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BMW Group publishes Sustainable Value Report 2018.

Munich. The BMW Group done serve swell in
moulding tolerable mobility final year, as documented by a new Sustainable Value Report 2018. The news will
be expelled on 20 Mar 2019 to coincide with announcement of the
company’s Annual Report 2018 and will also be accessible online from
this date. It provides information on stream measures and
achievements during a 2018 stating year, as good as updates on
petrify swell towards achievement of a company’s sustainability goals.


“Sustainability is a holistic charge that is resolutely anchored in our
corporate strategy,” says Harald Krüger, Chairman of a Board of
Management of BMW AG. “In serve to building innovative products
and services, obliged use of resources is another executive concern
of all that we do – with pure objectives and measures that we are
environment for ourselves and successfully implementing.”


New benchmarks for apparatus efficiency.

As partial of a holistic sustainability strategy, a BMW Group is not
usually concentrating on building some-more and some-more fit vehicles, but
also on several aspects of apparatus potency in a international
prolongation network.


In 2018, a BMW Group set new annals in this area. Relative
CO2 emissions per car constructed decreased by an average
of 2.4 percent year-on-year to a new low of 0.40 tons per vehicle. In
a past 5 years alone, this figure has been reduced by around 39
percent. The same relates to extensive CO2 emissions for the
prolongation network, that were 2.7 percent revoke than a previous
year. The BMW Group sites also set a new benchmark for energy
expenditure per car constructed in 2018: Vehicle prolongation required
2.12 megawatt hours of appetite per vehicle, that is 2.3 percent less,
on average, than in 2017.


The new benchmarks for prolongation can be traced to several measures
implemented in 2018. For example, a final switch to LED lighting at
a company’s German plants has constructed effective appetite savings.
With 79 percent of electricity purchased worldwide from renewable
energies, a BMW Group really scarcely reached a high turn of the
prior year. Since 2017, all European BMW Group locations have
sourced their electricity from renewable energies. The company’s site
in Brazil also reached this miracle in 2018.


Further enlargement of electromobility.

By focusing early on electromobility, a BMW Group has warranted itself
a heading position worldwide. With a sum of 75,000 electrified
vehicles delivered to business in 2018, a BMW Group was a clear
marketplace personality in Europe. Worldwide, a organisation sole some-more than 140,000
electrified models. Thanks to poignant expansion in sales of
fully-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, normal CO2
swift emissions in 2018 remained during a same turn as a previous
year, notwithstanding a serve diminution in diesel sales. Over a subsequent few
years, a BMW Group will gradually recover additional electrified
models like a MINI Electric, a BMW iX3 and a BMW iNEXT, which
will significantly revoke CO2 and pollutant emissions. As
partial of a holistic proceed to electromobility, a BMW Group will
also be expanding a required infrastructure. The charging service
ChargeNow already gives business entrance to some-more than 223,000 public
charging points worldwide.


Human rights and environmental standards in tellurian retailer chains.

The BMW Group is a clever disciple for a pure and
resource-efficient supply chain. Various measures and initiatives in
a year underneath examination helped foster correspondence with environmental and
amicable standards for tender element procurement. In this context, the
organisation released a BMW Group Code on Human Rights and Working
Conditions in 2018, formed on a due attention routine that is also
imperative for suppliers and sales partners.


Employee course and amicable commitment.

The BMW Group relies on a diverse, able and rarely qualified
workforce. Occupational reserve measures once again reduced the
collision magnitude rate in 2018. In sequence to actively rise the
skills and strengths of particular employees, spending on vocational
and serve preparation programmes was significantly increasing in 2018.
The BMW Group relies on an ever some-more different workforce: In 2018, the
commission of women employed during a organisation altogether and in management
positions rose again. In a area of corporate citizenship as well,
a BMW Group is intent in compelling farrago and clever women. The
company’s Intercultural Innovation Award recognises, for instance,
organisations that work to grasp informative diversity, foster
intercultural family and foster a rights of women worldwide.
Around 70 per cent of a winners of a Intercultural Innovation
Award are womanlike (
The BMW Group values equal opportunities in education. Children and
adolescents, regardless of religion, enlightenment or nation of origin,
have a right to equal entrance to education. In 2018, a BMW Group’s
educational projects focussing on record and scholarship reached over
316,000 children and teenagers – double a series achieved in 2017.
The aim is to strech one million children and teenagers in 2025.


The BMW Group sustainability strategy.

Consistent formation of sustainability into a business indication and
corporate plan NUMBER ONE NEXT secures a BMW Group’s future
viability and competitiveness. The organisation is also wakeful of its
shortcoming for addressing tellurian issues. To accommodate a standards as
a many successful and tolerable reward provider of individual
mobility, a organisation has evenly followed 10 long-term
sustainability goals given 2012. The Sustainable Value Report
papers petrify formula underneath these vital discipline every
year. The BMW Group also provides additional information and examples
of a company’s concentration on sustainability on a website and in its
sustainability newsletter.


Reporting customary and examination quality.

The BMW Group has published Sustainable Value Reports given 2001 –
given 2013, usually as an interactive PDF. The 2018 news was once
again gathered in suitability with a discipline of a Global
Reporting Initiative (GRI standards; extensive level) and meets
a criteria of a CSR stating customary in Germany in full. All
quantitative and qualitative statements in a 2018 news were also
accurate by an outmost auditing organisation (PricewaterhouseCoopers) under
a following criteria: materiality, stakeholder inclusiveness,
clarity, completeness, accuracy, trustworthiness and comparability.
Independent declaration was achieved in suitability with a ISAE 3000
Standard (International Standard of Assurance Engagements).


Assessing a BMW Group’s tolerable orientation.

The piece of tolerable development, as good as reporting
transparency, are also recognized by general experts: The BMW
Group is a usually vehicle manufacturer to underline in a rating
published by RobecoSAM AG for a Dow Jones Sustainability Indices
(DJSI) each year given 1999. In a rating gathered by a Carbon
Disclosure Project (CDP), a BMW Group warranted a place in a category
“Leadership” with an “A-” rating for clarity and climate
insurance measures in a year underneath review. In a many recent
ranking gathered in 2018 by a Institute for Ecological Economy
Research (IÖW) and a business organisation “future”, a BMW Group’s
Sustainable Value Report 2017 was named a second-best sustainability
news published by a vital German company. In an attention comparison,
a BMW Group’s news is a pure leader.


The “Sustainable Value Report 2018” will be accessible from 20 March
2019 online underneath the
following link: