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BMW Group targets another record year in 2012

BMW Group targets another record year in 2012

New highs foresee for sales volume and earnings
EBIT domain of 8 to 10% targeted in Automotive shred
Sales volume of over dual million vehicles designed for 2016

Munich. The BMW Group is assured about a stream financial year after a record year in 2011. “We are targeting new highs in sales volume and pre-tax gain for 2012”, settled Norbert Reithofer, Chairman of a Board of Management of BMW AG during a Annual Accounts Press Conference in Munich on Tuesday. The Automotive shred stays on march to grasp an EBIT domain of between 8 and 10 percent, in line with a long-term profitability targets. Provided that a tellurian mercantile meridian does not take a spin for a worse, a BMW Group forecasts an EBIT domain in 2012 for a Automotive shred during a top finish of this corridor.

“We are starting a new year with a full sequence book and a rarely appealing indication range. The BMW Group skeleton to grow faster than a marketplace as a whole in 2012 and expects to grasp new sales volume annals for a BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brands” continued Reithofer. One critical motorist for expansion will be a new BMW 3 Series, a sedan chronicle of that has been accessible worldwide given 11 Feb 2012.

Other new and revised models will also be launched in 2012, including a BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé in Jun – a initial four-door coupé in a company’s story – and a indication rider of a group’s flagship, a BMW 7 Series, in July.

The Motorcycles shred will also enhance a product operation in 2012, with new vehicles such as a BMW Scooter and Husqvarna travel motorcycles providing good movement for sales volume, revenues and earnings. The clever opening of a Financial Services shred is also approaching to continue. The BMW Group forecasts that it will again be means to grasp a lapse on equity in 2012 of during slightest 18%.

These forecasts are formed on a arrogance that worldwide mercantile conditions sojourn stable.

Long-term sales volume aim to be achieved many progressing than planned
Strategy Number ONE, adopted behind in 2007, set a BMW Group on lane during an early theatre for a successful future. The advantages of this plan are now clearly visible. “The past year has been a many successful year in BMW Group’s corporate history, with new highs achieved for sales volume, revenues and earnings”, explained Reithofer.

We will continue to arise and exercise Strategy Number ONE in a future. The BMW Group will continue to concentration on a reward segment. “Premium is and stays a business indication and a basement for a BMW Group’s destiny success. In terms of innovation, design, sustainability and efficiency, a vehicles will continue to set standards in a reward segment”, emphasised Reithofer.

Profitable expansion will be achieved by rising new products in all automobile segments and by enchanting in new markets. “We are targeting a worldwide sales volume of some-more than dual million vehicles in 2016 and hence significantly progressing than creatively designed for 2020”, settled Reithofer.

The association stays committed to a long-term profitability targets and aims to grasp a tolerable EBIT domain of between 8 and 10 percent in a Automotive segment. Depending on domestic and mercantile developments, however, tangible margins might finish adult being above or next a targeted range.

Expenditure for new technologies and to enhance a prolongation network will arise in a entrance years. Even so, a collateral output ratio will sojourn next 7% in destiny (2011 : 5.4%).

BMW Group annals new highs for sales volume and gain in 2011
The BMW Group has again achieved sales volume, revenues and gain annals in a past year. Compared to a prior year, Group revenues increasing by 13.8% to € 68,821 million (2010: € 60,477 million). In gain terms, distinction before taxation (EBT) rose by 52.1% to € 7,383 million (2010: € 4,853 million), distinction before financial outcome (EBIT) by 56.9% to € 8,018 million (2010: € 5,111 million) and net distinction by 51.3% to € 4,907 million (2010: € 3,243 million). The sum array of BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce code cars delivered to business increasing by 14.2% to a new record figure of 1,668,982 units (2010: 1,461,166 units).

In perspective of this clever performance, a BMW Group intends to concede a shareholders to attend reasonably in a success of a BMW Group. The Board of Management and a Supervisory Board will introduce to shareholders during a Annual General Meeting on 16 May 2012 that a division be increasing to a new high turn of € 2.30 (2010: € 1.30) per share of common batch and
€ 2.32 (2010: € 1.32) per share of elite stock, homogeneous to a payout ratio of 30.7%.

Automotive shred EBIT domain adult to 11.8%
The Automotive shred also reported record sum for 2011. Revenues increasing by 16.8% to € 63,229 million (2010: € 54,137 million). EBIT jumped by 71.7% to € 7,477 million (2010: € 4,355 million) and a distinction before taxation by 75.5% to € 6,823 million (2010: € 3,887 million). The EBIT domain for a Automotive shred was therefore 11.8%, compared to a full-year EBIT domain of “over 10%” formerly foresee for a Automotive segment. The principal factors contributing to a poignant alleviation in shred gain were a pointy arise in sales volume on a one palm and softened cost structures on a other.

The good gain opening in 2011 helped beget clever giveaway money upsurge within a Automotive segment. At a same time, a marketplace launch of high-volume indication array such as a BMW 1 Series and 3 Series impacted operative capital, so shortening giveaway money flow. Other factors enclosed a share of a squeeze cost for a ING Car Lease Group merger associated to a Automotive segment, a squeeze of shares in SGL Carbon and a equity boost during a BMW Bank GmbH.

Free money upsurge in a financial year 2011 totalled € 2,133 million (2010: € 4,471 million). Adjusted for a factors referred to above, it would have been € 3,494 million. The BMW Group forecasts a giveaway money upsurge of over € 3 billion for a Automotive shred in 2012.

The BMW code set a new sales volume record in 2011, induction a 12.8% arise to 1,380,384 units (2010: 1,224,280 units). Sales of a BMW 3 Series remained high during 384,464 units (2010: 399,009 units; -3.6%) notwithstanding a indication change. The new BMW 3 Series Sedan has been accessible worldwide given 11 Feb 2012. Sales of a BMW 5 Series jumped by 39.4% to 332,501 units (2010: 238,454 units), ensuring that it remained a marketplace personality in a segment. The BMW 6 Series, that saw a launches of a new Convertible in open 2011 and a new Coupé in autumn, increasing sales volume by 60.7% to 9,396 units (2010: 5,848 units).

The BMW 7 Series, a flagship of a BMW brand, continued to perform well, offered 68,774 units (2010: 65,814 units) in 2011, an boost of 4.5% over a prior year. The several models of a BMW X family also continue to suffer a high grade of popularity. Sales of a BMW X1 rose by 26.4% to 126,429 units (2010: 99,990 units), while a BMW X3 some-more than doubled a sales volume to 117,944 units (2010: 46,004 units). Sales of a BMW X5 climbed by 2.6% to 104,827 units (2010: 102,178 units), permitting this rarely successful indication to keep a pretension as marketplace personality in a Sports Activity Vehicles reward segment.

The MINI code was also means to grasp a new sales volume high in 2011. In total, 285,060 units of a MINI (2010: 234,175 units) were sold, 21.7% some-more than in a prior year. The MINI Countryman achieved quite well, with sales adult some-more than 6 overlay to 89,036 units (2010: 14,337 units). The MINI Coupé was launched in Sep 2011 as a fifth indication in a MINI family and available a sales volume of 3,799 units adult to a year end.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars continued to perform successfully in 2011, recording a best ever sales volume in a 107-year history, with 3,538 cars (2010: 2,711 cars; +30.5%) delivered to customers.

The BMW Group was means to boost sales volumes in roughly all markets in a past year. In Europe, a array of cars sole rose by 8.5% to 858,383 units. Registrations in Germany grew by 6.8% to 285,257 units. Increases were also available for Great Britain (167,456 units; +8.2%), Italy (72,521 units; +4.9%) and France (70,442 units; +8.6%). Sales volume in North America rose by 14.4% to 341,345 units, including 306,349 units sole in a USA (+14.9%).

The BMW Group available poignant expansion in Asia in 2011, with sales volume in a shred flourishing by 31.1% to 375,452 units. Sales in China rose by 37.7% to 233,630 and in Japan by 9.2% to 47,663 units.

EBIT of € 45 million for Motorcycles shred in 2011
The Motorcycles shred achieved good notwithstanding steadfastly unlucky marketplace conditions. The array of motorcycles sole worldwide increasing in sum by 3.1% to 113,572 units (2010: 110,113 units). BMW Motorrad was means to lift a sales volume in 2011 to a new record turn of 104,286 units (2010: 98,047 units; +6.4%). Husqvarna’s sales opening was influenced by a array of factors, in sole unlucky conditions on a off-road marketplace (9,286 units/ 2010: 12,066 units; -23.0%).

Segment revenues rose by 10.1% to € 1,436 million (2010: € 1,304 million) on a behind of sales volume growth. As a outcome of restructuring during Husqvarna, EBIT fell to € 45 million (2010: € 71 million) and distinction before taxation to € 41 million (2010: € 65 million).

Excellent opening by Financial Services segment
The Financial Services shred also put in a excellent opening in 2011, profiting from a rarely appealing product portfolio, enlightened refinancing conditions and an softened risk situation. Segment revenues went adult by 5.4% to € 17,510 million (2010: € 16,617 million). The distinction before taxation jumped by 47.4% to € 1,790 million (2010: € 1,214 million).

At 31 Dec 2011, a Financial Services shred was handling a portfolio of 3,592,093 franchise and credit financing contracts, 12.6% some-more than a year earlier. The array of new franchise and credit financing contracts sealed (1,196,610) was 10.5% adult on a prior year. The volume of new business was larger than in a preceding year, both for credit financing (+4.6%) and leasing (+25.0%).

The suit of new BMW Group vehicles financed or leased by a Financial Services shred was 41.1%, down by 7.1 commission points compared to a prior year. The diminution is essentially due to a fact that a Chinese marketplace is enclosed in these sum for a initial time: a suit of financed or leased vehicles in China is significantly reduce than a normal for other automobile markets.

Sharp arise in workforce in 2011
The array of employees increasing significantly during a past year. At a finish of 2011, a worldwide workforce comprised 100,306 employees, an boost of 5.1% (31 Dec 2010: 95,453 employees). One of a reasons for a boost was a merger of a ING Car Lease Group. In addition, learned workers were recruited to keep sideways of a high direct for BMW Group vehicles and to press forward with a growth of new technologies.

Moreover, some-more apprentices have been taken on to safeguard that a BMW Group’s mandate for learned staff during locations both in Germany and abroad can be met. The array of apprentices increasing by 2.7% over a march of a year to 3,899 as of 31 Dec 2011.

The BMW Group – an overview

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The BMW Group

With a 3 brands – BMW, MINI, Husqvarna Motorcycles and Rolls-Royce – a BMW Group is one of a world’s many successful reward manufacturers of cars and motorcycles. It operates internationally with 25 prolongation and public plants in 14 countries and a tellurian sales network with illustration in some-more than 140 countries.

During a financial year 2011, a BMW Group sole approximately 1.67 million cars and some-more than 113,000 motorcycles worldwide. The distinction before taxation for 2011 was € 7.38 billion on revenues amounting to € 68.82 billion. At 31 Dec 2011, a BMW Group had a workforce of approximately 100,000 employees.

Long-term meditative and obliged movement have prolonged been a substructure of a BMW Group’s success. Striving for ecological and amicable sustainability along a whole value-added chain, holding full shortcoming for a products and giving an undeniable joining to preserving resources are primary objectives resolutely embedded in a corporate strategies. For these reasons, a BMW Group has been zone personality in a Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for a final 7 years.

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