BMW Canada

BMW Group Thailand localizes high-voltage battery production

Munich/Bangkok. BMW Group Thailand has set a sights
on another miracle in Thailand’s tour towards a destiny of
electro-mobility with internal high voltage battery prolongation – which
comprises prolongation of a battery modules and a battery itself –
from 2019 heading during a new prolongation trickery located in WHA Chonburi
Industrial Estate 2. In partnership with a Dräxlmaier Group, one of
a world’s heading automotive suppliers and a clever systems partner
with BMW Group given 1966, BMW Group Manufacturing Thailand is now
laying a plain substructure for internal battery prolongation through
modernized training and gift programs starting Sep 2018.

Mr. Christian Wiedmann, President, BMW Group Thailand said, “We are
really vehement to be holding another large step brazen in our
electro-mobility strategy. The start of internal battery prolongation will
capacitate us to improved respond to flourishing final for electrified
vehicles opposite ASEAN markets. Furthermore, this new capability adds
to a strengths of Plant Rayong, that has already been portion as an
automotive prolongation heart in a region. With 4 BMW plug-in hybrid
models already rolling out from a public lines during Plant Rayong,
internal battery prolongation will positively member a prolongation of
block in-hybrids.”

Alongside a electric motor, a high-voltage battery is a central
member of partially and fully-electrified vehicles and a highly
worldly member that requires specialized skills to produce.
To strengthen a foundations for high-tech public work, BMW Group
Manufacturing Thailand and Dräxlmaier Group are enchanting in an
complete team-work to move this modernized imagination to Thailand.

Mr. Gerhard Irnesberger, Plant Manager Dräxlmaier Group Thailand,
said, “It is a really large honor, to furnish a high voltage
storage internal for BMW Thailand. Currently, there are dual DRÄXLMAIER
teams operative palm in palm from Germany and Thailand to lead the
devise to a successful start of production”.

Since Sep 2018, staff from a Dräxlmaier Group have been
holding partial in a battery prolongation training procedure during BMW Group
Plant Dingolfing and a commander plant for e-drivetrains to share their
imagination in cutting-edge prolongation technologies such as laser
welding, plasma activation, robotics, gluing, programmed visual and
electrical inline peculiarity investigation along with end-of-line testing.
The training is also focused on ancillary a highly-automated process,
that is an critical partial of battery procedure production, as good as
extensive peculiarity assurance, product methodology and technology,
rework, and analysis.

With a clever grasp of battery prolongation skills, a staff will work
on battery cells supposing by suppliers in a Asian segment along with
other alien tools such as aluminum housing, electronics, and cables
to hurl out a high-voltage batteries that accommodate BMW Group world-class
customary and to accommodate Thailand’s internal calm requirement regulation.
Final batteries will afterwards be ecstatic to Plant Rayong for the
prolongation of a PHEVs formed on a BMW 5 Series, BMW 7 Series, and
BMW X5 in a initial proviso from 2019 onward.

“To safeguard that a prolongation routine is in line with a BMW
Group’s well-developed standards of quality, experts from BMW Group
Munich are involved. Together, BMW Group and Dräxlmaier devise to invest
over 400 million baht to settle a new guide for e-mobility
innovations in Thailand and a region. For BMW Group Thailand, we
have already designed and authorized for government’s incentives by
Thailand’s Board of Investment (BoI) to serve deposit over 700
million baht for some-more BMW Plug-in Hybrid models to come”, Mr. Wiedmann added.