BMW Canada

BMW Group Press Conference, Auto Shanghai 2017

Olaf Kastner, President
and CEO, BMW Group Region China


Good morning!

Both of these cars uncover a innovative energy of a BMW Group.

They denote a imagination in electromobility, that began 45
years ago.

Back in 1972, a all-electric BMW 1602 antecedent authorised for
emission-free mobility during a Olympic Games in Munich.


Today, a fasten to tolerable mobility is stronger than ever.

I am gay to benefaction a World Premiere of a BMW i8 Protonic
Frozen Yellow Edition. This unequivocally striking, singular book i8 will
come to China in September.


Trends come and go. Icons remain. These cars are explanation of that.


In China, a New Energy Vehicles have been well-received. We were
a array one code in foundation care according to an
outmost consumer investigate final year. And this year looks set to build on
that success with a clever start in electromobility. We are heavily
concerned in building a NEV eco-system with a ChargeNow brand,
that will see scarcely 50% expansion in publicly accessible charging and a
sum of 2,500 charging pillars in 15 cities by a finish of this year.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


We have entered a new proviso of localization in China. We have just
launched a BMW 1 Series Sedan generally designed for China. Two
weeks ago, we delivered a 3 millionth car. In a few weeks, we
will open a new prolongation trickery in Shenyang.


In line with ‘Made in China 2025’, we will move more
state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 record to a New Plant Dadong. With
a augmenting internal RD development, that will shortly embody High
Voltage Battery production, we are well-prepared for China’s NEV development.


All of this demonstrates a fasten to figure a destiny of
reward mobility.

Thank we for fasten us today.


Peter Schwarzenbauer,
Member of a Board of Management of BMW AG, MINI, Rolls-Royce,
BMW Motorrad, Customer Engagement and Digital Business Innovation
BMW Group


Riding, driving, and being driven is not usually about going from A to
B. It is also about freedom, luxury, comfort and excitement. For more
than 100 years, a association has been providing romantic mobility.
Buying a BMW Group automobile is not usually a receptive decision, it’s a
rarely romantic one.


And all of a brands are romantic to a core, any in a own
singular way.


BMW stands for ideal pushing pleasure. Innovative mobility services
and connectivity comforts element a reward experience. And there
is some-more to come. For example, we will start a car-sharing service
ReachNow in Chengdu this year with a entirely electric fleet.


BMW is also famous for a romantic products on “two wheels”:

BMW Motorrad creates your life an unusual ride. Whether it be
by ideal speed, adventure, cruising, or even wordless electric riding.


Rolls-Royce is a unequivocally apex of luxury. You can see that for
yourself – and take a demeanour during a new darker side of this code during the
Rolls-Royce press discussion during 11:40 h CST.


And MINI? Well, if we wish to knowledge one of a many emotional
cars – in my opinion we should get inside a MINI, and give it a spin.
For an additional sip of adrenalin and passion we should try out a MINI
John Cooper Works.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Today, we have brought along a latest member of this family:

What a good MINI! This is a automobile for those who wish the
extraordinary. Versatility, off-road excitement, MINI typical
opening on a road: a new MINI John Cooper Works
combines all these characteristics.


This is a second era MINI Countryman. And John Cooper Works
takes it into a joining of a own. Inspired by a racing heritage,
John Cooper Works creates a sharpest and many absolute MINIs.


The new MINI John Cooper Works Countryman is a truly well-developed vehicle:

–      The Countryman offers a many space of any automobile in a MINI line-up

–      It is a many versatile MINI

–      And a John Cooper Works indication comforts a brand’s most


China is already a clever marketplace for MINI. Last year we achieved a
10 percent increase. And we achieved double-digit expansion in a first
entertain of this year as well.


That’s since MINI offers one-of-a-kind mindfulness and emotion.


Now let’s speak about BMW Motorrad. We started offering motorcycles
here in China usually 5 years ago. Since then, sales have been growing
significantly. We scarcely doubled sales from 2014 to 2015 and final year
we grew sales by some-more than 50%.


The Chinese marketplace is apropos some-more and some-more important, and we expect
estimable expansion in a future. You can demeanour brazen to further
fascinating models soon. Here’s a good one to start with …


This contingency certainly be a many overwhelming BMW Motorrad ever. This is the
disdainful BMW HP4 RACE. RACE – we can take that
literally. In terms of technology, a new HP4 RACE is in a same
difficulty as stream superbike racing machines.


The HP4 RACE is a initial motorcycle with a CO twine categorical frame
constructed industrially regulating a RTM process. Only a BMW Group has
this competence. The wheels are also done of this ultra-light but
firm material. Ready to race, this bike has a dry weight of usually 146
kilograms! That means, same opening as a World Championship bike,
though lighter!


Any patron propitious adequate to take this bike on a racetrack will
knowledge pristine emotion. They’ll be among a name few: production
will be singular to usually 750 units of a BMW HP4 RACE.


And BMW Motorrad unequivocally is all about a experience, as we know well.

My personal prominence of 2016 was a bike debate by Tibet – and I
wish to share a few impressions of that outing with you. What a
illusory landscape for going off-road on a BMW Motorrad.


So you’ve listened a lot about “power” this morning – and there’s more
to come.


Dr. Ian Robertson
(HonDSc), Member of a Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales and
Brand BMW, Aftersales BMW Group


I usually can’t get adequate of that sound! Now – Peter’s been talking
about performance, energy and exclusivity. Here’s a answer from BMW:

The universe premiere of the all-new BMW M4 CS!


M – a many absolute minute in a universe – is once again celebrating
opening with a special book model. After a success of a BMW
M4 GTS, this is a second singular book indication of a M4 Coupe. This
automobile starts a new tradition of CS cars positioned between the
Competition variants of a M models – and a models used in bar and
engine sport.


The new CS will be powered by a M4 six-cylinder-engine. It boasts
460 horsepower, with a limit torque of 600 Nm. Suspension is
designed for well-developed sportiness, and Cup tyres come as standard.


And this automobile breaks a “4-second-barrier” – wanting usually 3.9 seconds
from nought to a hundred. To strech that speed, lightweight
construction was essential: many tools are done from CO fibre.


Customers can demeanour brazen to disdainful colours and a BMW M
specific OLED behind lights with their 3D effect. Production starts in
July, so if you’re a fan – we won’t have to wait many longer!


Of course, BMW M is something unequivocally special. For some-more than four
decades, it has played an constituent purpose in moulding a BMW brand. And
now let’s get another listen to that good sound!


Here in Shanghai, we are bringing a BMW code even closer to our
customers. We non-stop a new BMW Experience Center here final month.
With over 45,000 m2 and a Dynamic Driving Area, we invite
everybody to come to a Center and knowledge a operation of a code –
from BMW M to BMW i.


This is usually one some-more facet of a rendezvous in China. And the
automobile we’re about to see is a ideal instance of how we respond to
a desires and wishes of a business in China:


Ladies and Gentlemen,


The World Premiere of the all-new BMW 5 Series Long
, combined exclusively for Chinese customers!


Manufactured here in China during a new Dadong Plant facilities, the
wheelbase has been extended by 13 cm – compared to a customary 5
Series Sedan. That additional space goes to a passengers in a behind –
something we know a business here truly appreciate.


This disdainful new automobile sets a benchmark in aesthetics, driving
pleasure and comfort in a reward business sedan segment. It is the
many innovative and many connected automobile in a class. Our customers
will unequivocally suffer a seamless communication and entertainment
options, as good as a modernized motorist assistance systems.


We’ve reduced a weight of this new 5 Series by adult to 130 kilograms.
That’s a weight of an adult and their luggage. This means
opening is crook and even some-more energetic – and acceleration and
fuel potency are best in segment! The newly designed framework was
extensively tested here in China – and with new check technology, it
offers autarchic float comfort.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


It’s no consternation that a BMW 5 Series is a best-selling premium
indication on a Chinese market. we am certain that this overwhelming automobile –
a third era of a BMW 5 Series Long Wheelbase – will
continue that success story.


The 5 Series embodies a “heart” of a BMW code and it accounts
for around 30% of a BMW sales here. We’ve done and sold
around 800,000 5 Series over a years in China. I’m gay to
announce that a all-new BMW 5 Series Long Wheelbase will also be
offering as a plug-in hybrid version.


The 5 Series Long Wheelbase will arrive in a showrooms in Jun and
it’s usually one of a 14 new products we are rising this year in China.


The BMW Group has already started good this year. We had a great
initial entertain in China with over 12% expansion in sales. Worldwide, we
achieved a new all-time high in a initial 3 months by delivering
scarcely 600,000 BMW Group vehicles.


At a BMW Group, we are driven by a passion for romantic mobility.

And we continue to essay towards a idea of tolerable mobility.

We will electrify all a BMW Group brands and indication array and we
are aiming to sell 100,000 electrified vehicles this year alone.

We’ve done a good start in a initial entertain of 2017, we already
doubled electrified sales compared to final year. We demeanour brazen to
revelation we some-more about that as a year progresses.


Our portfolio is future-proof. And whatever we order, we always get
passion and joy.


Thank you.