BMW Canada

BMW Group Press Conference, Geneva Auto Salon 2016

Dialogue about R35 and i3:

Harald Krüger, Chairman of a Board of Management of BMW AG
and Annette Gerlach, Presenter




Dr. Ian Robertson
(HonDSc), Member of a Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales and
Marketing BMW, Sales Channels BMW Group


Hello, it’s good to be behind in Geneva!


Welcome to a mythological energy of BMW M!


And this is a automobile that set a theatre for that extraordinary
success story.

The 2002 turbo was a many absolute automobile in a 02 Series, which
became famous for a sporty, lightweight and compress sedans. It was
also Europe’s initial turbocharged prolongation car.


Customers were anxious by a 170 BHP, limit speed of 211 km per
hour and acceleration in a sequence of 7 seconds from 0 to 100. Back in
1973, it began a tradition of BMW’s compact, high-performance sports cars.


Today, I’m really unapproachable to benefaction a automobile that continues a suggestion of
a 2002 turbo – a initial ever BMW M2 Coupé! It is the
really “soul” of what BMW stands for. The clever heart of a BMW M2
Coupé is a three-litre straight-six Twin Turbo engine that delivers
370 hp and a scurry from 0 to 100 in 4.3 sec.

With benchmark lively and pushing dynamics, and a rarely romantic M
pattern language, it has all it takes.


We’ve usually finished a general media expostulate and a response
was overwhelming: we quote, “the M2 is M in a purest form”, and “In a
word, brilliant!” Market launch is subsequent month and I’m gay that
there has already been really high direct for this car.


Now, for those who wish an even some-more heated experience, here it is –
a universe premiere of a BMW M2 Coupé with M Performance
! All components are a outcome of BMW’s endless racing
knowledge and have been generally designed for a areas of
aerodynamics, cockpit and suspension.  You’ll also find these tools on
a BMW M2 MotoGP Safety Car, that debuts this season.


They underline an endless operation of aerodynamic components from carbon
fiber as good as a initial retrofitted coil-spring suspension.


Combined, they emanate a automobile but compromise.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Packed with energy and once again environment a benchmark – that’s the
BMW M2 – that’s a “ultimate pushing machine”.


Thank you.



Klaus Fröhlich, Member of
a Board of Management of BMW AG, Development


Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen,


It’s good to be here again.


I have a personal tie to this era – a second – of the
BMW 7 Series. When we assimilated BMW in 1987, it had usually been launched and
it was a genuine impulse for me.This sold automobile was built in
1993. Its era was a initial in decades to pierce back
twelve-cylinder engines done in Germany. This enabled a BMW 7 Series
to take a lead in a shred since of a new technologies it
could offer.


You see, a 7 Series has always been – and will sojourn – our
apex of innovation. It reflects a explain to care in the
reward segment.


The sixth era of a BMW 7 Series has been on a marketplace since
a finish of final year and it has set new benchmarks in a luxury
shred – in pushing dynamics, efficiency, lightweight construction
and motorist assistance systems.

For a initial time, we are now expanding a charity for a 7
Series lineup underneath a tag of a BMW M and BMW i brands.


We already offer successful M Performance models for a 1 Series, 2
Series, X5 and of march there’s a mint X4 M40i. The M
Performance models mount for a quite energetic driving
experience. BMW i, on a other hand, underscores a joining to be
personality in creation and new technologies. We now wish to give
business a event to knowledge ‘born electric’ in a BMW
core code as well. Transferring a imagination from BMW i, we will
offer a 7 Series – and all other electrified BMW models – underneath BMW
iPerformance as of Jul 2016.


These dual models here ideally paint a full operation and strength
of a indication portfolio.


The BMW 740e
combines a best of both worlds:

It is propitious with a 190 kW explosion engine as good as a new
electric expostulate with an outlay of 83 kW.

  • The entirely electric operation is 40 km.
  • And a tip speed in e-mode is 140 km/h.Combined, a two
    drivetrains accelerate a automobile to 100 km/h in usually 5.6 seconds. It
    usually needs 2.1 liters of fuel per 100km and emits 49 grams of CO2
    per km in a stream EU exam cycle. The BMW 740e iPerformance
    offers a luxury, innovations and pushing dynamics of a BMW 7
    Series, with 0 emissions in a electric pushing mode.You’ll see,
    this automobile is perfect pushing pleasure. we can privately attest for
    that.And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s pierce on to this subsequent BMW 7
    Series vehicle. Customers have mostly asked us because there isn’t an M
    chronicle of a flagship. We positively take a customers’ wishes
    seriously, so here it is: Our initial 7 Series M Performance model.
    This is a mint BMW
    M760Li xDrive
    – and currently is a universe premiere! This model
    is versed with an M Performance 12-cylinder petrol engine – which
    means 610 horsepower and 800 Nm. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h
    in 3.7 seconds.The new BMW M760Li xDrive will have a marketplace launch
    as early as this year.

The enlargement of a BMW 7 Series lineup shows that a association is
constantly elaborating in sequence to surpass a mandate and desires of
a customers.