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BMW Group on expansion lane in Asia and a Middle East

BMW Group on enlargement lane in Asia and a Middle East

Sales in China some-more than double in January
2009 with 183,111 vehicles successful year for a shred
Production capacities and sell network in Asia slated for enlargement

Munich. The BMW Group has done an glorious start to a new year in China with a estimable boost in sales of some-more than 122%. A sum of 11,919 BMW and MINI code vehicles (prev. yr. 5,360 units) were sole in January, some-more than double a volume sole in a same month final year. At 11,369 vehicles, a BMW code for a initial time exceeded a threshold of 10,000 units sole in one month. The BMW 7 Series achieved intensely well, with sales of 1,705 vehicles (prev. yr.: 844 units/+102%). China so stays a largest singular marketplace for this pivotal indication series. We will continue on a enlargement lane in a Chinese marketplace in 2010. Although we already saw a really clever opening there final year, we are once again aiming for enlargement in a double-digit commission operation in this country, pronounced Ian Robertson, member of a Board of Management of BMW AG, obliged for Sales and Marketing, in Munich on Friday. Last year a association sole 90,536 BMW and MINI code vehicles in China: an boost of 37.5%.

The Asia and Middle East region, with a different markets, is apropos increasingly critical to a BMW Group. In 2009 a association done estimable gains of 10.5% in this region, with sales for a BMW and MINI brands totalling 183,111 automobiles. As such, Asia accounts for around 14% of Group retail. In comparison, North America comprises 21% of sum sell and Europe 59%.

Following a origination of a initial sales auxiliary in 1981 in Japan where a BMW code is now marketplace personality in a reward shred a BMW Group began to usually enhance a impasse in Asia in a mid-1990s by adding a possess sales locations and prolongation facilities. Our plan of investing early in rising markets with a high enlargement potential, and assisting to figure a enlargement there, is now profitable dividends, combined Robertson. This is also clearly illustrated by a instance of India, where a association sole usually 227 units in 2005. Establishing a possess sales auxiliary in 2006 done it easier to rise marketplace intensity and already by 2007 sell volumes surged some-more than fivefold to 1,387 units. Last year, a BMW code was a marketplace personality in Indias reward shred with sales climbing 24.4% to 3,619 vehicles. BMW was also series one in a reward shred in Korea in 2009 for a third uninterrupted year with a marketplace share of 23.8%. Korea is a fourth largest marketplace for a BMW 7 Series after China, a US and Germany.

Besides China, India and Korea a markets served by import partners in Asia and a Middle East also achieved really good in 2009. Despite a tellurian mercantile crisis, a BMW Group reported a slight boost of 1.5% in sales volumes in a markets in Southeast Asia served by importers to strech a sum of 5,840 units. Growth was driven in sold by Indonesia (901 units/+25%), Vietnam (334 units/+106%) and Brunei (213 units/+16%).

In a Middle East a BMW code was means to enhance a marketplace share by 4% in a 14 markets served by importers. The best-selling car in these markets was a BMW 7 Series with 4,620 units sold: an boost of 75% over a prior year. Markets with quite clever enlargement enclosed Syria with an boost of 53% (878 units), Lebanon with 48% (1,001 units) and Saudi Arabia with 27% (2,555 units). The BMW Group is also behaving good in a markets of Southeast Asia and a Middle East. We intend to say this march again this year, says Robertson.

A pivotal success cause for appearance in Asias clever enlargement is a light enlargement of prolongation capacities from 41,000 units now to 100,000 units during a Shenyang plcae in China in a future. Since 2003, BMW 3 Series and 5 Series vehicles for a domestic marketplace have been built jointly with BMW Groups Chinese Joint Venture Partner Brilliance.

Towards a finish of a year a Indian CKD plant in Chennai will also start branch out a BMW X1 alongside a BMW 3 Series and 5 Series. This will form a basement for a BMW brands entrance into Indias sports activity/sports application segment. At a same time, a association will also be expanding a Indian sell network, substantiating sell and use outlets in 10 serve cities opposite a Indian subcontinent.

Asia is not only an appealing sell marketplace and prolongation plcae for a BMW Group. Rising sales volumes also go palm in palm with some-more endless buying activities. For this reason, a BMW Group determined a new purchasing bureau in South Korea in Nov 2009. An general sourcing organization facilitates buying of a top peculiarity accessible worldwide and is also well-positioned to equivalent banking fluctuations. The BMW Groups pivotal suppliers in a Asian shred are formed in China, Japan and South Korea. The squeeze of state-of-the-art battery record from SB LiMotive, a 50:50 Joint Venture between Bosch and Samsung SDI, outlines a miracle in a team-work with suppliers in a Asian region. As formerly announced, SB LiMotive will supply a lithium-ion storage units for a BMW Groups Megacity Vehicle that will come onto a marketplace by 2015.

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The BMW Group is one of a many successful manufacturers of automobiles and motorcycles in a universe with a BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brands. As a tellurian company, a BMW Group operates 24 prolongation comforts in 13 countries and has a tellurian sales network in some-more than 140 countries.
The BMW Group achieved a tellurian sales volume of approximately 1.29 million automobiles and over 87,000 motorcycles for a 2009 financial year. Revenues for 2009 totalled euro 50.68 billion. At 31 Dec 2009, a association employed a tellurian workforce of approximately 96,000 associates.
The success of a BMW Group has always been built on long-term meditative and obliged action. The association has therefore determined ecological and amicable sustainability via a value chain, extensive product shortcoming and a transparent joining to conserving resources as an constituent partial of a strategy. As a outcome of a efforts, a BMW Group has been ranked attention personality in a Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes for a final 5 years.

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