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BMW Group partnership for destiny mobility: Joining hands with Tencent to build BMW Group China High Performance D³ platform.

Beijing. BMW China Automotive Trading Ltd. and
Tencent sealed an agreement in Beijing on Friday, 19 Jul to work
together on building a BMW Group China High Performance D³ platform.
The BMW Group will use a height to rise programmed driving
technologies and products that fit a formidable internal traffic
conditions and accommodate internal patron demands.


Alejandro Vukotich, Senior Vice President Automated Driving, was also
during a ceremony, that noted another critical miracle towards
programmed driving: “Our ultimate idea is to make a automobile safer than
a tellurian motorist by larger automation. Safety is peerless to
us. We therefore need to routine a lot of information for simulation, testing
and validation. The launch of a D³ – Data-Driven Development –
height in China is a subsequent large step for us along this path.”


Moreover “China is during a forefront of programmed pushing development,
and we aim to play a pioneering purpose in this area,” pronounced Mr. Jochen
Goller, President and CEO of BMW Group Region China. “The
partnership between BMW Group and Tencent will set a benchmark for
cross-industry cooperation. The BMW Group China High Performance D³
height will concede us to rise unconstrained pushing solutions that
paint a improved fit for a specific pushing scenarios in China.”


“Tencent is committed to aiding automotive companies in the
digital transformation,” combined Mr. Dowson Tong, President of Tencent
Cloud Smart Industry. “The partnership between Tencent and BMW
Group has deepened over a past year or so, that proves BMW’s
approval of Tencent’s technical strength in a fields of cloud
computing, large data, confidence and AI. We wish that with a continuous
deepening of team-work between a dual parties, we can emanate a new
indication and a new benchmark for team-work between Chinese technology
companies and general automotive companies. We also demeanour forward
to providing some-more assistance to a localization of international
first-class automotive companies in China.”


The BMW Group China High Performance D³ height should be set adult and
prepared to start operations by a finish of this year. The “D³” in a new
IT platform’s name stands for Data-Driven Development, that forms the
basement for a growth of rarely (Level 3) and entirely (Level 4)
programmed pushing functions.

Before a BMW Group commences array prolongation of Level 3 vehicles
in 2021, a height will be used especially for reserve validation of
Level 3 and a early-stage investigate of Level 4 technologies. After 2021,
a height will support both a post-production growth of Level
3 models and investigate into Level 4 technologies.


Tencent will yield IT architecture, collection and platforms opposite the
margin of programmed pushing investigate and development. Both partners
will approve particularly with Chinese laws and regulations on data
security, forestall information confidence risks and safeguard information correspondence using
Tencent’s confidence expertise.