehicle.

In a labs, investigate and prototyping facilities, that will
make adult a battery dungeon cunning centre, dilettante departments
will analyse dungeon pattern and dungeon technology. They will also create
prototypes of destiny battery cells, focusing on a chemical
combination of a cells, use of opposite materials, how a cell
behaves in vicious or intensely cold conditions, charging and
rapid-charging poise and evaluating dungeon sizes and forms. This
in-house technological imagination is pivotal to enhancing a battery,
thereby enabling aloft opening capabilities.

The BMW Group will also benefit build-to-print imagination and can
afterwards agreement out prolongation of battery cells constructed to a exact
product mandate and specifications. This core cunning –
that covers a whole value sequence from preference of materials,
dungeon design, formation into battery systems, manufacturability and
prolongation technologies – gives a association a clear competitive
edge, while leveraging cost advantages and economies of scale.

The BMW Group has already finished years of investigate into
battery cells and acquired a high turn of analysis competence,
generally by a expansion of a BMW i models. The company
will combine imagination from several dilettante departments and
locations during a new Battery Cell Competence Centre and step adult its
efforts in this area to grasp faster impact. Research findings
will be incorporated directly into a latest battery generation.


Fifth era of BMW Group electric drivetrains from 2021:
electric motor, delivery and energy wiring form new component

The BMW Group is already building a fifth era of its
electric drivetrain, for recover in 2021, in that interaction
between a electric motor, transmission, energy wiring and
battery have been serve optimised.

A wilful advantage of this destiny electric expostulate is that the
electric motor, delivery and energy wiring are sum in a
new and apart electric-drive component. With a compress design,
this rarely integrated new member takes adult significantly less
space than a 3 apart components used in previous
generations. Its modular judgment means that it is also scalable and
can be mutated for a far-reaching operation of opposite packages and
opening levels, augmenting coherence and origination it easier to
implement a new electric drivetrain member in opposite vehicle
derivatives. Integrating a electric motor, delivery and power
wiring into a singular member uses fewer tools and therefore
saves costs.

A serve prominence is that a new electric engine does not
need a use of singular earths, origination a BMW Group no longer
contingent on their availability.

The fifth-generation electric drivetrain also uses new, more
absolute batteries. Their scalable, modular pattern means they can be
used flexibly in a sold car design during different
prolongation sites.

Thanks to serve expansion of a battery in particular, the
new electric drivetrain extends a operation of pristine battery-electric
vehicles to adult to 700 km. In plug-in hybrid models, distances adult to
100 kilometres are possible. In this way, a BMW Group continues to
enhance a origination care in this field.

With a electric engine and battery grown and produced
in-house, a BMW Group already possesses a high turn of core
cunning and value origination for electric drivetrains. In-house
prolongation gives a BMW Group a wilful rival advantage, by
securing imagination in new technologies, gaining vicious systems
imagination and leveraging cost benefits.

The coherence of a new electric drivetrain member and
upgraded modular battery will continue to safeguard a BMW Group’s
leisure of movement in a future. Thanks to a scalable electric
modular systems, from 2020 it will be probable to fit all model
array with any drivetrain, according to demand. The
fifth-generation electric drivetrain achieves high levels of driving
opening and good operation with most reduction weight. It will be
integrated into both front- and rear-wheel expostulate stretchable enhanced
car architectures, that will also be suitable for all drive
forms. This coherence means a association will be means to accommodate the
likely direct for several hundred thousand electrified vehicles
in 2025.


International prolongation network

The BMW Group advantages from a rarely stretchable prolongation network
that can respond fast to direct for electrified models. All
electrified vehicles are integrated into a existent prolongation system.

The association already produces electrified vehicles during ten
locations worldwide. The batteries indispensable for these models come from
a 3 battery factories in Dingolfing, Germany, Spartanburg in
a USA and Shenyang, China. The BMW Group plant in Dingolfing plays
a heading purpose within a network as a centre of cunning for
electric expostulate systems.


BMW Group heading manufacturer of electrified vehicles

Between Jan and a finish of October, a BMW Group delivered a
sum of 78,096 BMW i, BMW iPerformance and electrified MINI vehicles
to business worldwide – an boost of 63.7% on a prior year.
With 9 electrified cars now available, a BMW Group is one
of a heading manufacturers worldwide. The association is good on track
to sell 100,000 electrified vehicles worldwide by a finish of a year.