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BMW Group reports best May sales ever

BMW Group reports best May sales ever

156,957 vehicles delivered worldwide in May, an boost of 6.4%
Sales boost by 9.1% to 728,029 vehicles in a initial 5 months
Strong, double-digit expansion in Asia continues

Munich. BMW Group sales available plain expansion once again in May. With 156,957 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce code automobiles delivered worldwide (prev. yr. 147,565 / +6.4%), a BMW Group achieved a best-ever May sales result. A sum of 728,029 (prev. yr. 667,523 / +9.1%) vehicles have been delivered to business given a start of a year, surpassing a prior year’s initial 5 months by some-more than 60,000 units.

Ian Robertson, Member of a Board of Management, Sales and Marketing BMW, pronounced in Munich on Monday, “Our car portfolio continues to be in clever direct and once again we achieved record sales in a month of May. Exceptional new products such as a BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé, that we launched on a 1st of June, as good as a new BMW 7 Series, will continue to expostulate momentum. We are good on a approach to achieving a new all-time high for sales in a year 2012.”

The BMW Group done clever gains in Asia in a month underneath examination with 41,289 vehicles delivered (prev. yr. 32,839 / +25.7%). Mainland China accounted for 27,815 deliveries, an boost of 31.5% over a same month final year (prev. yr. 21,150). Year-to-date, 135,026 BMW and MINI vehicles have been sole in Mainland China (prev. yr. 100,456/ +34.4%).

Gains were plain opposite America with 35,127 vehicles delivered in May (prev. yr. 33,266 / +5.6%). In a U.S., 28,321 vehicles were delivered final month, an boost of +7.1% over a same month final year (prev. yr. 26,452). Year-to-date, a BMW Group is adult 12.2% on sales of 130,843 in a initial 5 months of 2012 compared to 116,656 in a same duration in 2011.

In Europe, sales remained during a prior year’s level, with 75,374 units sole (prev. yr. 76,668/
-1.7%). Several markets in northern and executive Europe gifted clever expansion in May, for instance a U.K. (13,438/ +8.9%), a Netherlands (2,500/ +33.8%), and Austria (2,137/ +10.5%). In Germany, a sum of 27,796 new BMW and MINI vehicles were purebred in May. (prev. yr. 29,350/
-5.3%). The BMW code accounted for 24,116 registrations (prev. yr. 24,768/ -2.6%) and MINI for 3,680 registrations (prev. yr. 4,582/ -19.7%). Year-to-date, 121, 202 BMW and MINI vehicles have been purebred in Germany, an boost of +1.1% (prev. yr. 119,873).

BMW: Worldwide sales of BMW code vehicles climbed to 129,150 units (prev. yr. 121,170 / +6.6%) in a month underneath review. A sum of 607,207 BMW code vehicles (prev. yr. 555,440) have been delivered to business worldwide given a start of a year – an boost of +9.3%. Demand for a BMW 1 Series 5-door Hatch stays clever with 14,748 vehicles delivered in May, an boost of 59.4% over a same month final year. The 3-door chronicle of a BMW 1 Series Hatch will be launched in September, along with a new BMW 3 Series Touring. The BMW 3 Series Sedan continued to reported healthy gains in May with a sum of 22,385 vehicles delivered to customers, an boost of 12.3% compared to final year (prev. yr. 19,931). Sales of a BMW X3 continued to climb, with 12,563 units sole in May, an boost of 23.4% over a prior year (10,181). The BMW 5 Series also reported clever gains in May with 32.236 vehicles delivered (prev. yr. 26,457/ +21.8%) and continues to authority a segment. Growth was serve driven by a BMW 6 Series that was delivered to 2,011 business worldwide in May (prev. yr. 846/ +137.7%).

MINI: Worldwide sales for MINI climbed 5.5% to 27,527 vehicles in a month underneath review
(prev. yr 26.104). MINI had an glorious month in tools of Asia, such as China (2,315/ +40.3%) and Japan (1,330/ +25.5%), as good as in a largest market, a U.S. (6,153/ +6.1%). Year-to-date, MINI sales are adult +7.9% with 119,532 units compared to 110,803 in a initial 5 months of 2011.

Motorcycles: In a initial 5 months of 2012, BMW Motorrad sole 48,918 (prev. yr. 48,749) vehicles. This represents a expansion of +0.3% compared to a same duration in 2011. Sales for a month of May fell by 8.8% to a turn next that of a prior year – a sum of 11,457 motorcycles (prev. yr. 12,568) were delivered to customers.
Husqvarna Motorcycles available a arise in deliveries for a fifth month in a row. Year-to-date, Husqvarna delivered 4,420 motorcycles (prev. yr. 3,080 units), an boost of +43.5 %. In May, 860 vehicles (prev. yr. 537 units) were delivered to a Husqvarna dealership network, +60.1 % some-more than in a same month of a prior year.

BMW Group sales in/up to May 2012 during a glance

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