BMW Canada

BMW i Motorsport Media Guide.

BMW i and a ABB FIA Formula E Championship have been partners from
day one. When a array was launched in Sep 2014, BMW was
already concerned as Official Vehicle Partner and believed in the
concept. Since then, BMW i has not usually supposing a whole swift of
reserve cars, though has also actively helped to figure a growth of
Formula E. Entering a array with BMW i Andretti Motorsport in
Season 5 is a subsequent judicious step in this tighten partnership.


The BMW iFE.18 is a initial single-seater automobile that BMW Motorsport has
fielded in a tellurian racing array for many years. The absolute heart
of a new automobile is a innovative BMW i drivetrain, that has arisen
from an rare tighten partnership between engineers in the
prolongation and racing divisions.


This Media Guide offers an discernment into a record and pattern of
a BMW iFE.18 and also introduces a group and drivers.


After each competition weekend in Season 5, a Media Guide will be
updated with a latest data, contribution and results.