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BMW Group supports well-developed film plan "Late Shift". Interactive cinema knowledge lets viewers decide.

Munich. Cinema-goers who find themselves wanting to
call out tips and recommendation to characters on a vast shade will love
“Late Shift” – an interactive thriller, that allows a public to
change a hero’s actions regulating an app.

Thanks to countless co-operations with a film industry, a BMW
Group has turn an determined actor and arguable partner for
projects in a tellurian celebration business. Just final summer, a
series of BMW cars and a
BMW S 1000 RR starred in the
blockbuster “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation”. BMW Group vehicles
frequently underline in both vast general productions, and
smaller, high-quality productions such as “Late Shift”. The BMW Group
upheld this desirous prolongation from a commencement by a
mild venture. The singular plan is accessible from currently in
Apple’s app store and can also be seen in comparison cinemas in
Switzerland and a UK.

Protagonist Matt has a preference to make: After being forced to take
partial in an catastrophic raid on a famous London auction house, he
finds himself followed by confidence officers. On a stairway, he stops
to consider – should he run adult a stairs or down? A preference a viewer
can make for him. Using a pre-installed app a spectator decides which
approach Matt should go. This happens in real-time, so a preference has to
be finished in a few seconds while Matt reflects on a screen.

Every preference changes a “Late Shift” storyline. With seven
choice endings and some-more than 180 choices, a story is different
each time. Swiss prolongation association “CtrlMovie” has combined some-more than
4 hours of film element and, depending on a choices made, the
film lasts around 60 to 90 minutes. The filming was finished wholly on
site in London. This innovative format is singular worldwide and
represents a pioneering step in a universe of cinema.

The BMW Group supposing a series of vehicles for sharpened in London,
as good as prolongation vehicles. Depending on a tract chosen, Matt
drives possibly a BMW i8 or a BMW X5 M. The BMW 7 Series and a new
MINI 5 doorway Hatch also underline in a film. The insubordinate plug-in
hybrid sports automobile BMW i8, in particular, with a fascinating design
and innovative multiple of BMW Efficient Dynamics and BMW eDrive
technology, is ideal for a “Late Shift” colonize project. Both are
forging a new trail with their singular concepts. Under a cooperation
agreement, a BMW Group will precedence a impasse in online and
amicable media channels.

“An innovative judgment that tender us right away,” is how Claudia
Müller, Head of Entertainment Marketing BMW, describes a project.
“Most of all, we are happy that this team-work will assistance a small,
though achieved prolongation mangle through.”

“Late Shift” will be accessible from 10 Mar 2016 in Apple’s app
store and will also be shown during comparison cinemas in Switzerland and
a UK. The Anglo-Swiss co-production was destined by Tobias Weber,
formed on a screenplay created by Tobias Weber and Michael R. Johnson,
a author of Guy Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes”.



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In 2015, a BMW Group sole approximately 2.247 million cars and
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The success of a BMW Group has always been formed on long-term
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CtrlMovie is a start-up association determined in 2014 and formed in
Switzerland. It owns a singular and patent-pending IP, that allows to
emanate seamless interactive cinema of cinematic peculiarity for mobile
devices, interactive melodramatic screenings and home entertainment.
CtrlMovie creates interactive cinema on a possess and offers its
record and services to third celebration producers in the entertainment,
promotion and preparation industries. In Mar 2016, CtrlMovie
launches a initial feature-length prolongation called «Late Shift».