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BMW Group Plant San Luis Potosi inaugurates Training Center

Munich/San Luis Potosi. Today a BMW Group Plant San
Luis Potosi has inaugurated a plant´s Training Center. With the
central opening of a new building a Automaker sets a subsequent major
miracle during a ramp adult proviso of a plant that will start
prolongation in 2019. Guests attending a central rite included
Dr. Juan Manuel Carreras López, Governor of a state of San Luis
Potosí; Milagros Caiña-Andree, Member of a Board of Management of
BMW AG, obliged for Human Resources and Labour Relations, Dr.
Enrique Cabrero, Director General of CONACYT, Gustavo Puente Orozco,
Secretario de Desarrollo Económico, Dr. José Luis Morán, Director
General of COPOCYT, Manuel Lozano Nieto, Secretario de Trabajo y
Previsión Social and Emilio Ramírez Guerrero, Secretario Nacional del
Sindicato CTM.


The BMW Group invested 9 Million US dollar into a 6,000 sq. m.
facility. The new Training Center contains eleven workshops for
gift programs not usually for associates though also for
apprentices from a 3 educational institutions that participate
in a Dual Program.


State of a art record and latest innovations for learned workforce


“Qualification is a pivotal to success”, pronounced Milagros Caiña-Andree,
Member of a Board of Management of BMW AG, Human Resources and Labor
Relations. “It is good to see that what we have started dual years ago
with a initial era of apprentices in a proxy training
core has grown so well. For a BMW Group, a learned workforce
is a substructure to grasp a top peculiarity of a premium
products. With a new Training Center we yield a appropriate
infrastructure to sight a people on a state of a art level. Being
one of a many appealing employers in a segment we see it as a
payoff to be means to rivet and to enthuse immature people with the
growth of their talents.”


The Governor of State San Luis Potosí Juan Manuel Carreras López
commented: “We are some-more than gay that a BMW Group motionless to
build their plant here in San Luis Potosí. With a opening of the
Training Center we have a new trickery in SLP that will boost local
talent. A devise of this dimension not usually contributes to leverage
a mercantile turn of a region, it also creates employment
opportunities and improves a educational level. Congratulations to
a BMW Group Plant SLP for a fulfilment of this important
miracle on a approach to start of prolongation in 2019.”


Hermann Bohrer, President and CEO of BMW Group Plant San Luis Potosi,
said: “This Training Center is a place where scholarship and practice
will be put together to have a rarely encouraged workforce for a most
complicated record and a latest innovations of a Production Network.”


Each space of a Training Center is designed to maximize the
employees’ opening and to boost their turn of unrestrained and
group spirit. From a 1,500 associates with whom a plant will start
operations, all will have left by a gift programs
given during that a Training Center including a workshops of
Production Technology, Automotive Technology, Electricity and
Electronics, Pneumatics and Hydraulics, Metal Mechanics, Robotics, PLC
(Programmable Logic Controls), Paint Shop and IT. Additionally, the
Training Center incorporates a space for skills evaluation, an area to
turn an consultant on gaunt manufacturing, a care room and it
incorporates bedrooms for several courses and non-technical trainings.


Qualification Program is formed on 4 pillars


The BMW Group Plant San Luis Potosi has set a educational strategy
on 4 pillars to actively support a gift programs that
besides functioning to have well-trained employees, inspire a
continual career development. This intrigue consists of
Vocational Training in that students request their
believe gained during their schools and get enthralled with a experience
of operative in a genuine sourroundings of a BMW Group Plant San Luis Potosi.


The Occupational Training consists of a personalized
growth plan, designed to urge a competencies for any of the
positions during a BMW Group Plant San Luis Potosi. All employees take
partial according to their work areas along with a personal devise to
maintain their proficiencies individually.


The gift supposing during a Ramp-Up Center is
focused on record topics and a tangible launch of a new model. The
facsimile of a prolongation core in a 5,000 sq. m. prepares
associates in processes such as Body, Paint Shop, Assembly, Analysis,
Logistics and IT. This building was designed with a purpose of
scheming destiny employees who will be partial of a productive
processes, and to sight them with a collection that will guard the
peculiarity of any procession during a BMW Group Plant San Luis Potosi.


The BMW Group Plant San Luis Potosi creates best use of a experience
from other plants worldwide and maximizes a credentials with a
module of Qualification
in a Global Production Network. The sites in
Germany, a United States and China support a plant in Mexico by
providing training for employees during a proviso of apparatus and
start of operations. By a time a plant in Mexico starts producing
a initial BMW 3 Series for a universe market, some-more than 700 associates
will have left to one or some-more general assignments.


The clever educational plan of a BMW Group Plant San Luis
Potosi encourages competitiveness, stimulates a veteran level
of internal talent, and places this segment during a prevalent position
among a tellurian automotive industry. The Training Center is where
employees will turn experts, and it is a initial step in a nonstop
tour of a gift processes of a many innovative,
technological and tolerable plant of a BMW Group Production Network.




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