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BMW Group wins vital sequence to supply Saab with engines

BMW Group wins vital sequence to supply Saab with engines

Four-cylinder engines will be delivered as of 2012

Trollhttan/Munich. The BMW Group has perceived a vital sequence from Swedish vehicle manufacturer Saab to yield petrol engines. The agreement for smoothness of a engines as of 2012 was sealed on Wednesday by Ian Robertson, member of a Board of Management of BMW AG, obliged for Sales and Marketing, and a CEO of Saab Automobile, Jan ke Jonsson, in Trollhttan in Sweden. The 4-cylinder engine with latest fuel assets technologies is dictated for a new Saab indication series. Both companies have concluded not to divulge any financial or agreement volume details.

We are stability to enhance a powertrain complement sales business worldwide as designed as partial of a Strategy Number ONE. Todays agreement outlines another critical miracle along this route, explained Robertson. We are gay to support Saab with a engine expertise. Our engines have a transparent lead over a foe when it comes to fuel consumption, emissions and performance, Robertson added.

It gives me good pleasure to endorse this sparkling new relationship. BMW Groups engines and their fuel assets innovations are widely regarded as a benchmark in a reward segment. We demeanour brazen to integrating this record into a next-generation vehicles in a loyal Saab way, remarkable Jonsson.

The engine, that will underline Start-Stop and other measures designed to revoke emissions and fuel consumption, will be fabricated during a BMW Groups Hams Hall engine plant in a UK.

Engine growth and construction are among a BMW Groups core competences and have made a association given it was founded in 1916. Today, a BMW Group has a clever network with a sum of 24 prolongation comforts in 13 countries, including 3 engine plants in Steyr, Austria; Munich, Germany; and Hams Hall, UK.

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