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BMW Group lays substructure for twin vocational training during new site in Hungary // Cooperation agreements sealed with internal partner schools

Munich/Debrecen. The BMW Group is paving a approach for
introduction of twin vocational training during a new plant under
construction in Debrecen, Hungary from Sep 2021. A cooperation
agreement to this outcome was sealed with a Debrecen Vocational
Training Centre (DSZC) on 18 July. The BMW Group will work with these
partners to exercise a German twin vocational training judgment in
Hungary. This will safeguard that apprentices are optimally prepared for
destiny occupations in innovative training environments, with high
peculiarity standards and stretchable structures. In autumn 2019, a first
intake will embark on 5 years of vocational training: twin during school
and 3 in a twin system, with training in a classroom and on
a pursuit during a BMW Group.


“We trust that mixing speculation and use is critical in employee
training. I’m generally gratified we will be means to offer immature people
during a new plcae in Hungary twin vocational training and assistance them
make a ideal start to their career,” underlined Michele Melchiorre,
a designated conduct of a Debrecen plant. The BMW Group will offer
4 appealing apprenticeships during a new location: electrical and
automation engineering, mechatronics, automotive mechatronics (systems
and high-voltage technology) and information record for systems integration.


Sabine Wilhelm, conduct of Professional and Vocational Training and
Transformation Management during a BMW Group, emphasised a advantages of
a concept: “We have introduced twin vocational training formed on the
German indication during 5 prolongation locations worldwide given 2012, always
holding internal factors into account. In team-work with a Debrecen
Vocational Training Centre (DSZC), we will now also be means to
exercise it in Hungary. We are really happy to be means to yield our
destiny apprentices with a ideal credentials they need for their
destiny occupations, in innovative training environments with high
peculiarity standards and stretchable structures.”


The partner schools have already been chosen: In a DSZC Brassai
Sámuel Műszaki Szakgimnáziuma and a DSZC Mechwart András Gépipari és
Informatikai Szakgimnáziuma, a BMW Group has found twin highly
competent internal partners formed in Debrecen to cover a theoretical
side of training. Together with these twin schools, a BMW Group will
now rise a minute judgment for doing of a dual
vocational training programme.  


Participating apprentices will spend a initial twin years of the
five-year programme during one of a twin schools, where they will learn
a simple unsentimental skills and speculation indispensable for their chosen
occupation. From a third year on, courtesy will increasingly turn
to unsentimental concentration of this knowledge. Apprentices in the
programme will benefit on-the-job knowledge during a BMW Group in
Debrecen. In further to veteran qualifications, a BMW Group
will also concentration on apprentices’ personal growth via a training.


The initial intake of apprentices will embark on their training during the
partner schools in a autumn of 2019. Pupils will be means to apply
for an tutelage in open 2021 and start their twin vocational
training during a BMW Group in Sep 2021.