BMW Canada



1. Pioneering moments and milestones in a story of a BMW Group.

Pioneering decisions and products from a past
continue to make their symbol on a BMW Group today.


The BMW Group has had a poignant change on a destiny of
mobility ever given it was founded in 1916. Over a years, it has
constantly evolved, rising to a position now as a reward provider
of mobility services. The ability for foresighted transformation is a prejudiced of
a BMW Group’s DNA – as evidenced during many points around its
story and by countless decisions and products.


Some pioneering moments in a story of a company:


Introduction of a BMW R 32 – a vital change opposite the

Launched in 1923, a R 32 was distant some-more than usually a initial bike to
foe a blue and white code heading on a tank; it was evidence, even
then, of a company’s bravery in vacating from informed pathways to
operative a unequivocally initial vehicle, entrance adult with a pattern developed
totally around a engine. This proceed would spin not usually a
heading of BMW motorcycle construction nonetheless also a vital influence
opposite a attention as a whole.


“Born Electric” Launch of BMW i – another miracle showing
a appetite to totally rethink and redesign mobility.

Coupled with a appetite to rethink and redesign mobility from a very
foundations, this bravery remained clearly in justification 90 years later:
in 2013, a Born Electric sign noted a marketplace launch of the
all-electric BMW i3 – and with it a start of a new era. Based on an
pattern comprising a lightweight CO newcomer dungeon on an
aluminium chassis, a BMW i3 was a finish depart from all that
had left before. Instead, it set out to accommodate a specific requirements
of electro-mobility.


Presentation of a BMW 328 embodying dynamics, aesthetics and
ideal creation – qualities a BMW code stands for to this day.

At a Nürburgring in Jun 1936, a initial open arrangement of a BMW
328 was to conclude a immature brand’s motorsport ambitions right adult to
a 1960s. The success of a BMW 328 lay in a sum of its
engineering parameters: rigorously practical lightweight design, ideal
weight distribution, aerodynamic lines, a ideal engine, and
flawless road-holding interjection to a meticulously tuned chassis. The BMW
328 laid a substructure for an wholly new bargain of what a
automobile could be: success by opening formed on a perfect
interplay between limit potency and a full spectrum of
parameters. By incorporating these qualities, a BMW 328 embodied
all a BMW code stands for to this day: dynamics, aesthetics
and ideal innovation.


BMW 1500 – a initial member of a “Neue Klasse” – a new
segment, a family foe saloon.

Over a years, a BMW Group has proven time and again a instinct
for formulating a right cars and motorcycles during a right time. Many of
a products have even determined wholly new automobile segments: in
a early 60s, for example, a “Neue Klasse” (“New Class”) BMW 1500
became a initial member of a family foe tavern segment. Today,
this shred is served by any reward manufacturer.


An wholly new bike judgment – a “GS”– was innate with a R
80 G/S.

In a late 1970s, when foe from a Far East was increasing,
motorcycle developers during BMW came adult with a warn in a figure of
an wholly new bike concept, launched in 1980: a R 80 G/S. At the
time, it was a initial and usually large-engined off-roader to offer the
float qualities of a highway bike. The “GS” went on to lay a foundation
for one of a many renouned motorcycle forms today: a ride enduro.


Unveiling of a initial “SAV”: a BMW X5.

The innovative judgment to brew on and off-road capabilities turned
out to be rarely earnest – and not usually for bikes. Back in 1999, the
automotive universe still eminent between newcomer vehicles for
a highway and off-roaders for serious terrain. BMW, however, came adult with
a startling new resolution that total both. It was denounced during the
Detroit Motor Show in Jan 1999. Long before a SUV bang began,
a BMW Group had grown a possess interpretation of a automobile that
charity energetic doing and all-wheel expostulate as good as elevated
seating positions for occupants. The name SAV (Sports Activity
Vehicle) voiced a sporty focus: it was a BMW X5, manufactured
during a US plant in Spartanburg.


Establishment of BMW Motorsport GmbH – substructure for a BMW
M GmbH.

It is not usually products that have brought a BMW Group such success;
so, too, have a pioneering decisions. One such preference concerned
a investiture in 1972 of BMW Motorsport GmbH. For a company’s
tip decision-makers, a fact that motorsport contributed to the
certain pattern of a association and a products was not enough; the
vehicles a Motorsport section constructed should also beget significant
earnings with that to refinance motorsport activities. To this day,
products by BMW M GmbH sojourn a vital writer not usually to the
company’s formula nonetheless also to a image.


Opening of a “FIZ” – BMW Group’s Research Development
Centre in Munich.

Many of a BMW Group’s innovations are combined in a highly
on-going sourroundings of a company’s Research Development
Centre in Munich, famous as a FIZ. Opened in 1990, a building has a
honeycomb structure that enhances partnership between all the
departments concerned in automobile growth by shortening a distances
between them. Along with a new building, a engineers were newly
organized into “development plan teams”, that enabled them to
promulgate some-more good and solve issues directly on their
initial prototypes. In addition, they could say consistent contact
with a designers, as they were also formed in a FIZ and were
accessible to plead their proposals right from a start.
Concentrating growth work in a FIZ has proven rarely successful
over a years and continues to arise to this day. The facility’s
Aerodynamics Test Centre for example, initial went into operation in
2009 and is now deliberate a benchmark around a world. Plans are
already underneath proceed to invariably extend a FIZ over a entrance decades.


BMW Group: Facing adult to a past.

As good as a many successes, a BMW Group has faced several major
crises and hurdles during a history.


1930s and 1940s.

Under a National Socialist regime of a 1930s and 40s, BMW AG
operated exclusively as a retailer to a German arms industry. As
direct for BMW aero engines increased, forced labourers, convicts and
prisoners from thoroughness camps were recruited to support with
prolongation them. To this day, a huge pang this caused
and a predestine of many forced labourers stays a matter of a most
surpassing regret. In 1983, BMW AG became a initial industrial
house to trigger a open discuss about this section of its
story with a announcement of a book entitled “BMW – Eine Deutsche
Geschichte” (“BMW – A German History”). Several some-more publications on
a theme followed. The BMW Group is categorically confronting adult to this
dim section of a past and in 1999, it became a initial member of
a substructure “Erinnerung, Verantwortung, Zukunft” (“Remembrance,
Responsibility and Future”) for a remuneration of former forced labourers.


Since a 1990s, a BMW Group has been actively enchanting in efforts
to foster openness, honour and bargain between cultures. (To
find out some-more about Corporate and Intercultural Responsibility during the
BMW Group, revisit a PressClub at:


9 Dec 1959.

In a years after a war, BMW, or a Bavarian Motor Works, to give
it a full name, was delayed to recover. While 1950s Germany was in the
midst of a “economic miracle”, BMW AG found itself in serious crisis
and on a verge of losing a liberty by being sole to rival
Daimler-Benz. At a thespian General Meeting on 9 Dec 1959, plans
for a sale were scuppered, however, by little shareholders and BMW
dealers. Impressed by a faith that shareholders and dealers placed
in BMW, one of a company’s incomparable shareholders, industrialist
Herbert Quandt, motionless to find an choice solution, that he
worked on in discussions with a Management Board and Works Council.
Detailed analyses showed that BMW had a earnest future. The
entrepreneurial joining of Herbert Quandt and his family continues
to secure a liberty of BMW AG to this day.


The strength and resilience of a BMW Group were also apparent in
after years. The oil predicament of a early 1970s and a unsuccessful
merger of Rover in a 1990s were dual severe situations; the
association emerged from both empowered.


Brands are a romantic impression of a company.

Over a years, a BMW Group has demonstrated a strident brand
recognition on many occasions. As good as building a core BMW brand
and realigning it after a predicament of 1959, it went on to establish
a BMW Motorrad name. In 2001 and 2003 respectively, it also
rekindled a success of a UK’s MINI and Rolls-Royce brands thanks
in prejudiced to cutting-edge technology. 


Since then, a continued encouragement of a BMW, BMW Motorrad, MINI
and Rolls-Royce brands has authorised a BMW Group to secure a strong
position in a reward segment. “The association has constantly developed
and infrequently even reinvented itself,” says BMW AG Management Board
Chairman, Harald Krüger. “As we pierce into a future, that’s not going
to change.”



2. BMW Group THE NEXT 100 YEARS: The centenary year.


Centenary subject and new BMW Group corporate identity.

The sign of a BMW Group’s centenary celebrations is THE NEXT 100 YEARS.


Throughout a history, a BMW Group has been a pioneering force
with a transparent concentration on a future. This same proceed will also be at
a centre of a centenary activities, that initial and inaugural shine
a light on what lies ahead.


This joining to a destiny and to swell is clearly voiced in
a new corporate temperament and website. The corporate identity
includes a new emblem, that consists of 3 interlinking triangles
that brew to form an arrow. The 4 elements in a design
paint a 4 pivotal characteristics of a BMW Group:
Responsibility, Trust, Pioneering Spirit and Success. They also
simulate a farrago of a company, a brands and a employees.


The BMW Group website,, has been comprehensively
updated, with new technical facilities and essence delivering a full
operation of a latest forward-looking online communications.



Centenary Event on 7 Mar 2016.

On 7 Mar 2016 – one hundred years to a day given BMW AG was
entered into a blurb register – a BMW Group will launch its
centenary activities.


On a morning of 7 March, a new BMW Group Classic building in
Moosacher Straße 66 will open a doors for a unequivocally initial time,
welcoming ubiquitous reporters to a press discussion giving
sum about a centenary. Moosacher Straße 66 is a significant
residence as it is a place where a association initial began.


In a afternoon of 7 March, around 2,000 guest from a universe of
business, politics, research, multitude and a media will be welcomed
to a Munich Olympic Hall along with comparison dealers, suppliers and
associates. Here, a multimedia uncover will take them by a key
moments in a BMW Group’s story and benefaction a company’s
interpretation of destiny reward mobility. The eventuality will cap in
a phenomenon of a Vision Vehicle combined by a core brand, BMW: the


Centenary Event: Streamed to associates around a world.

The BMW Group’s success would never have been probable nonetheless the
joining of a employees. As a tellurian organisation, a Group
employs some-more than 122,000 people during 140 locations around a world.
Almost all of them will have a eventuality to come together to watch
a uncover during a Munich Olympic Hall, when it is streamed live to their
trickery as prejudiced of their possess inner event. In addition, many markets
around a universe will be regulating their possess events to symbol the
centenary. One unequivocally special knowledge will be a live promote to
Munich’s Allianz Arena, where over 30,000 employees from a various
sites and offices opposite a city will be examination a launch eventuality as
it unfolds. For BMW Group employees, one prominence will be the
Associates’ Symbol. This will be suggested right during a start of the
kick-off eventuality and consists of a whole horde of mural photographs of
employees from around a world, that were submitted in a run-up to
a event.



BMW Group World Tour:

“Iconic Impulses. The BMW Group Future Experience”.

Following a Centenary Event on 7 March, a BMW Vision Vehicle will
set off on a mystic BMW Group World Tour, a travelling exhibition
with stops in China, UK and USA.


For a Asian premiere, a BMW VISION NEXT 100 will ride to
Beijing. Later it will pierce on to London, where dual offer Vision
Vehicles will join it, this time from a BMW Group’s British-based
brands, MINI and Rolls-Royce.


The final pier of call on a World Tour will be Los Angeles, USA, one
of a BMW Group’s pivotal markets. Here, a final Vision Vehicle, from
BMW Motorrad, will finish a party of BMW Group brands.


Inspiring destiny mobility is a pivotal end of a BMW Group. This
is clearly illustrated by a judgment and pretension “Iconic
Impulses. The BMW Group Future Experience”
. The exhibition
presents a company’s holistic viewpoint of destiny particular mobility – a
viewpoint that sees a BMW Group and a brands stability to
emanate positive, romantic and personal practice for a customers
to enjoy.

Visitors to a “Iconic Impulses. The BMW Group Future Experience”
will knowledge a BMW Group as a suspicion personality presenting visions
that strech distant over a brief term, charity a multi-faceted and
relocating viewpoint on a destiny of mobility.


The muster will cover several destiny trends that will have a
poignant change not usually on a automotive attention nonetheless on
multitude as a whole. It will explore:


    • The opportunities non-stop adult by digitalisation and connectivity
    • The augmenting purpose of record in a lives
    • BMW Group’s prophesy of a tolerable future
    • The company’s joining to raise a efforts as a good
      coporate citizen


BMW Group World Tour dates:

  • Beijing (5-15 May) – BMW VISION NEXT 100 creates a Asian debut
  • London (16-26 June) – MINI and Rolls-Royce Vision Vehicles to be unveiled
  • Los Angeles (11-16 October) – BMW Motorrad Vision Vehicle makes
    a universe debut


To accompany a exhibition, a BMW Group will reason discussions for
comparison groups and stakeholders. The categorical aim will be to inspire an
sell between relocating people from several fields outward the
association and experts and gifted people from within it. Together,
they will discuss and figure a growth of several issues around
destiny mobility.



Two exhibitions, one festival.

Future Experience in a ‘double cone’ during BMW Welt.

Core components of a BMW Group World Tour muster in Beijing,
London and Los Angeles will also be on arrangement in Munich, as a
permanent designation for visitors to enjoy. The Future Experience in
a ‘double cone’ of a BMW Welt will open to a open on 22 March,
adding a offer prominence to a BMW Welt, that already welcomes
around 3 million visitors a year.


Temporary muster of association highlights: “100 Masterpieces”
during a BMW Museum.

100 Masterpieces is a proxy muster in that a BMW Group and
a brands will symbol a centenary by presenting a milestones in
their history. From 10 Mar 2016, visitors to a BMW Museum will be
means to knowledge iconic models such as a BMW 328, BMW 507 and BMW
Turbo all revelation their story. Key business decisions done throughout
a company’s 100-year story will also have a special place in a exhibition.


“BMW Festival – THE NEXT 100 YEARS”. Highlight eventuality from the
core BMW code for all associates and former employees, a public,
fans and friends.

9-11 Sep 2016 will see Munich horde a BMW Festival – THE NEXT
100 YEARS. It will be hold opposite a drift of a Munich Olympic
Park, including a Olympic Stadium, Olympic Hall and a “Parkharfe”,
that is routinely a parking area for visitors to a Park. The BMW
Museum, BMW Welt and a area around a iconic ‘Four-Cylinder’
domicile building will also be included, and events will be
dull off in a evenings by a BMW Festival Night. The initial BMW
Festival Night will be exclusively for BMW Group employees; a second
will be open to a ubiquitous public. High-profile personalities and
ubiquitous stars from a universe of song will take to a stage,
while eminent DJs will safeguard a genuine festival atmosphere. (More
information about a BMW Festival at:



BMW Group special centenary publication.

To symbol a centenary year, a special announcement will yield a
resources of information not usually about a story of a BMW Group but
also about pivotal destiny issues, such as energy, demographic change,
globalisation, digitalisation and mobility. They will embody of a
reduction of essays, reports, studies and interviews with experts, and
simulate a farrago of a BMW Group as good as a brands BMW,
MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad.


Volume 1 “Back to a Future” (“Zurück in die Zukunft”).

“Back to a Future” paints a extensive association portrait,
charting a story from a initial BMW aero-engine to a successful
quip of a MINI and Rolls-Royce brands.


Volume 2 “Road Trips – Journeys to a Places where a Future
has already arrived” (“Zeitreisen”).

This volume shows iconic products from a story of a BMW Group
try into critical areas of a future.


Volume 3:“Where is a BMW Group Headed?” (“Was wird aus der

BMW Group?”).

In “Where is a BMW Group Headed?”, essayists and BMW Group experts
try a doubt of how a association can – and contingency – develop.


Volume 4: “Fast Curious”.

“Fast Curious” takes a tongue-in-cheek demeanour during a full
spectrum of mobility as envisioned over a years, from Icarus via
Knight Rider to a remote-controlled BMW of James Bond.


Volume 5: “Where do we go from here?” (“Wo fahren wir hin?”).

“Where do we go from here?” is a compress atlas of a future, in
that minute maps and graphics draft a growth of tomorrow’s world.


Volume 6: “The End of a World was Yesterday” (“Weltuntergang
fight gestern”).

The book “The End of a World was Yesterday” (“Weltuntergang war
gestern”) presents a collection of educational essays about visions of
a future.


Volume 7: “Out of a Box”.

This volume provides some surprises from a BMW Group archives.


Volume 8: “Gallery 2116” (“Galerie 2116”).

Renowned illustrators put coop to paper to blueprint their
interpretations of destiny mobility. The outcome is a idealist spectrum
of charming scholarship novella worlds.


Volumes 9 – 12 are dedicated to a Vision Vehicles of the
brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad.

In these volumes dedicated to a Vision Vehicle, a BMW Group
pattern group will offer insights into how and since a vehicles were created.


Volume 13: “Talking about Tomorrow” (“Gespräche über das Morgen”).

Finally, “Talking about Tomorrow” presents a thoughts and opinions
of personalities from politics, business and a academia on key
destiny issues.


As a centenary celebrations get underneath proceed on 7 Mar 2016, the
array of publications will embody of usually 9 initial volumes to be
distributed to a singular round of recipients. In a weeks and months
that follow, a remaining Vision Vehicle books as good as “Talking
about Tomorrow” will be combined to a collection. From Oct 2016
onwards a books will be accessible from bookstores as a
limited-edition singular volume.



 3. The BMW Groups’s viewpoint of a future: Transformations and visions.

By selecting THE NEXT 100 YEARS as a leitmotif, a BMW Group
consciously tackled a paradox: a subsequent 100 years can't be predicted
– not by scientists, nor by politicians or mercantile strategists.
However, a array of convincing prognoses exist that are formed on future
projections for a accumulation of total and factors. After a lengthy
spell of research, a BMW Group has used them to beget a own
prophesy of tomorrow’s world. The preference was done to combine on
pivotal questions and megatrends that will impact not usually personal
mobility nonetheless also a day-to-day and business lives. The BMW Group
aims to benefaction as holistic a viewpoint as probable of a subsequent dual to
3 decades, formed on well-regarded studies from several sources as
good as a opinions of eminent futurologists.


By mixing a possess inner information with evaluations from
several investigate institutes, a BMW Group has combined a comprehensive
pattern of a destiny and of amicable mutation and a tellurian needs
compared with it. The BMW Group resolutely believes that personal
mobility is and will sojourn a elemental tellurian need.


Burgeoning urbanisation, megacities, globalisation and
civil regions. Mobile versatility.

A pivotal evil of a mutation that lies brazen is
burgeoning urbanisation. Experts guess that by 2050, some-more than 75
percent of people in Europe and roughly 90 per cent of people in a US
will live in cities. At a same time, a requirement for greater
individuality will increase.


Already today, owning a automobile is infrequently not adequate to safeguard our
changing personal needs and mobility mandate are met. Overcrowded
roads, a miss of parking spaces and automobile bans for environmental
reasons are usually some of a barriers that need to be overcome in
civic areas today. In Jul of final year, a BMW Group’s Centre of
Excellence for Urban Mobility set out to solve some of these issues,
and a group of experts is now operative with cities and all the
applicable seductiveness groups to arise tolerable concepts for future
civic mobility.


People everywhere wish to be means to have entrance to a right
mobility resolution for any given situation. Car-sharing programmes,
such as DriveNow, have entered a cities as new concepts and are
already operative well. However, it’s usually when all a several modes of
ride work in unison that people’s needs will honestly be met.
Changing between opposite ride options can be time-consuming and
rarely inconvenient. The multi-modal routing complement that debuted in
a BMW i3 includes open ride in a recommendations wherever
this creates travelling some-more convenient. Automatic engagement and
stereotyped remuneration systems already offer prejudiced solutions now but
have nonetheless to spin some-more closely integrated.


At a same time, people are seeking a higher-quality transport
experience. As time becomes increasingly scarce, a duration spent
removing from A to B will spin some-more and some-more important; people will
wish to use their tour time good and safely, for work or to
relax, to suffer new practice or a association of their companions.
That’s since BMW Group Mobility thinks good over a product,
fluctuating a strech to embody technologies and services for enhanced
particular mobility. The BMW Group’s destiny prophesy is for mobility to
spin effortless, accessible on direct and divided customisable.
In a years and decades ahead, a BMW Group would like to keep
people relocating by a best means possible.


Technology and digitalisation. Natural connectivity.

Over a subsequent decade, a automotive attention is going to change more
than over a final 30 years. Digitalisation will play a pivotal purpose in
a mutation and, as a motorist of innovation, a BMW Group
intends to sojourn during a vanguard of these developments in the
automotive industry.


Right now, a association is on a verge of realising automated
driving. With it will come a array of technical challenges, nonetheless also
a vital eventuality for revolutionising mobility. In a future, Sheer
Driving Pleasure will also be tangible as liberating drivers by automation.


BMW Group business already advantage from a operation of partially
programmed functions today, all of them designed to take a aria out
of driving. The new BMW 7 Series, for example, facilities a Steering
Assistant and Lane Departure Warning. In a subsequent technological step,
programmed pushing will raise highway reserve and make travelling even
some-more gentle and efficient. Automated pushing of a kind
demonstrated by a BMW i Vision Future Interaction (unveiled during the
CES 2016) will play a pivotal purpose in moulding a destiny of personal and
tolerable mobility.


Another area in that a BMW Group is building on a advantages of
digitalisation is production. Here, connectivity between a genuine and
digital worlds offers poignant intensity in many areas. The aim is
to grasp an intelligent, connected prolongation set-up where complex
processes can be done even some-more fit by a concentration of
IT-supported technologies.


The BMW Group essentially focuses on 4 pivotal areas of potential:

Automated information constraint and analysis, such as digital
plant surveys and simulations, raise slight security. The latest 3D
plant information make accurate formulation probable so that new digital systems
and structures can be integrated into existent landscapes, for
example. This, in turn, takes coherence to a new level.


Smart Logistics sets out to boost transparency
over a supply network and optimise supply chains.


Innovative automation
systems support employees directly as they lift out
their work in production. Flexibly serviceable robots, for example, can
work alongside humans to support with physically perfectionist tasks.


Additive manufacturing, also referred to as 3D
printing, is bringing new solutions to production. As good as opening
adult intensely some-more operation for a larger accumulation of forms, additive
prolongation allows components to be constructed fast and in suitable
quality. Currently, a classical instance of further prolongation in use
is a prolongation of customised collection in little batches. The BMW Group
believes this prolongation slight has good intensity for series
prolongation and realising new patron services – for instance through
a customisation of automobile components and a sustenance of gangling parts.


Over a longer term, these changes will also impact a purpose of
humans in production. In a years and decades ahead, people will
spin creators and enablers of processes, even some-more than they are
today, and their contributions will continue to modernize a working
universe in that they operate.



Efficient appetite for a environment.

Low-impact appetite use is a elemental value of a BMW Group. For
some-more than 15 years, a association has been a Sustainability Leader of
a automotive attention in a RobecoSAM sustainability ranking.


The BMW Group is good wakeful of a shortcoming – and has been
given 1973. Back then, BMW was a initial automotive writer in the
universe to invest an Environment Officer. Moreover, given 1990, the
association has cut a emissions of a automobile swift by 40 percent – due
to a concentration of EfficientDynamics technologies, launched in 2007.


By transitioning from explosion to all-electric appetite and running
vehicles such as a BMW i3 and a BMW Motorrad C expansion Scooter,
a BMW Group is formulating totally new and groundbreaking ways of
experiencing pushing pleasure, sustainability and interconnectivity in
civic settings.


Gaining a loyal pattern of a ecological footprint of any vehicle
means holding into comment a whole lifecycle, not usually a active
lifespan. Consequently, fit concepts all along a value chain
are essential.


One such judgment is intelligent appetite information management, that is
already used during a plants in Spartanburg, Leipzig and Regensburg. It
is formed on a array of intelligent electricity meters that monitor
a volume of appetite consumed by prolongation systems and robots, and
review commentary with total in a executive association network. As good as
shortening a volume of appetite used, intelligent appetite information management
increases prolongation confidence and enhances product quality. The system
was grown as prejudiced of a BMW Group’s digitalisation judgment and
perceived support from a European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


Another pivotal cause in shortening a environmental impact of vehicle
prolongation is a use of appetite from renewable sources, such as wind
and water. Already, around 58 percent of electricity purchased by the
BMW Group comes from renewable sources. The plant during Moses Lake, for
example, uses hydro-power; Leipzig uses breeze power, and Rosslyn uses biomass.


Another proceed of saving resources is by regulating renewable materials and
recyclates. Key examples during a BMW Group embody olive oil-tanned
leather, kenaf and a use of PET recyclate in chair covers. By the
year 2020, a BMW Group aims to cut a expenditure of energy, water,
rubbish and solvents per automobile constructed by 45 percent.


Over a longer term, a aim is to emanate a totally neutral
cycle, from component buying and prolongation to product use and
recycling. (To find out some-more about Sustainability during a BMW Group,



4. BMW VISION NEXT 100: Sheer Driving Pleasure of a future –
What will it demeanour like?


Trying to pattern how we will live and get around in a destiny is as
severe as it is fascinating. How will social, mercantile and living
conditions change? And what will be a impact on a mobility? What
sparkling new possibilities will new technologies bring? And what
outcome will digitalisation and connectivity have on a automotive requirements?


To symbol a centenary year in 2016, a BMW Group is looking further
brazen than common with a array of Vision Vehicles designed to
expect and respond to people’s destiny mobility needs. Over the
entrance years, mobility will spin increasingly diverse. In the
not-too-distant future, many vehicles will substantially be completely
self-driving – people will get around in robots on wheels. So, given
these developments, how will we clear a existence of vehicles by
BMW, a code for whom a particular and Sheer Driving Pleasure are
a concentration of everything? And how will BMW’s code values translate
into a future?


In building a BMW VISION NEXT 100, a categorical pattern was to
emanate not an unknown automobile nonetheless one that is rarely personalised
and entirely geared to accommodate a driver’s any need – since a very
romantic tie between a BMW and a motorist is something we want
to retain. For a BMW VISION NEXT 100, a pattern group specifically
took into comment all a trends and technological developments that
will be many applicable to BMW in a decades ahead. But they also took
many of their cues from innovations and designs of a past. The key
cause throughout, however, was something that has always been typical
of a BMW brand: a enterprise to be formidable in a destiny focus
on technologies and patron value.


Adrian outpost Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design: “If, as a designer,
we are means to suppose something, there’s a good possibility it could one
day spin reality. So a pattern with a BMW VISION NEXT 100 was
to arise a destiny unfolding that people would rivet with. Technology
is going to make poignant advances, opening adult illusory new
possibilities that will concede us to offer a motorist even more
assistance for an even some-more heated pushing experience.

“My personal viewpoint is that record should be as discerning as
probable to work and knowledge so that destiny interactions between
human, appurtenance and vicinity spin seamless. The BMW VISION NEXT
100 shows how we intend to figure this future.”


Four proposals underpinning a BMW VISION NEXT 100:


A genuine BMW is always driver-focused.

In new months and years, a biggest stream trend in the
automotive attention has spin so widespread that it’s no longer a
doubt of ‘if’ nonetheless ‘when’: unconstrained driving. The BMW Group also
believes that BMW drivers will be means to let their cars do a work –
nonetheless usually when a motorist wants. The BMW VISION NEXT 100 stays a
genuine BMW, charity an heated knowledge of Sheer Driving Pleasure.


Artificial comprehension and discerning record spin one.

Moving into a future, vehicles will be entirely connected, and digital
record will spin so normal that it will interfuse roughly every
area of a lives. Increasing digitalisation will lead to a physical
and digital worlds merging some-more and more. Artificial comprehension will
learn from us, expecting many of a wishes and operative divided in the
credentials to perform a jobs we nominee to it. The proceed humans and
technologies correlate will be transformed: screens and touchscreens
will be transposed by some-more discerning forms of human-machine
communication and interaction. Better yet: record will spin some-more human.


New materials open adult monumental opportunities.

In a future, how will cars be manufactured? At some point, presses
that punch out hundreds of thousands of steel collection might good become
archaic – a use of CO might already be a initial denote of the
sea-change that is approaching in a universe of automotive materials and
production. Technologies such as fast prolongation and 4D printing
will furnish not components or objects nonetheless intelligent, networked
materials and could shortly reinstate compulsory collection to open up
unimagined possibilities in pattern and engineering.


Mobility will sojourn an romantic experience.

Vehicles by BMW have never been quite practical or merely a means
of removing from one place to a next. Far more, a BMW is about
looking to a subsequent hook in a road, feeling a appetite of a engine
and enjoying a clarity of speed; it’s about a feeling experience,
a adrenaline rush or that insinuate impulse during that a tour begins,
be it for a sole motorist or one travelling with a tighten crony or loved
one. Moving into a future, that’s not set to change – since the
romantic knowledge of mobility is resolutely bound in a collective
corporate memory. By gripping a motorist resolutely in a foreground, the
BMW VISION NEXT 100 will worsen this romantic knowledge in an
rare way.


BMW VISION NEXT 100: A automobile for destiny mobility.

  • From motorist to “Ultimate Driver” – by digital intelligence.
  • “Alive Geometry” enables discerning driver-vehicle interaction.
  • “Boost” and “Ease” pushing modes capacitate driver- or
    vehicle-controlled operation.
  • “Companion”: The intelligent digital partner connects motorist and car.
  • Trademark BMW exterior.
  • Materials of a future.


From motorist to Ultimate Driver – by digital intelligence.

In a future, BMW drivers will still wish to spend many of a time
they are in their automobile during a wheel. In a BMW VISION NEXT 100, the
motorist will sojourn resolutely in a focus, with consistent connectivity,
digital comprehension and state-of-the-art technologies accessible for
support. But that’s not all: a BMW VISION NEXT 100 will spin the
motorist into a Ultimate Driver. So even nonetheless a universe might good be
changing, Sheer Driving Pleasure is here to stay – and will be more
heated than ever before.


In conceptualizing a BMW VISION NEXT 100, a starting prove was the
interior. In a years ahead, a driver’s wellbeing will become
increasingly important, and rather than merely feeling they are in a
appurtenance that drives itself, they should clarity that they are sitting in
one that was privately designed for them. This thought gave arise to an
pattern in that a cab seems quite atmospheric compared
with a altogether distance of a automobile while maintaining a typical
extraneous lines of a BMW. Despite a domed interior, a BMW VISION
NEXT 100 retains a now recognizable jaunty conformation of a
BMW saloon.


The pattern of a interior permits several modes of operation: Boost
mode, in that a motorist is during a controls, and Ease mode, in which
a motorist can lay behind and let a automobile take over. In Ease, the
automobile becomes a place of shelter with copiousness of space, agreeable
lighting and a gentle atmosphere. In Boost, a motorist takes over
and advantages from a pointed and discerning support charity by the
vehicle. All a time, a automobile is training some-more and some-more about the
chairman during a wheel, interjection to a feeling and digital intelligence,
that a BMW Group calls a Companion. The Companion progressively
learns to offer a right kind of support to renovate a motorist into
a Ultimate Driver.


A unequivocally critical component of a Vision Vehicle is another innovation
famous as Alive Geometry, a likes of that have never before been
seen in a car. It consists of a kind of three-dimensional sculpture
that works both inside and outward a vehicle.


Alive Geometry enables driver-vehicle interaction.

Alive Geometry consists of roughly 800 relocating triangles that are set
into a instrument row and into certain areas of a side panels.
They work in 3 dimensions, communicating unequivocally directly with the
motorist by their movements, that are some-more like gestures than
two-dimensional depictions on a display. Even a smallest peripheral
transformation is obvious to a driver. In multiple with a Head-Up
display, Alive Geometry singly fuses a analogue with a digital.


The triangles work in many a same proceed as a group of birds in
tranquil flight, their concurrent movements behaving as signals that
are simply distinct to those inside a car. Combined with the
Head-Up display, they engage a motorist in a form of preconscious
communication, where an discerning vigilance predicts an imminent
real-time event.


Various approaches can already be seen now that seem to confirm
a feasibility of this solution. Rapid prototyping and rapid
manufacturing, for example, are gaining significance all a time and
are expected to be hackneyed 30 years from now. Although during benefaction it
stays formidable to suppose how hundreds of little triangles could be
concurrent to make Alive Geometry work, in a years ahead, it will
be possible, as today’s customary automobile prolongation methods are
replaced. In a destiny it will spin possibly to furnish distant more
formidable and stretchable forms. This is why, in a context of a BMW
VISION NEXT 100, a BMW Group refers to 4D printing, a slight which
adds a fourth spin to components: a organic one. In a years
ahead, printed collection done in this proceed will directly integrate
functions that now have to be designed and constructed separately
before being incorporated into a whole.


At a moment, a digital universe is strongly related to displays; the
subsequent step will be organic LEDs – in other words, displays that can
openly change shape. However a Vision Vehicle suggests there will at
some prove be no some-more displays during all. Instead a whole windscreen
will offer as a hulk display, directly in front of a driver. In the
destiny a digital and earthy worlds will combine considerably, as is
also voiced by Alive Geometry, for example, in a proceed the
analogue dashboard interacts with a digital Head-Up Display in the
front windscreen.


Boost and Ease pushing modes for driver- or vehicle-controlled operations.

In Boost and Ease mode alike, a elements and technologies of the
automobile make for a many heated or loose pushing experience,
depending on what is required. Transitioning between modes is
considerable and ideally orchestrated, and Alive Geometry remains
applicable throughout. In Boost, when a motorist is concentrating fully
on a road, Alive Geometry highlights a ideal pushing line or
probable branch prove and warns of approaching vehicles. Rather than
creation a motorist expostulate faster, this kind of support sets out to make
them expostulate noticeably better. In addition, discerning feedback has a
some-more earthy and evident impact than a robotic voice or
instructions on a screen. In Ease mode, on a other hand, Alive
Geometry is some-more watchful in a movements, informing occupants about
a highway brazen and any acceleration and braking manoeuvres that are
about to happen.


In Boost mode, a whole automobile focuses on a driver, offering
intelligent support to maximize a pushing experience. The chair and
steering circle change position, and a centre console moves to become
some-more strongly oriented toward a driver. As a tour proceeds, the
motorist can correlate with a automobile around gesticulate control.


The hit analogue BMW Head-Up Display of a destiny uses the
whole windscreen to promulgate with a driver. In Boost mode, it
focuses exclusively on what unequivocally matters to a driver: information
such as a ideal line, branch prove and speed. In addition, full
connectivity, intelligent sensors and permanent information sell allow
a Head-Up Display to beget a digital pattern of a vehicle’s
surroundings. In misty conditions, for example, this means a driver
can advantage from information such as vehicles channel ahead, before
they indeed come into sight. In addition, by training some-more and more
about a driver, a complement invariably improves, concentrating on
formulating during all times a many heated and personal pushing knowledge possible.


The transition to Ease mode brings about a finish change of
interior ambience. The steering circle and centre console redress and
a headrests pierce to one side to emanate a loose and welcoming
atmosphere. The seats and doorway panels combine to form a singular unit,
permitting a motorist and passengers to lay during a slight angle. This
creates it easier for them to face any other and lay in a some-more relaxed
position for easier communications. Meanwhile, a Head-Up Display
offers occupants personalised calm along with a information and
party they desire.


Depending on a pushing mode, a concentration of a automobile changes,
concentrating on essentials for a motorist in Boost mode, and the
vicinity and atmosphere in Ease mode, highlighting a impressive
landscapes or buildings of seductiveness that a automobile is flitting by, for instance.


Whether a automobile is in Boost or Ease mode is also clearly apparent
to other highway users as a heading kidney grille, double headlights
and L-shaped back lights act as communication tool. Their different
colours of light prove that mode a automobile is now in.


Companion: The intelligent digital partner connects motorist and car.

The Companion is symbolised by a little sculptural component which
represents a driver-vehicle connection. Shaped like a large, cut
gemstone, it is positioned in a centre of a dashboard, just
underneath a windscreen, where it symbolises a intelligence,
connectivity and accessibility of a BMW VISION NEXT 100. It also
represents a consistent sell of data: a some-more it learns about the
owners and their mobility habits, a smarter it becomes. At some stage
it knows a motorist good adequate to automatically perform slight tasks
for them and offer suitable recommendation when needed. Irrespective of the
automobile itself, consistent training creates a Companion increasingly
profitable to a owner. 


The Companion also plays an critical purpose in driver-vehicle
communications when a automobile transitions from Boost to Ease mode. While
a motorist concentrates on a highway in Boost mode, a Companion
stays prosaic in a dashboard. But when a BMW VISION NEXT 100 takes
control in Ease, it rises adult to emanate an interface with the
windscreen. A vigilance light tells a motorist that a automobile is prepared for
entirely unconstrained driving. For other highway users, a Companion has a
identical function, signalling by a possess light as good as that of
a automobile that a automobile is handling in programmed mode. In certain
trade situations, a Companion is in manifest hit with other road
users, assisting pedestrians to cranky a highway by means of a green
light slope on a front of a vehicle.


Trademark BMW exterior.

The pattern of a BMW Vision Vehicle is characterised by a brew of
coupé-type sportiness and a energetic magnificence of a sedan. At 4.90
meters prolonged and 1.37 meters high, it has compress extraneous dimensions.
Inside, however, it has a measure of a oppulance BMW sedan.


The vast wheels are positioned during a outdoor edges of a body,
giving a automobile a energetic position that is a heading of BMW. When
it comes to aerodynamics, extraneous Alive Geometry contributes to an
superb effect: when a wheels pivot as a automobile is steered,
a bodywork keeps them lonesome as if it were a stretchable skin,
easy their several positions. The innovative pattern of the
BMW VISION NEXT 100 gives it an intensely low drag fellow of 0.18.


The extraneous of a automobile is copper in colour, designed to
underscore a thought that BMW vehicles of a destiny should appear
technical nonetheless still have a regard about them – as symbolised by the
tighten links between a automobile and a driver.


This attribute starts as shortly as a motorist approaches the
vehicle: intelligent sensor technologies automatically open a wing
doors. To give a motorist some-more space to enter and exit, a steering
circle is flush with a dashboard. Once seated, a full operation of
systems is activated by drumming on a BMW heading in a center of the
dashboard. The doorway closes, a steering circle comes forward, and the
pushing knowledge begins.


Materials of a future.

The designers of a BMW VISION NEXT 100 essentially used fabrics made
from recycled or renewable materials. The manifest and non-visible
CO components, such as a side panels, are done from residues
from normal CO twine production. In a future, a choice of
materials will spin even some-more critical around a pattern and
prolongation process.


With time, other new materials will also be combined into a mix,
permitting opposite automobile shapes to emerge. To save resources and
support some-more tolerable manufacturing, reduction use will be done of wood
and leather while innovative materials and a accompanying new
possibilities in pattern and prolongation gradually come to a fore.
This proceed is already being exemplified by a use of high-quality
textiles and simply recyclable mono-materials and a rejecting of
leather in a interior of a BMW VISION NEXT 100 (Photos and
TV-Footage of a Vision Vehicle can be found at: .



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